10 Health Benefits of Doum Palm Fruit That You Won’t Believe

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Doum palm fruit is a kind of plant which is able to grow in several tropical countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapura, and etc. In Indonesia, doum palm fruit is used to be found in street vendor in Ramadhan month. If you would like to know more about doum palm fruit, then let’s get to know it here.

The fruit which is alike with sugar palm fruit has named in Latin as Borassus Flabellifer and it is also known as siwalan. The ripe doum palm fruit has purplish-black skin.

Doum palm fruit has the sweet taste so it is often utilized as the ingredient of the variety of foods such as dawet ice, fruit ice, cake, jam, and etc. There is no wrong if you love consuming doum palm fruit because it is rich in nutrient which is good for the body health.

Nutrient Substances of Doum Palm Fruit

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C ;
  • Zinc
  • Kalium
  • Iron
  • Kalsium
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Glucose
  • Nitrogen
  • Fosfor

Benefits of Doum Palm Fruit for Your Health

Here are several health benefits of doum palm fruit which take an important role in our body:

1. Isotonic Drink

Isotonic is a beverage which has osmolarity pressure or has the same solute concentration as body fluids. As known that we need 2-litre fluids or it equal to drinking 8 glasses every day. Then, when we are in an activity, we will lose body fluid as much 2-3 litres per day. So, in order to prevent dehydration, we should replace the loss body fluid from our body by drinking isotonic. The isotonic drink has more effective to replace the body fluid than plain water.

The high mineral substance contained in doum palm fruit is able to be utilized as an isotonic drink. Even doum palm fruit is much better than the other isotonic that we are used to seeing in the soft drink.

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2. Digestion

Many kinds of digestive problems that are used to happen to us, one of them are constipation. In order to overcome constipation, we are recommended to consume many fruits that contain fibre substance. Then, one of the fruits that you may consume is doum palm fruit. As what has been mentioned above, doum palm fruit contains fibre substance so consuming doum palm fruit would be very useful to treat constipation.

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3. Cooling the Body

Hot weather must really disturb your activity because it will make your body feels stiflingly hot and overheating. Then, if you are looking for something that can make your body feels cool and fresh, the doum palm fruit is the solution.

The chewy texture of doum palm fruit which is like gel and cold can help cooling your body after you consume it. Read health benefits of amber

4. Good for Diabetics

There are many health benefits of doum palm fruit. Diabetes is a disease due to the excess of sugar level in blood. It is very important for diabetics to control dietary habit and also the intake of sugar must be limited. Doum palm fruit is very good to be consumed by diabetics because it has a low glycemic index. the glycemic index is a percentage that shows a potential of the increase of sugar level in a food ingredient.

Moreover, a study in a journal 2013 “Pakistan Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences” stated that the extract of doum palm fruit’s root is able to control the sugar level in blood. Read also benefits of soursop leaves for diabetics

5. Antibiotic

Antibiotic is a compound which can stop the growth of viruses and bacteria which can disturb your health. In doum palm fruit, there is an enzyme which is believed to be antibiotic for the body.

Even, the making of probiotic beverage from doum palm fruit which is combined with milk has been tested. The probiotic beverage is a beverage that contains good microorganisms that can fight the harmful bacteria in our body. Read health benefits of scent leaf

6. Overcome Stress

We are often faced with the variety of life problems that may lead us to be stress. Well, at this time I will tell you how to overcome your stress. You just need only to drink doum palm fruit juice. The freshness of doum palm fruit can calm down your feeling.

Besides that, the vitamin C of doum palm fruit also takes a role in overcoming the stress. A study done in Montreal shows that the supplementation of vitamin C is able to increase the mood of inpatients in the hospital. Read also health benefits of chocolate drink

7. Good for Kidney Health

The kidney is one of the most important organs in our body. Kidney has a role in the excretion process in the body and manages the volume of the fluid body. Phosphor contained in doum palm fruit can keep the kidney stay healthy and help the process of urination. Read more about symptoms of kidney stones

8. Treat Dermatitis

Skin diseases do not only disturb us due to pain and itchy but also damage the beauty of our skin. Although there have not many studies regarding the benefit of doum palm fruit in treating the skin diseases yet. But, it is believed that the mature doum palm fruit is able to heal the variety of skin diseases. Read also benefits of ginger for skin

9. Sources of Energy

Energy is the important component so that we can do our activity well. One of the sources of energy is sugar. Even our brain only receive energy in forms of glucose. In lontar, it contains sugar sucrose and glucose that can be a source of energy in our brain. Read health benefits of mint water

10. Antioxidant

The antioxidant is the substance or compound that can prevent or inhibit the oxidation in our body. Vitamin C in palm fruit has a role as the antioxidant that can fight free radical that harms our body. Then, Vitamin B1 in palm fruit also can be the antioxidant with its ability to keep cells in our body safe from damage and ageing. Read health benefits of corn

There are so many health benefits of doum palm fruit, right? That’s a proof that God creates everything on this earth along with its benefit. So, let’s keep all His creation, keep the environment around us and also keep our body to stay healthy as well as possible.  I hope this article is beneficial for all of us. Thanks for reading!