15 Powerful Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice on A Daily Basis

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Raspberry or in Indonesia more commonly known as “frambos” fruit is a kind of fruit that is quite difficult to obtain. Fruit derived from the European continent is usually cen be found already in the form of syrup or jam that is sold in the supermarket.

This fruit contains many good nutrients for the body such as fat, fiber, sugar, carbohydrate, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, beta-carotene, protein, iron, manganese, sodium, calcium, ellagic acid, salicylic acid , and many other beneficial nutrients that is good for our body.Also, the high vitamin C content in this fruit, makes it taste sour on the tongue.

Here is some types of other herbal fruit :

The content of these good nutrients can be pick and used optimally by eating this fruit especially in fresh condition and have not undergone a long process such as already in the form of syrup or jam. Additional content added to enhance the taste also had a chance to reduce the natural content and thus, the main benefits, of this fruit.

For that fruit should be consumed directly or processed into Raspberry juice, so the benefits can be obtained optimally. Some of the health benefits of raspberry juice are:

1. Maintaining healthy skin

In addition tasty juice of Raspberry contains high antioxidants and vitamins which is good for skin health. By drinking it regularly, it will make the skin become more healthy, fast, and shine.

2. Reduce the development of free radicals

Antioxidants are needed by the body to fight free radicals that do not develop and cause various dangerous diseases  and premature aging. To get all these benefits you should diligently consume Raspberry juice that contains high antioxidants. There are some fruits that also has high antioxidants like the health benefits of bancha tea.

3. Good for eye health

If you want your eyes more healthy and sharp then Raspberry juice is one of the right choice. With its anthocyanin content it can help improve the ability of the eye sight, so the eyes are sharper and clearer.

4. Minimizing the risk of retinopathy

Diabetics can be exposed to various diseases of diabetes complications. One is retinopathy where the blood vessels in the retina of the eye are damaged. To minimize this the diabetics can consume Raspberry juice. With its anthocyanin content it can increase capillary circulation in the retina of the eye so that diabetics are has a less chance to have retinopathy.  

5. Preventing the occurrence of macular degeneration

Increased age is one of the risk factors for macular degeneration disease that attacks the retina of the eye in the middle of the inner layer where there are many stem cells and cones. This disease is characterized by diminished central vision ability so that the sufferer is difficult to drive, read, recognize the face of others, or write.

There are more health benefits of raspberry juice, by consuming raspberry juice containing anthocyanins we can prevent the occurrence of this disease. There is also some of solution for mascular degeneration which is the health benefits of atis fruit.


6. As a cure for Inflammation

Inflammation is basically a good thing because it is a form of body protection against itself from various dangerous stimuli, including symptoms such as limbs are painful, swollen, or reddened.

However, to reduce the pain we can consume Raspberry juice that contains good phytonutrients to overcome and reduce inflammation. There is also some solution to cure inflammation using various kind of mushroom such as the health benefits of lingzhi mushroom.

7. Fight against cancer cells

The juice of Raspberry is also a very useful drink as an alternative against cancer cells. The content of phytonutrients such as ellagic acid contained in Raspberry juice will inhibit the development of cancer cells so that cancer will not became more severe. In addition, ellagic acid can prevent changes or cell development into cancer cells to minimize the incidence of cancer.

8. Helping the metabolism process

One of the mineral content in Raspberry juice is a useful manganese to help the metabolism process in the body especially the metabolism of vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

9. Help to Lose weight

Raspberry juice is a suitable drink as a diet because it is excellent to be used for losing weight. Manganese content in Raspberry juice can help burn fat that accumulate in the body. In addition, the fiber content in this drink can make the stomach feel full longer so it can avoid excessive eating activity.

10. Detoxification

We can not escape the various toxic substances and pollutants that enter the body from both the food being eaten and the inhaled air. The leftover toxic substances will also accumulate in the body. For that we need to detoxify or toxic substances from the body. One of them by consuming Raspberry juice is very useful for the detoxification process. 

11. Prevent liver damage

Consuming Raspberry juice is also useful to prevent the formation of plaque on the heart wall that can lead to liver cancer. In addition, the benefits of Raspberry juice also helps burn fat in the area of ​​the liver so that the liver is protected from fat accumulation.

12.Controlling blood sugar levels

Raspberry juice is a drink that is suitable for people with diabetes because it does not adversely affect blood sugar levels. This is supported by the low glycemic index content of Raspberry juice. In addition, this drink also contains adinopectin so it can help control blood sugar levels.

13. Minimize the risk of heart attack

Heart attacks can affect anyone both old and young. Ellagic acid is one of the compounds that can minimize the risk of this disease. To benefit from ellagic acid we can consume Raspberry juice or juice from other fruits such as strawberries, grapes, and cherries.  

14. Lowering blood pressure

People with hypertension need to be careful in keeping their food intake so as not to cause blood pressure to rise. For that raspberry juice can be an option because it is beneficial to lower blood pressure.

15. Reduce the chance of atherosclerosis

This disease is the accumulation of various substances such as fat, platelets, leukocytes, macrophage cells, calcium, cholesterol, or other waste products in the inner and central layers of blood vessels. This heap is called atheroma plaque and causes blood vessels to become hardened to clog or block blood flow. The content of salicylic acid in Raspberry juice can also help overcome or fight this disease. 

All of the health benefits of raspberry juice regularly and processed in the right way. As special for diabetics or for those who are on a diet program should not add a variety of sweeteners such as chocolate chips, milk, or chocolate in excess.

If you add milk, use low-fat milk. For diabetics, although Raspberry juice good for health, but if added a variety of sweeteners with high sugar content would be dangerous to health.