3 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Bat Poops for Human

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Every living being in this world, either humans, animals, or plants, surely produce excrement. However, the excrement of each organisms has shape and benefit which is different from each other. Bats are ones of the creatures whose droppings can be utilized.

These mammals that live in caves, produce feces which actually beneficial and has sale value. Unfortunately, their feces are insides the caves as well, so only few that want to make a use of the excrement. It is true that there are bats that live in other areas besides the caves, like in roof or rooftop, but their droppings contain high acid, and are not as good as of those which live in the caves.

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Bat Excrement Composition

It is obvious that the excrement will always stay as the wastes if they are not utilized. When we utilize them, they can bring benefits in our lives. Bat droppings are used to be made into things that have benefits and sale value. It is because the droppings contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other substances that can make them possible to be utilized. Also read: Health Benefits of Human Urine

The Benefits of Bat Excrement

Bat excrement have some benefits. Here are some of the benefits of bat poops for human:

1. Organic Fertilizer

Main substances that are in bat excrement are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Those three substances are good as materials to make a fertilizer. The fertilizer that is made from bat feces is called as guano fertilizer. Guano fertilizer is very good for plants, because it sustains the plants growth.

It stimulates the root and the flower of the plants. It also strengthens the stem. Guano or the manure of bats’ poops, is very popular fertilizer, because it is great for growing the plants. It is also cheaper than chemical fertilizers. Moreover, guano is an organic fertilizer, so that it will not damage soil. However, the production of this manure is still limited, because it depends on the availability of the bats.

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2. Cosmetic Ingredient

Not all materials that are used to make cosmetic products come from things that are pretty and smell good, like flower, leaf, or pearl. Certain types of excrement are also used to be ingredients of cosmetics. Bat droppings are the example of the types.

The droppings have been utilized as materials of beauty products for long time. So many bat poops have been exported to some countries, like America and Japan. Around 1300 tons of bat excrement are exported for beauty products every year.

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3. Sexual Booster Drug

Not only the poops are used as fertilizer and material of beauty products, they are also used as material of aphrodisiac or drug that can enhance men’s strength. Processed bat feces mixed with ginseng are believed to increase men’s stamina. This potion is really popular and developed by some companies in South Korea.

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Even though they are only dungs, if we utilize bat excrement, they will give us benefits. The poops have also economic value which can be used to earn money. Besides, we will not damage the ecosystem of the bats as long as we take their feces only.

People even try not to harm the bats and their habitat while they are collecting the dungs in order to make the bats keep producing the excrement. Nevertheless, as it is mentioned previously, the production of the processed bat feces is limited since it depends on the number of the bats in the caves.