Health Benefits of Green Bean Casserole – Nutrition Facts and Uses

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In maintaining the necessary health efforts in making the body to be healthy. Efforts in maintaining health by increasing body endurance. Strong endurance will be able to block viruses, germs and bacteria that cause disease into the human immune system. Efforts to increase endurance is what will determine one’s health. One way to increase endurance is to consume foods that can increase endurance such as green beans. This article will discuss about the health benefits of green bean casserole. You must read health benefits green beans pregnancy.

Green beans is one type of vegetables that have many benefits for human health. Many variants of processed from green beans as the most famous are processed green bean porridge. These green beans contain many beneficial nutrients for the body.

Nutritional Content in Green Beans

A variety of nutrients are contained in green beans, as described below.

  • Rich in fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Carotenoids
  • Essential Minerals
  • Vitamin B6
  • Low Calorie
  • Folic acid
  • Protein and Carbohydrates
  • Calcium
  • Vitiamin B1 and B2

Health Benefits of Green Bean Casserole

Green beans do have good properties for your health. Various diseases will be treated if consumed green beans. One is to facilitate the body’s digestive system. If the digestive system in the body healthy and good performance it will create health in the body. Here are some health benefits of green bean casserole, as below.

  • Reduce the Risk of Cancer

The condition of this cancer can be created with the emergence of cancer cells in the body. Cancer cells that are left without proper and correct treatment will make these cancer cells become cancer even can be malignant cancer. If the nature of cancer has become malignant cancer then it is difficult for you to treat this stage of cancer. If it is detected there are cancer cells so as soon as to be given a routine treatment consume green beans.

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Green beans are proven effective to eliminate or reduce cancer cells to breed. Substances contained in green beans proved able to slow the growth of cancer cells such as breast cancer cells. In addition, green beans are also able to prevent the formation of tumor cells. These cancer cells are associated with carcinogenic compounds when consuming food from the combustion process. When consuming green beans certainly this carcinogenic compound can be lost so as not to create cancer cells.

  • Treating Anemia

Red blood deficiency or known as medical anemia is caused by several factors, one of which is fatigue. One of the ways to increase the blood concentrations of red blood cells is by increasing the intake of iron. This iron can be obtained by consuming various types of vegetables such as green beans.

Where levels of iron in green beans is highest compared with other types of vegetables. Therefore, if you feel tired, and easily tired it is a sign of anemia then you should be able to consume green beans on a regular basis.

  • Lose Weight

As described in the previous article, one’s health is determined by one’s physical health. Physical health is closely related to ideal body weight. If a person experiences an obese condition then it will have a greater health risk. One type of risk that is often experienced by people who are in a state of obesity (overweight) is the coronary heart.

This coronary heart occurs when blood vessels from and toward the heart are blocked by cholesterol or the term LDL (low density lipoprotein) so that blood is inhibited and eventually have broken blood vessels. These conditions should be avoided.

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Green beans have good properties to reduce weight. Green beans have a rich fiber, this fiber will make the body feel fuller so as to reduce excessive appetite. In addition, this high fiber content can regulate blood sugar levels, maintain digestive health, remove toxins from the body, clean the intestines and prevent bloating. Therefore, for those of you who feel overweight and intend to run a diet program then you should regularly consume green beans.

  • Lowers cholesterol

Everyone must have cholesterol but must be in accordance with the standard. If the cholesterol is above standartnya it will be bad for health. Cholesterol levels are high then the creation of various diseases.

Should normalize cholesterol levels so that no more chronic diseases occur. One way to normalize cholesterol levels is to regularly consume green beans. Green beans proved effective in normalizing cholesterol levels because in green beans contain low calories and have unsaturated fat content. 

  • Treating Diabetes

Like cholesterol, everyone must have sugar in the blood with its standard. If the sugar levels exceed the normal limit it will create various diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes can spread or affect other medical conditions such as blindness if sugar levels accumulate in the eye area.

This condition is caused by sugar accumulate in the eye area so that blood does not flow into the eyes and can cause nerve endings. Therefore it is better if it is detected affected by diabetes symptoms should be treated properly and correctly. One of the traditional and natural treatment is to regularly consume green beans.

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Green beans are proven effective in treating diabetes. This is because the green beans have a low glycemic index so as to make the sugar levels decrease (become normal). In addition, green beans are also able to assist in managing and regulating the symptoms of diabetes.

  • Maintain Heart Health

One of the main benefits in green beans is maintaining heart health. The heart has a very important role for the overall health of the body. The normal and good heart performance will bring health to other organs. This is because the heart is able to pump the maximum and optimal blood so that other organs can get the intake of nutrients and oxygen carried by blood.

In maintaining cardiovascular health is necessary business other than regular exercise is also required the consumption of good food to maintain heart health, one of which is the green beans. These green beans are proven effective in maintaining heart health because green beans contain high flavonoids. In addition to high flovonoids, green beans also contain antioxidants that are useful to prevent blood clots in the arteries and veins.

Thus a brief and in-depth explanation of the health benefits of green bean casserole. For those of you who like to consume green beans should continue and you also need to understand the benefits of green beans so you do not just consume but also understand the benefits.