10 Super Health Benefits of Chico Fruit for Pregnant

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chico fruitWho doesn’t know chico fruit? This fruit has a round shape, skin and meat brown, thin skin, has a distinctive taste, and has a lot of water content. So it fits serve as one of the fruit for a fresh dessert. Apparently, the health benefits of chico fruit are also good for pregnant women. Because it contains some nutrients needed by pregnant women and fetuses such as vitamins A, B, C, vegetable protein, iron, calories, carbohydrates, and flavonoids.

The content of chico fruit through various studies are:

  • Energy 92 kcal
  • Protein 0.5 gr
  • Fat 1.1 gr
  • Carbohydrates 22.4 gr
  • Calcium 25 mg
  • Phosphorus 12 mg
  • 1 mg iron
  • Vitamin A 60 IU
  • Vitamin B o, 01 mg
  • Vitamin C 21 mg

In addition to beneficial for pregnant women, chico fruit is also beneficial to other health such as:

  1. Helps the formation of red blood cells

Iron in chico fruit can prevent anemia. By way of helping the process of formation of red blood cells in the body. Iron is also recommended for pregnant women to avoid dangerous anemia.

  1. Maintain bone health

Bones need to be kept healthy. As you get older, bone density will begin to decrease which can lead to osteoporosis. For that needed substances to keep bones healthy and strong calcium and phosphorus. One of the fruits that contain calcium and phosphorus is this fruit or health benefits of green beans

  1. Overcoming mouth inflammation

For those of you who are suffering from inflammation of the mouth, you can use this fruit as an herbal medicine. Way, chopped chico fruit, then boiled for 10 minutes with 2 glasses of clean water. Use the boiled water to rinse. Perform routine until inflammation of the mouth healed. read more: black spot on tongue

  1. As a medicine for diarrhea

Not only can be used as an oral medicine, but this fruit can also be used as a drug diarrhea. You only need 15 drops of chic fruit sap that is still easy. Brewed with ½ cup hot water. Then drink after warm or cold. Or you can also wash brown, grate, and wring. Mix the juice with boiled water. Drink 2 times a day. read more: side effect of hibiscus tea

  1. Good for eye health

The eye is one of the vital organs that need to be kept healthy. Eyes health need vitamin A in order not to have problems like myopic eyes. The fruit that also contains vitamin A is chico fruit

  1. Good for growth

Protein content in this fruit is very good for growth. Especially for children who are in its infancy

  1. Preventing bowel cancer

This is because chico fruit contains high fiber. Fiber is a good nutrition for digestion. So it can reduce the risk of colon cancer

  1. Overcome sprue

One of the recommended fruits to cope with canker sores is chico fruit. Because this fruit contains vitamin C that can cope with canker sores. read more: health benefits of miracle fruit

  1. Prevent premature aging

Premature aging occurs due to lack of vitamin E. for that consume this fruit because it contains vitamin E

  1. Maintain healthy skin

Vitamin E can also make skin moist and clean


You should not overdo it in consuming health benefits of chico fruit. In order not to accumulate certain substances in the body