12 Super Health Benefits of Buckthorn Berry #High Vitamin Sources

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Almost every berry have benefits including health benefits of buckthorn berry. This fruit is famous among other berries can bring many health benefits to the body. Therefore, several people in some countries called it as miracle berry. This is a big true since many people taking advantage from this berry. Hence, the demand of this fruit is getting increase day by day.

This fruit has been used in China for many purpose. The main purpose was for curing many kind of diseases. This tradition happened for hundred years and this still happen until today. Therefore, it is cultivated in several countries to accommodate the demand.

If we looking at this fruit, actually as a berry fruit this can be seen as a unique berry. The fruit color is bright, dominated with orange color. Furthermore, most people called it as sea berry. This is due to the plant habitat that usually find along the beach. It grow best in a beach temperature which quite warm and not really cold. Hence, the best to cultivate this plant is in tropical countries. This making Asia as one of the biggest country to supply the fruit necessity.

Nutrient of Buckthorn Berry

There are not much information on the nutrition of this berry. But several information mention that this fruit contain high vitamin C and E. The fruit also contain another vitamins such as vitamin A, B and K but in smaller amounts. One of the main nutrient inside the fruit is protein, amino acid and folic acid.

Furthermore, buckthorn berry also contain numerous number of anti oxidant that bring many benefits for human body. For a better information, find below several health benefits of buckthorn berry for the body health:

1. Anti Oxidant

Every berry is a good anti oxidant. Therefore, buckthorn berry also rich with anti oxidant. It helps to eliminate the effect of free radical and air pollutant from the vehicle. It can against the smoke effect that content high CO2. This is the same health benefits swiss chard that works as a good anti oxidant too.

2. Anti Aging

The anti oxidant also working good as an anti aging. Therefore, it can avoid the appearance of wrinkles and finelines. Hence, it can also bring a youthful appearance to the face and body.

3. Anti Inflammation

The fruit is also good as an anti inflammation. Therefore, consuming the fruit will help to avoid sore throat or any other type of illness such as skin inflammation. Furthermore, it can soothe the pain and the swollen body due to the diseases. This is the same health benefits of lizard oil that help as a good anti inflammation too.

4. Anti Bacteria

Another health benefits of buckthorn berry is including to act as an anti bacteria. Therefore, this fruit is good to avoid any diseases related to bacteria or virus infection. Furthermore, it can soothe down any related symptoms of bacteria diseases such as pneumonia or other respiratory infection.

5. Healthy Skin

The content of vitamin E inside the berry will help to maintain a healthy skin. Therefore, it can manage a smooth and silky skin appearance. Furthermore, it can create a moisture skin condition and avoid dryness on the skin. This is the same benefits of pearl powder for skin that help to maintain a healthy skin.

6. Improves Sight

Consume berry is good to improves the sight. Therefore, it can help to avoid any eyes diseases and bring a better eye health. 

7. Optimize Brain Nerve

Buckthorn berry also good in optimizing the brain nerve. The vitamin B will stimulate the nerve including in the brain to optimize the function.

8. Maintain Blood Pressure

The fruit also good to maintain the blood pressure. This is beneficial for the people with hypertension symptoms. Therefore, it can manage the blood pressure to keep stable or lower. This is the same health benefits of bran flour that help to avoid the possibility of hypertension too.

9. Avoid Diabetes

This fruit contain less and natural sugar. Therefore, it can help to manage the blood sugar level. This will benefit to avoid diabetes and manage to lower down the blood sugar level.

10. Promotes Metabolism

Proper consume of buckthorn berry also help with a better body metabolism. Therefore, it will fasten digest and manage the optimum absorption of nutrition.

11. Blood Circulation

Buckthorn berry also good to manage a better blood circulation. It can ease the flow of the blood and avoid the possibility of blood cod. Therefore, it can manage to avoid any diseases due to unstable blood circulation. This is the same health benefits of eating ice cubes that can manage better blood circulation too.

12. Avoid Cardiovascular Diseases

Another benefits consuming buckthorn berry including to manage the cholesterol level inside the blood. Therefore, it will benefit to maintain cardiovascular health. It will also can help to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as the possibility of sudden heart attack or any symptoms of stroke.


This berry bring enormous benefits, but however there are several cautions that need to be attend. Below are some recommendations before consuming this fruit:

  • Avoid consume the fruit when experience allergically reactions such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth, nausea or even dizziness. Directly bring yourself to the hospital when the above symptoms happen.
  • Pregnant woman suggested not to consume this berry. Since it can bring the possibility of miscarriage or allergically to the fetus. Therefore, better to avoid consuming this fruit.
  • This fruit shall carefully consume for people with some medical treatments. Since it is afraid that the effect of the fruit can interfere the medical treatments.
  • Over consume of the fruit can caused diarrhea. Therefore, consume the fruit in proper number.

If you wish to gain the advantage of this fruit, there are several ways to consume it. First, it can eaten directly. Second, mostly some people consume it as a juice. Third, the easiest way by consume the extract of this fruit.

At the end, even there are several ways to consume the fruit, the most important is the health benefits of buckthorn berry. However, this fruit bring more advantage than disadvantage. Therefore, consuming the berry is proven good for the body. Make sure to consume it properly and in normal amounts.