10 Super Health Benefits of Aronia Berry #1 Antioxidant Source

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Many peoples familiar with berry fruit, but not everyone might know the health benefits of aronia berry. Of course there are many types of beery fruit in the world. Such as the famous one is strawberry, blackberry or blueberry. But the other type of berries only known by several peoples. Therefore, no wonder if aronia berry is one among the unknown berries fruit.

Aronia berry is a berry plant which natives to North America. It is commonly find in the wet wood and swampy area. Therefore, it is a plant which not easily can find by many peoples. But since there are quite many benefits of the fruit, some people try to cultivate it and make an extract from the aronia berry.

The extract is not only bring some benefits, but also delicious to consume. Therefore, in some countries the extract berry is use as a wine, juice and also jam. Furthermore, aronia berry has special condition that the berry contain polyphenol which bring the fruit as a high antioxidant. The berry also has a dark pigment and is now start to cultivated in Europe for commercial purpose.

Aronia Berry Nutrient

The berry normally contain several nutrients that benefit for the body. In one serving cup or around 100gr of aronia berry might contain below nutrient:

  • Calories 47kcal
  • Manganese 26.2gr
  • Vitamin C 23.3gr
  • Dietary fiber 13.9gr
  • Vitamin E 7.8gr
  • Iron 7.75gr
  • Carbohydrates 7.38gr
  • Vitamin B9 6.25gr
  • Zinc 4.82gr
  • Magnesium 4.76gr
  • Potassium 3.45gr
  • Calcium 3gr
  • Protein 2.8gr
  • Fat 1.43gr
  • Sodium 0.07gr

Apart from the above nutrients, below are the health benefits of aronia berry:

1. Anti-Oxidant

The fruit is famous due to the high anti-oxidant content. Therefore, it bring many benefits specially to avoid the negative effects from free radical. It helps to avoid the effect of UV light into the skin and body. Therefore, it can benefit to maintain a healthy body. This is the same health benefits of almond tea that works as an anti-oxidant too.

2. Anti-Aging

The anti-oxidant also help to bring a capability of anti-aging. It will help to avoid the early signs of aging that normally appears as early wrinkles. Furthermore, it will help to avoid the fine-lines appearance too. Therefore, it will bring advantage of youthful face and body.

3. Anti-Cancer

This berry also works as an anti-cancer. The high anti-oxidant content will stimulate the formation of a good cell. It also cut off the nutrient for the cancer cell and slowly eliminate the growth of the cancer. Therefore, it benefits to avoid the possibility of cancer diseases. This is the same benefits of soursop for cancer that can make as an anti-cancer too.

4. Anti-Inflammation

Aronia berry is a good anti-inflammation too. Therefore, it will help to avoid the possibility of any inflammation diseases. It will optimize the cure of sore throat and avoid the skin infection. Furthermore, it is good to avoid acne appearance in the face.

5. Astringent

Another health benefits of aronia berry is including as an astringent. Therefore, it can benefit the human tissue and help to maintain the nerve system. This is the same health benefits of cajeput oil that help as an astringent too.  

6. Detoxification

Consuming aronia berry juice is another way to detox the body. It will flush out the toxin through sweat or urine. Therefore, it can help to avoid the negative effects of the poison. Furthermore, it will help to manage a healthy body system

7. Avoid Degenerative

Consuming aronia berry also good to avoid degenerative diseases. Mainly for elderly that ease to experience degenerative symptoms such as early aging signs and dementia. Therefore, it will keep a healthy mind and body including optimize the brain nerve. This is the same health benefits of fish fingers that works to avoid degenerative symptoms too.

8. Maintain Health

The berry contain some levels of vitamin C that benefit to increase the body immunity. Therefore, it will help to maintain the health and avoid the possibility of any diseases. Furthermore, it can stimulate a fasten cure in any diseases such as fever or cold.

9. Ease Digestive

Aronia berry contain several grams of fiber. Therefore, it work best to ease the digestive system. It can fasten the digestive and help to improve the intestinal bowel movement in digest the food. Hence, it optimize the absorption of nutrient and avoid the fat forming in the body. This is best to perform a weight loss too. This is the same health benefits chocolate muffins that help to ease digestive too.

10. Body Metabolism

Another benefits when consume the berry including to optimize body metabolism. Therefore, it can ease the process of forming food into energy. It will optimize the oxygen supply level in the body. This bring another benefit of fasten digest, fasten weight loss and optimize nutrient absorption.

Caution And Recommendation

Even the fruit is rich with benefits, there are several cautions and recommendations before consuming the fruit to avoid several side effects that might be happen such as below:

  • Avoid consume the fruit if the allergically symptoms such as redness, itchiness, swollen face, dizziness and nausea is happen.
  • Pregnant woman is recommended to avoid consume aronia berry. This is to avoid the possibility of miscarriage and to manage a healthy pregnancy.
  • Too many consume of the fruit can cause diarrhea. This is due to the sour effect and the dietary fiber of the fruit. Hence, it is better to consume aronia berry in proper portions.
  • People which still under several medical treatments shall be careful before consuming the fruit. Otherwise, it is suggested to consult with the medical practitioner first to avoid any possibility of the fruit can interfere the medicine.

Those are the health benefits of aronia berry as a delicious fruit with high anti-oxidant level. By consuming the fruit daily, it will help to benefit the body in maintaining health. Furthermore, it can bring youthful appearance to the face and body. However, make sure to keep consume the fruit in proper portions and avoid to eat the fruit in too many portions.