Secret Health Benefits of Palm Kernel Seeds Revealed – Good for Heart!

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Palm kernel oil has been used as material of many products. Take soap or bodywash in your bathroom as example and look at the composition. Some soap manufacturer use palm kernel oil as their material. Before we go further, let’s explore everything about palm kernel. Palm kernel is a seed of oil palm fruit. It is edible and placed inside the fruit. This seed is commonly known as “palm kernel” more than “oil palm seed”

. Oil palm, as the name suggests, has been cultivated for its value in many oil-making industries. The oil from oil palm trees divided into two types, oil derived from oil palm “kernel” and oil extracted from the pulp. The former is commonly referred as “palm kernel oil”. This palm kernel oil then can be used to produce soap, washing powder, and other bathroom products.

But, do you know palm kernel seeds also provide health benefits? Well, it’s true. Palm kernel seeds chemical composition may suggests its value as traditional medicine. This writing will reveal health benefits of palm kernel seeds you never knew. So, check it out! (See also : Benefits of Namaz During Pregnancy)

Nutritional Values of Palm Kernel Seeds

Palm kernel seeds’ nutritional value is not much different compared to palm kernel oil and oil palm fruit. Obviously, the reason is these three being derived from the same tree. Look at nutritional values per 100 g below for more details.

  • 540 calories
  • 26.2 g H2O
  • 1.9 g Protein
  • 58.4 g Fat
  • 12.5 g Total Carbohydrate
  • 3.2 g Fiber
  • 1.0 g Ash
  • 82 mg Ca
  • 47 mg P
  • 4.5 mg Fe
  • 42.420 μg beta carotene equiv.
  • 0.20 mg thiamin
  • 0.10 mg riboflavin
  • 1.4 mg niacin
  • 12 mg ascorbic acid
  • 0.5-5.9% myristic acid
  • 32.3-47.0 palmitic acid
  • 1.0-8.5 stearic acid
  • 39.8-52.4 oleic acid
  • 2.0-11.3 linoleic acid

Also, there is a hint palm kernel seed might contains Vitamin K.

That is the chemical compositions of palm kernel seeds. Now, want to know about the health benefits? Simply continue reading to find out. (Also read : Health Benefits of Aloe Vera for Eyes)

1. A good source of Vitamin K make palm kernel seed a good seeds/grains for bones

If you think consuming high calcium products is enough for you to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis, then you are wrong. Enough Vitamin K supply is also important to strengthen muscoskeletal and increase bones density. This vitamin plays important role in blood coagulation process (which could be end with serious bleeding without vitamin K) and binding calcium in bones.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that much to get Vitamin K and its benefit. Palm kernel seeds is already an excellent source of Vitamin K and it’s edible! So, you can consume it right away without any worries. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Kharbuja Seeds)

2. It helps resist oxidation

Based on research conducted by scientists, a fully cooked palm kernel oil is more resistant to oxidation. It also has better shape when stored. This is why it can be considered as healthier oil for cooking compared to other oil from different source plant. (Recommended : Benefits of Purple Acai and Blueberry Green Tea

3. It’s free from cholesterol

It’s not a secret that any oil product for cooking use had been associated with high cholesterol level and known for its effect on cardiovascular health. Fortunately, there are many substitutes for cooking oil. Palm kernel seeds is an alternative you can choose as alternate oil for cooking needs.

In addition, you will get its free cholesterol benefits. According to some studies, it is indeed contains no cholesterol, hence it is good for heart. As we already know, cholesterol found in abnormal amount in the body will lead to heart diseases. And at worst, heart attack. This is why many athletes avoid oil-contained food, and prefer more organic and unprocessed foods.

But, don’t worry, not all cooking oil is dangerous. Palm kernel oil makes you get the best of your culinary experience without having to worry about cholesterol level.

4. Cleanse your intestine and dispose of waste completely

Ever had that feeling when you still carry waste in your intestine even though you have defecated before? This may indicates that you have a problem in your digestive system. Most problems occured around digestion are due to lack of fiber in the body.

This can be solved by eating fiber-rich foods. There are many sources of fiber, from good to excellent. Palm kernel is a good source of fiber. It it suggested to consume it directly (unprocessed).

5. It can be used as a substitute for cod liver oil to fix Vitamin A deficiency

Due to its rich beta-carotene composition, palm kernel seeds can be used as a replacement for cod liver oil to fix Vitamin A deficiency. Oil derived from palm kernel can also be used. (See also : Benefits of Laughing During Pregnancy)

6. A good source of protein

Protein is an important and inseparable part of body chemical reactions. At least, you must include one of protein-rich food in your diet for the sake of balancing. According to study, most men and women need two daily serving of protein for a total of six ounces. Palm kerned seeds help you fulfilling those needs without excessing the limit. So, you can stay healthy. 

7. It contains lesser fat

Compared to other material used to make cooking oil, oil derived from palm kernel seeds only contain minimal amount of saturated fat. Which means it is good for heart and support weight loss.

8. It provides package of fatty acid

This another health benefits of palm kernel seeds. If you look at nutrition list above, you will notice that it contains myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. Those acids are from the same group of fatty acids.

Fatty acid plays important role in cardiovascular reactions and blood circulation. So, keeping the amount of fatty acids balanced will help you prevent some heart-related diseases, such as hypertension, hypotension, heart failure, rheumatic heart diseases, etc.

9. It is clinically certified as a material to make body cleaner products and detergents

Yes, palm kernel seeds is 100% safe to be made into personal care products such as soap, washing powder, detergent, etc. It just have to processed by trusted company. So, you don’t have to worry about safety of your self-care products.

Cautions in Using Palm Kernel Seeds

Please keep in mind that palm kernel oil fat composition is still can be a problem if you consume it without control. So, you must pay attention to recommended intake of palm kernel seeds. According to analysis by experts, it is suggested to limit consumption to 2-3 gram per day.