15 Medicinal Benefits of Patchouli #1 Powerful Herb

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Patchouli. Who does not know this plant? This plant has a Latin name Fogostoinen patchouli and is one of the plants that are often found in Asia, not least Indonesia. Then, how do we know this plant easily? Or what exactly makes it different from other plants?

The answer is of course very easy, namely the height of about 500-1000 cm and has many hairy branches around the trunk. The stems of this plant can be quite large, which is about 20 cm with a distinctive rod color also, which is purplish blue.

Another feature that makes this patchouli plant unique and different from other plants is we tend to find it in cold areas or more precisely located on the plateau with a temperature of about 24-28 degrees. The humidity level of this area can reach 75% with rainfall of about 2000-3000 mm per year. However, who would have thought if this small plant has many benefits for us?

Just like health benefits of emmer wheat, health benefits of tomatoes, and health benefits of collagen drink, this patchouli plant also has many benefits for our health. Then, what benefits do we get from this patchouli plant? Here are the medicinal benefits of patchouli. 

1. A headache

Well, this time we do not need to worry because this patchouli leaves can be the right solution for us. The various content of this patchouli plant is very effective to overcome a headache, especially a migraine. We can take advantage of this patchouli leaf stew that was very powerful to overcome a headache naturally.

2. Effectual for dysentery

Dysentery is one of the most common diseases affecting the Indonesian population, which is usually caused by poor sanitation and poor hygiene of water consumed daily. Symptoms that often arise in this disease are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or stomach cramps. Well, this patchouli leaf is the right solution and the way to process it is very easy, by boiling dry patchouli leaves and take water as we consume tea.

3. Remover of sweat odor

Anyone who has a stinging smell of sweat becomes less confident because it bothers himself and for others. Various ways we can do to overcome this, ranging from using perfume, deodorant, or other types of fragrances.

But do you know if we can use patchouli as the right solution to this problem? Yup, how to process patchouli leaves for this problem is very easy, namely by boiling approximately 100 grams of patchouli leaves with 10 liters of water to boil. The boiled water of this patchouli leaves can we use to bathe. There are some more medicinal benefits of patchouli. 

4. Powerful for diarrhea

Well, fortunately, we can use patchouli leaves for the problem of unexpected diarrhea. The trick is very easy, by boiling some sheets of patchouli leaves until ready for consumption. And surprise! We will feel better after we consume this one ingredient. 

5. Curing ulcers

Ulcers are large bumps of water and even contain pus as well. These ulcers can appear anywhere, as in places that are often not predicted before – such as the face, armpits, shoulders, buttocks, or neck. The occurrence of this ulcers also can not be denied interfere with our appearance and worse can cause a fever.

Well, this time we no longer need to confuse the right solution for this problem because patchouli leaves can be the solution. The trick is very easy:

  • boil some patchouli leaves first
  • apply on boils
  • wait until it dries
  • rinse with water until clean

6. Overcoming acne

Not only can be utilized to maintain the health of the body, the benefits of the last patchouli leaves is to maintain our appearance – more precisely to maintain our facial beauty. This time we will use this patchouli plant to treat acne and prevent it coming back.

How to use it is very easy that is by using patchouli oil or which can be known with essential oils and rub it on the face of acne contained there. After that, we need to silence this oil until it dries naturally before we rinse face with warm water until face back clean. 

7. Effective for rheumatism

Rheumatism is one disease that is identical to elders. But who would have thought if this disease can also attack us who are young? Rheumatism itself is a pain that arises in muscles or joints because the area occurs inflammation or swelling.

In this case, we will utilize the other part of the patchouli plant – more precisely the patchouli root. How to use this patchouli roots is very easy that is by squeezing the patchouli roots first and rub it on the sore area and need to wait until dry before we rinse it with water until clean.

8. Maintain kidney health

Like the heart, the kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body and has many benefits for our health. Among them is to regulate the levels of chemical compounds in the body that make the heart and muscles to function properly. But not infrequently also this one organ is experiencing disturbance or damage, and the usual symptoms arise is swelling in certain body areas, shortness of breath, or difficulty sleeping.

Well this time, we need not be confused to think about what the right solution for this one problem. Why? Of course, because patchouli leaves are the right answer! We just need to boil some patchouli leaves and eat them regularly every day.

9. Lower fever quickly

Fever is one of the diseases that usually arise as an early symptom of other diseases or commonly arise as our initial symptoms due to fatigue. When the fever strikes, we used to take medicine or various herbs. But who would have thought if this patchouli leaves can also be a solution to this one problem?

Yup, process some patchouli leaves and consume its water is one natural way that is efficacious in overcoming the fever. [Read also: health benefits of salmon rolls]

10. Improve the positive aura on us

Not only has a lot of benefits for the health of the body or our facial health, patchouli plants are also beneficial to our mental health. Yup, oil derived from patchouli leaves – or commonly we are familiar with this essential oil we can use as a stress reliever and can be found in the perfume and aroma therapy. The aroma of patchouli leaves is very useful to improve the positive aura and relax in ourselves.

11. Wound healer

Wounds are not unfamiliar to those of us who frequent activities outside the home – especially for those of us who frequent adventures or even climb mountains. Fortunately, we do not have to worry to treat our wounds because patchouli plants are plants that are easy to find in the highlands.

The high content of anti-septic on this patchouli leaves makes it effective in treating injuries contained in certain areas of our bodies. Patchouli leaf is as powerful as the benefits we get from other natural ingredients in treating wounds.

12. Insect repellent

Not only just useful for our health, this patchouli leaves can also be processed for other things that certainly also useful to keep us hygienic. Yup, patchouli leaves can be used to prevent the coming of insects or make insects will not come again in the area of our homes that they often carry disease.

The trick is very easy that is by putting some patchouli leaves at a certain angle at home and guaranteed insects do not come again because they do not like the scent of this patchouli leaves. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

13. Improve hair health

Well, this time we will move to the upper regions of our bodies, more precisely at the head. Using boiled water of patchouli leaves after shampooing is very effective to make hair look more shiny and healthy and kick dandruff out that disturbs our head health.

In addition to using boiled water patchouli leaves, we can also use essential oils that are not less powerful to soften and nourish the hair. 

14. Prevent premature aging

Who wants to stay young? Surely some of us – or all of us reply if we want our appearance to stay young, no matter we are 50 years old or still 20 years old.

Various ways we can do to keep the skin to appear with the maximum, such as by doing treatment to the facial clinic, with various cosmetic products, or with a variety of natural ingredients. Well, natural ingredients that we can use to keep the face stay young is with this essential oil.

Essential oils are also the main ingredient of various beauty products and also serves effectively to disguise the scars, wrinkles, or moisturize the skin. You may also read the health benefits of cucumber.

15. Prevent infection

The last benefit of the patchouli leaves is to prevent infection, alias preventing the wound becomes more severe no matter small or large the wound. Not only serves as an antiseptic, essential oil also serves to kill the fungus which means it can treat the feet when experiencing water fleas or other yeast infections.

Utilizing this essential oil is very easy that is by applying 2-3 drops of essential oil on the infected area and silence for a while before we rinse with water until the area is clean again.

Well, that was just some of the medicinal benefits of patchouli leaves that are very useful in our lives. Natural and very easy to process is the value of the advantages of this plant. Small but powerful, isn’t it?