10 Health Benefits of Lizard Oil and How to Make It

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Lizard is one of animals that are considered as spooky and disgusting animal. Known as those kind of animal, lizard has many benefits for the health of the body, or you can read health benefits of eating lizard. Some people in all over the world have been used the meat, while one of the most popular is the oil.

The oil has been used as traditional medicine as well as in Indonesia, which is effective for the health of the skin. It means that ladies should not be worried or even underestimate how that oil works for their beauty, followed by the health benefits. Furthermore, nowadays anyone can buy that oil easily because there are many people who sell it. Even it can be made at home with simple steps.

How to make lizard oil?

Here are steps for making lizard oil:

  1. Takes one lizard and slaughter it, while you also should to peel its skin.
  2. Prepares frying pan including the oil.
  3. Takes the meat of the lizard and fries it with a little oil until it almost looks charred and brings out distinctive aroma.
  4. The oil you took to fry the meat can be used for the health of your body.

The health benefits of lizard oil are:

  1. Increases stamina

Amino acids in lizard oil support for the repairing of the body itself and it plays an important role as energy source. Due to benefit, the oil is suitable for those who like to do heavy duty that needs physical strength, just like workout. In addition, eating lizard meat promotes more stamina and energy.

  1. Prevents asthma

Lizard oil has been believed to reduce asthma symptoms as well as to cure the conditions. A type of amino acid is able to reduce the pain that often caused by those symptoms where it happens on the respiratory muscle.

  1. Cures epilepsy

Many people in Asia have been used lizard oil to treat many diseases including for epilepsy. The condition is related to some disorders of the neurological system in the body. In addition, protein contained in the oil really can relieve the pain as well as to make the nerves healthier. The cause of the epilepsy attack also will be removed.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Cancer is a disease that its risk will be reduced due to daily consume of lizard oil. However, the oil also acts as a treatment for cancer patient. It has been used by some people in Indonesia, while it is better to consult the doctor to get the best result.

  1. Supports for healthy skin

Some reptiles are being used to cure skin conditions, or you can read in health benefits of python fat, especially by the people in Indonesia. They often used the oil of lizard and its meat to cure psoriasis and eczema. On the other hand, it will support for the healthy skin.

  1. Treats acne

The other one of the health benefits of lizard oil is to treat skin disease including acne. The oil will reduce the effect of the inflammation and treat it well. Furthermore, the meat and the blood of lizard are being used to treat acne effectively.

  1. Reduces stiffness on muscles

Night consume of lizard oil can help those who are with stiffness on muscle because they work for the whole day. The benefit is because of amino acids that contained in the oil which also in combine with other essential nutrients.

  1. Acts as a treatment for hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is the other diseases that can be treated with consume lizard oil. The disease happens when the process of defecation in anal tract get bleeding. The movement of bowel will be regulated as well as blood vessel of anus will be protected and avoid from get damage.

  1. Helps longevity

Bolivian man proved that lizard oil and meat will support for longevity. Published by UK Daily Mail, a man can reach 123 years old because he used to consume lizard oil and meat regularly. He even known has sixteen grandchildren and thirty nine great grandchildren.

  1. Supports for the health of digestive system

The combining nutrients of proteins and amino acids will maintain the health of digestive system. They also help to protect the lining of stomach from ulcer. Since then, the oil also can make the food that has been consumed to be absorbed well inside the body.

The health benefits of lizard oil are almost as same as other oils or you can read in health benefits of candlenut oil for hair and skin, health benefits of almond oil and health benefits of anise oil.