10 Amazing Health Benefits of Harsingar Leaves

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harsingar leavesHealth benefits of harsingar leaves are known as night jasmine/parijat. This plant grows in Southeast Asia and South Asia. And found abundant in West Bengal, India and Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand. Usually, harsingar leaves are used as yellow dyes for clothing. However, this leaf has another function for health.

In addition, harsingar leaves have excellent nutritional content for the body, including:

  • Benzoic acid
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Carotene
  • Amorphous resin
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Tanat Acid
  • Oleanolic acid
  • Flavanol glycide

Based on these nutritional content, harsingar leaves can be beneficial to health such as:

  1. Heals chikungunya and dengue

When a person suffers from chikungunya and dengue diseases, platelets will drop dramatically. For that needed a drug to increase platelets for disease not getting worse. One of them is harsingar leaves. Or you can try benefits guava dengue fever

  1. Treating arthritis

This leaf is also efficacious to treat arthritis. Because this plant has anti-rheumatic properties. Arthritis occurs not only among the elderly, but young people and adults can also develop arthritis

  1. Cures malaria

Harsingar can cure malaria by removing parasites that cause malaria. The trick is to consume harsingar leaves until healed. Read more about health benefits of bitter leaf

  1. Prevents radical deficiencies in the body

Radical damage is also known as oxidative damage. To prevent it required high antioxidants. One plant that has a high antioxidant content is harsingar leaves

  1. Fighting bacteria

This leaf can be used also as an anti-bacterial. Bacteria that can be resisted by this plant is E. Coli, Staph infections, fungal infections, combat encephalomyocarditis, cardiovirus, and forrest virus. Read more about 18 symptoms of streptococcus bacteria infections

  1. Treating cough

Consuming this leaf every day proven to relieve a cough. Or you can try health benefits of kamias

  1. Resolve respiratory problems

If you suffer from asthma, it’s good you consume this plant. this plant cannot cure asthma. However, it can relieve asthma symptoms like relieve respiration

  1. As a laxative

Harsingar leaves are usually as a substitute for laxatives in pecah beling benefits. Because it contains special minerals to regulate the digestive system so as to help overcome constipation.

  1. Prevent gas

Excess gas in the body is not good for your health. Because it can cause dizziness and also an abdominal pain. To reduce the amount of gas in the body, you can consume this plant

  1. For the ringworm

For those of you who have ringworm, try using herbal ingredients from harsingar leaves. The trick is to make this leaf into a paste. Then apply in the area that has ringworm. Do it regularly until your ringworm is healed


Health benefits of harsingar leaves are very good for health. But you also need to be wise in consuming it. Eating these leaves excessively can be fatal to your health. In addition, this leaf has a very bitter taste. If you can not stand the taste, it will cause nausea. You should also consult a doctor before using harsingar leaves as herbal medicine.