Health Benefits of Christmas Cake – Nutrition for Your Holy Moment

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Every child loves Christmas including the health benefits of Christmas cake. This is the season where every child getting their wish and have long vacation. It is also an interest thing that in western countries, Christmas never complete without having family dinner accompany by a slice of fresh Christmas cake. This tradition last for many years until today and still going on. Therefore, baking a Christmas cake is common in each family during the end of year season.

The Christmas cake might be quite various depends on the country. Some loves chocolate cake and some prefer vanilla cake. However, what is special about the cake is the accessories on top of the cake that really close with the Christmas accessories. Furthermore, currently most of the Christmas cake made of the fruit cake that taste not only sweet but also a little bit sour and salty too. Therefore, no wonder of the children loves it so much.

The benefit of this cake is more for children and also toddler. Every toddler will get excited to see the Christmas cake decoration and the icing sugar on top of it. Therefore, if want to make the Christmas cake, make sure to prepare the ingredient such as flour, egg, sugar, dry fruit, and else.

Nutrient Content of Christmas Cake

Of course like any other cake, this cake also rich in some nutrient mainly calories. For details information, below are the nutrient list inside a slice of the cake:

  • 195 calories of energy
  • 10gr of fat
  • 100mg of sodium
  • 25gr of carbohydrates
  • 15gr of sugar
  • 2gr of protein
  • 35mg of cholesterol

If get curious on the health benefits of Christmas cake, see below lists of point that describe more detail on the advantages of consuming the cake, mainly for toddler who loves the cake so much.

1. Source of Energy

A Christmas cake is rich with calories and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is good to support the toddler by bring some needed energy for their activities. Furthermore, consume the cake will good to fulfill the needed energy during their daily growth. This is the same health benefits of red bull that also can bring the source of energy for daily activities too.

2. Avoid Hunger

Consume the cake also will help to bring fullness stomach in toddler. Therefore, it is a good way to avoid hunger. Mainly in the afternoon after having so much tight daily activities. A Christmas cake for a snack can recover the energy and help to avoid hunger.

3. Avoid Hypoglycemia

Consume Christmas cake can help to increase the blood sugar level. This is because the cake contain quite much sugar and calories that can turn into sugar. Therefore, it is the right way to avoid hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level for toddler with those problems. This is the same health benefits lemongrass tea that can help to avoid hypoglycemia too.

4. Support Growth

Christmas cake contain several minerals that will optimize the support of children growth. It can help to optimize the bone strength. Therefore, it is a good meal to preserve for toddler as this cake will help to support the height growth.

5. Improve Mind

Another health benefits of Christmas cake including contain some protein that good to optimize the brain nerve. Therefore, consume the cake will help to improve the mind and thinking. This is really good for the toddler which still in their golden period and develop their brain capacity. This is the same health benefits of dill essential oil that will help to improve the toddler mind too.

6. Avoid heartburn

Consume Christmas cake can help to full the stomach. Therefore, it is able to avoid hunger including to avoid the possibility of experience heartburn. Furthermore, it can relieve the stomach ache due to lack of food consumption.

7. Increase Appetite

The delicious taste of the Christmas cake, mainly the sweet taste can help to increase the appetite for toddler. It is common that toddler are picky eater which make them loss of certain nutrient. Therefore, consume the cake will help to fill in the needed nutrient of toddler. This is the same health benefits of vanilla cake that can help to increase appetite too.

8. Body Immunity

Consume the cake also good to maintain body immunity. Therefore, it can be a good way to avoid the possibility of getting bacteria or virus infection. Furthermore, it can help to manage a healthy body condition. 

9. Better Digestive

The benefit of Christmas cake also will help to produce better digestive system to the toddler. Mainly the fruit contain inside the cake which rich with fiber. Therefore, it will help to avoid digestive problems which commonly happen in toddler. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that will improve the digestive system too.

10. Improve Metabolic Rate

Another advantage of consume the cake including to help improving body metabolic rate. Therefore, it can be a good way to change the food into needed energy for daily activities.

Cautions And Recommendations

There are various benefits of consume the cake. However, it doesn’t mean to forget that there always also some side effects. Therefore, it decide to bring the cake for toddler consumption, it is better to pay attention on below recommendation:

  • Do not give the cake to the child if they intolerant with glucose or having allergically condition to dairy products and egg. Since this cake is made from those ingredients and might be harmful.
  • Stop consume the cake if experience nausea or dizziness after eating the cake. It might be the ingredients are not fresh.
  • Too much consume can lead to tooth carries. Therefore, make sure to ask the toddler to brush the teeth after eating the cake.
  • The cake is high in calories and sugar. Therefore, avoid consume too much cake to avoid hyperactivity and overweight.

Those all the health benefits of Christmas cake for toddler that can help to support their development. Furthermore, the delicious taste can help to increase toddler appetite. Since it is a very common problems in parenting. However, keep give in proper portion to avoid the side effects of having too much Christmas cake. Therefore, the toddler can grow well and experience no diseases.