8 Most Essential Health Benefits of Eating Cereal for Breakfast

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Cereal is one of the favorite breakfast menus around the world. Even those in rice eating habit might not deny cereal for breakfast. It is because cereal gives you a light taste, but quite energizing.

In addition, the simplicity of serving a bowl of cereal can cut out your hectic morning. Combining the cereal with the other combination such as fresh fruits, raisins, yogurt, or even ice cream might give you the different tastes which stimulate your creativity in serving a bowl of delicious and playful cereal for breakfast.

And over the top, it is able to give you the health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast. As we know, cereal is made of grains with high level of fibre. Compared to common white rice, it has the higher level of dietary fiber.

Nutrition Value of Eating Cereal

As mentioned before, cereal made of processed grains with high level of dietary fibre. Besides, it also has complex nutrition which performs the health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast. The nutrition values from 100 grams of cereal are listed as follow:

Calories 379

  • Saturated fat 1.1 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 2.3 g
  • Monounsaturated fat 2 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 6 mg
  • Potassium 362 mg
  • Total carbohydrate 68 g
  • Dietary fibre 10 g
  • Sugar 1 g
  • Protein 13 g
  • Vitamin A 0%
  • Calcium 5%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Iron 23%
  • Vitamin D 0%
  • Magnesium 34%
  • Vitamin B6 5%

The Health Benefits of Eating Cereal for Breakfast

From the nutrition value mentioned above, it makes sense if we say that we can have the health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast. Some of the health benefits we can get from eating cereal for breakfast are:

  1. Control weight

It is reported that those who eat cereal for breakfast have lower body mass index than those breakfast skipper. It is because cereal provide us with the sufficient nutrition while make us keep on satiated. On the other hand, the breakfast skipper might not have breakfast. However, they compile the hunger, and then release it out the next mealtime in the bigger portion. It is not good for metabolism. And of course, it will affect your weight. 

  1. Support brain function

Some nutrition in cereal such as vitamin and mineral is very beneficial to improve the brain function.  Especially Vitamin B and D, they are the good food for the brain. Therefore, eating cereal for breakfast might be the perfect solution for your next hectic office day or the tiring school day.

  1. Improves metabolism

Cereal is included into the fast metabolism diet. Thus, choosing cereal for your breakfast may instantly provide you with the needed nutrients such as protein, fiber, vitamin B, vitamin D, iron, and calcium.

  1. Promotes mental well-being

A certain research stated that having good food boosts your mental health. In case of health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast, cereal commonly contains vitamin B which has linked to better mental well-being. In addition, vitamin D we get from the cereal and the added milk is essential for the brain function.

Plus, healthy breakfast may avoid you from getting the Horrible Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast such as anxiety and inability to concentrate. Moreover, the fact that serotonin, the hormone that keeps you happy is made in gut, not in the brain. Therefore, having a proper meal including the nutrient dense cereal for breakfast will aid the serotonin formation.

  1. Promote nutrition intake for pregnant women

Health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast is that it is able to provide complex nutrition which beneficial for pregnant woman. As we know, during pregnancy, mother should supply the unborn baby with the nutritious food. In this case, eating cereal for breakfast is able to give you the perfect solution, as it is easy to prepare.

  1. Good for cardiovascular health

Some studies prove that consuming whole grain cereal is very good for cardiovascular health. It is proven to lower the bad cholesterol level within the blood and control the blood pressure effectively as the main factors of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

  1. Help digestion

Cereal, especially the whole grain cereal contains high level of fiber. As we know, fiber is very good for our digestive system. It keeps bowel movement, prevent inflammation within the colon, and prevent constipation, diarrhea, and stomachache. Fiber in cereal also aids the good bacteria to help the work of digestion and effectively absorb the nutrition. Further, the healthy gut will also improve the immune system. 

  1. Accommodate milk intake

Milk is a great calcium source for children. As we know, children need calcium for their body and brain growth. However, it seems that children are easily got bored of milk. In this case, breakfast cereal may offer you a help by accommodating milk into children diet. Consuming milk with cereal should be a new different thing than just a glass of milk.

You can also add some children favourite fruits such strawberry, grape, or kiwi as they give the Health Benefits of Having Fruits for Breakfast Every day. In addition, milk and cereal breakfast will give children extra energy to go through the day.

Precaution of Eating Cereal

Despite the health benefits of eating cereal for breakfast, cereal especially those for children contains high level of sugar. Therefore, if you avoid taking more added sugar in your diet, eating cereal for breakfast might not meet your objective. In addition, sometime the simplicity in serving a bowl of healthy and tasty cereal for breakfast makes you feel like the cereal is the better breakfast menu than regular breakfast menu.

Well, it’s healthy indeed. But it’s better for you to choose the other fresh ingredients as it gives more benefits than an instant cereal. Maybe you can arrange the breakfast menu with cereal and occasionally replace cereal with the other menus such as salad with The Health Benefits of Salad for Breakfast, smoothie as it gives you Health Benefits of Having A Smoothie For Breakfast, or today’s popular healthy breakfast quinoa and its Health Benefits of Quinoa for Breakfast as the potential fibre source.