10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Fruit Jam #3 Yummy!

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When having a breakfast with some slice of toast, it wouldn’t complete without some jam. Of course, it gives flavor to the toast and bring some sour sweet taste in the mouth.

Even though many people love to consume a fruit jam, not many people realize that there are also some health benefits of fruit jam. Therefore, it is not common to put a jam in the diet menu.

Fruit jam can be made from various fruit. It can be made from pineapple, strawberry, plum or orange. Homemade fruit jam will be healthier than the canned jam.

Since homemade jam are no preservative and made from a good quality of ingredients. Therefore, it is suggested to create a homemade jam rather than but in the market.

Nutritional Value of Fruit Jam

There will be different nutritional value in each fruit jam. Depends on the ingredients and the kind of fruit. But in average, this jam is contained energy, sugar, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

As a sample, a tablespoon of strawberry jam contains 6.09 g of moisture, 569 calories, 0.07 g of protein, 0.01 g of total lipid fat, 0.05 g of ash, 13.77 g of carbohydrate, 0.2 g of dietary fiber and 9.7 g of total sugars. It also provides 0.02 mg of copper, 1.8 mg of vitamin C, 0.1 mg of iron and 0.015 mg of vitamin B2. Therefore, it brings many beneficial for the body.

For those who doesn’t believe how much a jam can benefit our body, below are some health benefits of fruit jam:

1. Source of Vitamin C

Fruit jam is rich of vitamin C. Therefore, it is good to maintain the health and avoid some diseases due to lack of vitamin C. This is the same benefits of taking vitamin C tablets for skin that also a good source of vitamin C.

2. Improve Immunity

Since the jam is rich with vitamin, therefore it can help to improve immunity. Those who consuming the jam daily will able to avoid any attack of common diseases. Such as influenza or cough. Therefore, it is recommended to have a fruit jam for breakfast in the morning.

3. Gives Power

Another health benefits of fruit jam is to give power and increase energy levels during weakness. This is due to the carbs content inside the jam. Therefore, consuming some fruit jam in the morning can bring your energy level optimized during the day. This is the same health benefits of ocotea essential oil.

4. Smooth the skin

The vitamin E inside the fruit jam is good to maintain a healthy skin. Furthermore, it can eliminate skin inflammation and provide a youthful look skin. Therefore, it helps to reduce wrinkles and bring a younger appearance of the face.

5. Strength the hair

Consuming fruit jam can bring enough mineral that can help to strength the hair. Therefore, it is good to maintain a shiny hair too. Some people also try to treat the hair by apply jam for cream bath. It is believed that the nutrition can be absorbed unto the scalp. This is the same benefits of applying egg yolk on hair.

6. Avoid cardiovascular disease

The jam is rich with antioxidant that can avoid the effect of free radical and eliminate cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore, it is good to avoid any cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, diabetes or stroke.

7. Digestive

Fruit are commonly known to contain fibers. Since jam is mostly made from fruits, therefore, jam is good for digestive too. It can optimize the peristaltic movement in converting the energy. This is the same health benefit harsingar leaves that can optimized the children digestive system.

8. Strength the bone

The vitamin D of fruit jam also can strength the bone and teeth. Therefor, it can lead us to lower possibility of osteoporosis. By maintaining the calcium level in the blood, means that we can keep the bone and teeth to become always strength.

9. Increase appetite

The delicious taste of fruit jam of course making people are happy to consume it. Therefore, the health benefits of fruit jam is including to increase the appetite for those who difficult to consume any foods. Specially elderly and children.

10. Optimize metabolism

Fruit jam also can optimize body metabolism, Therefore, the body can be avoided from unwanted sickness. The same health benefit arugula.

Recommended Intake

Below is a delicious recipe of homemade strawberry jam:


  • Strawberry fruits 2 ½ cups diced
  • One lemon
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Pinch of salt


1. Cut the strawberry fruits into some large chunks.
2. The sugar and fruit should be mixed with a pinch of salt and heat in to the medium until the texture is chunky.
3. Boil the mixture and stir if frequently.
4. Cook it until becomes ready to serve.
5. After turning off the heat, pour it slowly to the jar and screw the lid.

Side Effects of Fruit Jam Daily

The same as any other food, this jam also has several side effects. Therefore, check below caution before consuming too much fruit jam:

1. Diabetic patient better to avoid consuming the jam since it contains many sugar.
2. Becarefull to give the jam to fat person, since it will lead to obesity and can cause numerous unwanted and dangered diseases to the human.
3. Stop consuming the fruit if your body experience allergically history such as itchiness, rash, and breath difficulty. It might signs that your body is not fit into the fruit jam components.
4. Pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother suggested not to consume the jam during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Since the sour taste can lead to miscarriage.
5. Do not consuming the jam while in the middle of consuming any medication so that the medicine effectiveness is not disturbed.

Consuming fruit jam is can be healthy as long as not over eating. Therefore, put a jam in your morning toast. Feel the energy different and enjoy a wonderful breakfast everyday.