Love to Eat Pasta? Check the Health Benefits of Cooking Pasta Al Dente Here!

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Do you love to eat pasta? Then, you will be happy to know that pasta is a good food to be chosen. In this case, pasta contains the good nutrients. It has been the consumption since Mediterranean era. It has iron, riboflavin, thiamin and folic acid. Moreover, cooking it al dente known to have some greater benefits. What is al dente? It literally translates from Italian to mean “to the tooth.” The cooking time to reach al dente varies among pasta, from as little as 2 minutes to as much as 8 minutes. This means that the noodles should give the sensation of slight resistance when chewed. Besides, cooking pasta al dente will boost the taste. Thus, to give you more information, here we give you the list of health benefits of cooking pasta al dente.

1. Low in Glycemic Index

In fact, cooking pasta al dente is low in glycemic index. At this point, the ratings range from zero to 100 and pasta is generally between 30 and 60 on the GI scale. This is such a good thing for those who want to keep the GI in low level. As the consequence, the lower the GI number, then it will be better for your glucose levels. In contrast, foods rated high on the index create fluctuations and even spikes in our blood glucose and insulin levels, which is something to be avoided. Then, for the tips, it is suggested to eat your pasta al dente. You can also check on Health Benefits of Rice Noodle

2. Source of Iron

Riched in Iron nutrient makes pasta a good candidate to be such a natural health booster. By consuming iron foods, you will get great benefits from it. For instance, iron will help you to promotes the oxygen transports from the lungs to all body cells. Also, iron has a role as the key enzyme systems as well as providing energy production and metabolism. Not only for that, as iron is a vital mineral, then it is also valuable for pregnant women or lactating. Thus, it is such a good way to cook your pasta al dente for getting the healthier benefits.

3. Source of Carbohydrates

As a matter of fact, one of the health benefits of cooking pasta al dente is to get the benefits of carbohydrates. It is the nutrient that has a role in promoting the body energy, brain, and muscles as well. In this case, pasta will help to sustain energy. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Carbohydrates

4. Have Folic Acid

Pasta is known to have the source of folic acid. It is actually being fortified and enriched with nutrients including folic acid. As the consequence, this nutrient is beneficial for women of child-bearing age. In fact, a serving of dry pasta supplies the equivalent of roughly 100 micrograms of folic acid or 25% of the recommended daily intake. Then, as you know that pasta has good benefits for the body, then you can have it as your healthy meal.

5. Promotes Healthy Digestion

The next health benefit of cooking pasta al dente is to promote healthy digestion. In this case, you might be surprised with this benefit, but this pasta really does the good thing. It is known that cooking pasta al dente will make the noodle firmer. Then, it will make the longer the digestion time. As a result, slower digestion means a lower spike in blood sugars, and that is healthy for your body. Great, isn’t it? For the tips, to keep your digestion healthy, then you also need to consume fiber foods like vegetables as well. You can also check on Health Benefits of Camote Leaves

6. Helps to Lose Weight

If you are looking for food that keeps you feeling full longer, then pasta is the good one. When you cook pasta al dente, then the pasta will be firm as well. This keeps you feeling full for longer, making it easier to control weight. Besides, it is suggested to eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits to keep your diet balanced. Also, don’t forget to do a regular exercise! You can also check on Health Benefits of Turkish Bread for Daily Diet

7. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

One of the health benefits of cooking pasta al dente is to promote cardiovascular health. It is also shown that pasta is good for treating obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Thus, are you interested to try eating pasta now?

8. Treats Metabolic Syndrome

As stated before, pasta contributes to treating metabolic syndrome. This is based on the study found that those who ate a high amount of carbs from starchy foods were over twice as likely to develop metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that increase your risk of heart disease. Thus, cooking pasta al dente is something that should be accountable for you who wants to have a healthier food.

9. Prevents Cancer

Surprisingly, it is known that pasta cooked with healthy vegetables and herbs can prevent the risks of cancer. The vegetables will be the source of antioxidant. Indeed, antioxidant provide the protection against the free radicals. It will help you to prevent the damage to body cells and the DNA protecting against breast and prostate cancer.
Also, here we list the tips for consuming pasta below. You can also check on Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Cancer

Tips for Consuming

  • You need to cook pasta al dente to have a plate of healthier meal. In this case, it will boost the nutrient and the health benefits as well.
  • You need to consume pasta in moderation. Keep in mind that whole-grain pasta is made from whole-wheat flour that has been pulverized. This means that the benefits of pasta are not comparable to the benefits of intact whole grains, such as oats, brown rice or quinoa.
  • Next, to make your pasta become healthier, then you can add fish, chicken, and other vegetables or herbs. For the example, you can have broccoli, bell peppers or tomatoes for sure. Also, remember to limit the high-calorie sauces and cheeses.

As the summarizing, cooking pasta al dente is the healthy way to go. Make sure that you also add other nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, seeds, and herbs as well. Then, enjoy your tasty and healthy pasta!