Pregnancy Tips! Benefits of Laughing during Pregnancy

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If you are a mother to be and want your baby to be happy, the first thing you should assure is you are happy. Laughing is a simple gesture or response toward something funny or interesting but aside from that there are a lot of benefits of laughter and laughing during pregnancy is very essential. A happy mother will produce happy baby and that is a scientific fact. If you are currently pregnant, waking up happy in the morning is a must. The list of benefits of laughing during pregnancy below will put a smile to your face as well as your future baby, though you cannot see it now but you absolutely could feel it.

  1. Laughing Makes A Mother Happy

The key to the happy baby is a happy mother. As mentioned above, if you want to have a happy baby, you have to be a happy mother first. Pregnancy could be really stressful but there are a lot of fun things you could do like having fun with your partner, surrounding yourself with positive people, watching some hilarious movies with your friends or just simply going out to have fun.

  1. Reduces Stress

Stress could be dangerous for mother during pregnancy because the stressful felling could affect the baby as well. When you laugh, automatically you could reduce the stress level. Do you know that your current mental condition could affect your immunity system as well? Long-lasting stress may make your body vulnerable to infection and increase the chance of premature birth or baby born with birth defect.

  1. Lowers the Blood Pressure

The symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy are not supposed to be taken for granted. Untreated symptoms could lead to more serious problem like preeclampsia. This condition will force the mother to give birth through SC instead of normal because the risk could be really fatal. Laughing could help lowering the blood pressure because while you’re laughing your stress hormone will be reduced and the rise of blood pressure could be prevented.

  1. Boosts Immunity

You must be wondering how come laughing could boost immunity system? Yes, now you know that it is not only vitamin c benefits that could boost your immunity but also laughter. As mentioned in some previous points, laughing could reduce the stress hormone and boost immunity. During pregnancy, even light flu could be dangerous because it is the time when your immunity system becomes vulnerable where viruses and bacteria could easily enter your body and put your fetus in danger. Furthermore, there is no easier way to boost your immunity system but laughing out loud and having fun.

  1. Reduces Pain

Only a woman who has experienced pregnancy knows exactly about the ‘pains’ during pregnancy, started from morning sickness, back pain, cramps, swelling feet and even headaches. It is not only about finding the causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy because even if you have severe headache but you cannot have as simple as aspirate without the doctor’s approval. However, when you could find something fun to do or interesting stuff to laugh, dealing with those pains are going to be just a piece of cake. You could ask your partner, family or friends to have fun with you.

  1. Affects the Baby Emotion

A mother who can feel the baby emotion is not a myth because the baby could definitely pick up the mother’s current emotion. If you are happy and your baby will be happy too and if you are sad, the baby will be sad too. It is kind of fact that has been proven scientifically. The baby emotion is starting to develop since in the womb.

  1. Optimizes the Brain Development

Not only the emotion that you could start to develop when the baby is still in the womb but also the intelligent. If you want to have a smart kid, you have to make sure that the brain is optimally developed. Consuming healthy foods that could optimize the brain development is highly recommended but not only that, the mother’s emotional stage is also essential to baby development which is not only affecting its movement inside the belly but also optimizing the development of brain’s cells.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Premature Birth

There are a lot of factors that contribute in the increasing cases of premature birth and one of them is when mother has weak immunity system. When the immunity system is weak, body is easily affected by viruses, bacteria and anything related to environmental substances that could be harmful for both mother and the baby. Infection is not that bad for the mother but could be really fatal for the baby that could lead to condition like premature birth or baby born with birth defect.

  1. Good for the Baby Development

Have you use USG to check the development of your baby? When you do it, try to laugh and you will see, not only you are happy but also your baby feels the happy feeling too. The baby will become more active and it is really good for the development of the fetus. That is why a mother during pregnancy should move a lot and laugh a lot because they could optimize the baby development.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Baby Blue Syndrome

Though until now there is no specific reason that could be summarized to find out about the cause of baby blue syndrome but once the symptoms of depression occur during pregnancy, a red warning should be raised. Medication is not the best option in this matter, especially during pregnancy but you don’t need medication to laugh. Try to laugh more and have fun with people you love could help reducing the risk of baby blue syndrome.

What your baby feels why you are laughing? It is probably the first question you ask yourself after you feel super happy until you laugh out loud. If laughing brings so much benefits to yourself and how about to your baby?

  • When you are laughing the good mood you have will be transferred and felt by your baby. Unfortunately, if you feel depressed, the same feeling will be felt by your baby as well.
  • The gesture you have when you are laughing will affect the movement of baby inside your body. The baby will become more active and it is good for the development.
  • The sound of laughing will give a calming effect to your baby. Even inside the belly, your baby has starting to learn, recognize and memorize your voice.

So, mothers! You should laugh more, smile more, talk to people more and enjoy your pregnancy life more. Probably, some of you don’t know that you are very lucky because there are thousands women out there who are dreaming of getting pregnant and having baby but cannot. Pregnancy is the most precious gift given by the creator Himself and being grateful is also one of the ways to be happy because not all happy people are grateful but all grateful people are always happy.