18 Health Benefits of Black Sapote That You Might Not Believe

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Black sapote is also known as chocolate pudding fruit. This is due to the color and texture of the fruit is similar with chocolates. It is a kind of tropical fruit which comes originally from Mexico. Not many people know the health benefits of black sapote. But since the plant is now cultivated in some countries, more peoples are aware about this fruit. Especially since the fruit is contain vitamin C.

Black sapote color is black like its name. While the shape is more likely to tomato, which is round. It can growth up to 8 meters. It comes from persimmon species. The ripe fruit taste like chocolate pudding. But the unripe fruit is bitter and irritating.

Currently there are three cultivars of black sapote. Which is Australian cultivars, Florida cultivars and Phillipines cultivars. The plant grows well in warm subtropical or tropical climate. It takes plenty of spaces to grow it. For growing black sapote, the most important is the position and soil. It needs a sunny place and preferably grow in the well-drained soil. The plant also resistant to moist soils. Therefore, it doesn’t require frequent watering. Black sapote fruits are usually harvested unripe when their skin color changes from shiny green to dull green.

Nutritional Value of Black Sapote

Below is the nutritional value of 1 pc of Black Sapote (150gr):

  • Calories 111Cal
  • Total Fat 0.15gr
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Potassium 330mg
  • Carbohydrates 28.35gr
  • Dietary Fibers 4.65gr
  • Protein 2.25gr
  • Calcium 19.5mg
  • Iron 0.3mg
  • Magnesium 25.5mg
  • Phosporus 42mg
  • Zinc 0.3mg
  • Vitamin A 1.5mg
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.08mg
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.09mg
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 27mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

The list below is health benefits of black sapote:

1. Rich of vitamin C

The fruit is known contain vitamin C. Therefore, it helps to maintain a healthy body. It protects the body from the disease. Furthermore, it maintains a healthy skin. The same as the Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit which also contain vitamin C.

2. Anti-Oxidant

Black sapote is a good anti-oxidant. Therefore, it helps to fight the effect of free radical, mainly which comes from pollutant. It helps to avoid the growth of the bad cell inside the body. It gives a calm mind and pleasant feelings. The same benefit with the Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea which is the famous source as an anti-oxidant.

3.Boost Immune System

Since the fruit contain vitamin C, therefore, it helps to boost immune system of the body. It increases the body metabolism in protecting the body from harmful viruses. Therefore, it can avoid any potential disease from the body.

4. Instant Energy

Since the taste is sweet, therefore it contains enough calories for doing some activities. Furthermore, it is containing a complex carbohydrate, hence, it can give an instant energy to the body.

5. Rich of Vitamin A

Black sapote contain a lot of vitamin A. Therefore, it is a good natural source for vitamin A. Which is important for developing cell growth and bring a clear visibility.

6. Healthy Eye

The content of vitamin A help to improve the vision. Therefore, it helps to maintain a good eyesight and improve a healthy eye. Furthermore, it helps to avoid eye disease.

7. Improve Digestion

The fruit contain dietary fiber. Therefore, it is improving the digestion by enhance a fast digest and absorbing only important nutrients. It avoids the body to gain unnecessary weight. Furthermore, it maintains peristaltic movement and improve the work of intestine.

8. Prevent Constipation

Its capability to improve digestion also can help to prevent constipation. It works as a laxative and reduce the acid inside the stomach. Therefore, it helps to reduce nausea feeling and controlling the stomach to avoid heartburn.

9.Weight Loss

The fruit contains carotenoids and catechins, which work to release the fat and convert it into an energy. It is also low in fat and help delay on hunger. The complex carbohydrates give a long-term satiety due to it takes longer time to digest. Therefore, it is good for a weight loss treatment. This is the same benefit as Benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss which also help to reduce the weight.

10. Cardiovascular Health

The fruit contains no cholesterol. Therefore, it helps to improve the cardiovascular health. It improves the blood circulation in the artery wall. This may reduce the possibility of heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, it increase the HDL level inside the blood and lower down the LDL level.

11. Rich of Mineral

Black sapote contain many essential minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and iron. Calcium helps in maintain a strength bone, teeth’s health and blood clotting. While potassium helps in developing the muscle, lower down the blood pressure and cures kidney problems. Phosphorous and iron helps in the improvement of the blood and keep a healthy body.

12. Gum Disease

The content of vitamin C help to improve the gum health. It avoids the bacteria to inhabit the mouth. Therefore, it can eliminate the gum disease.

13. Anti-Aging

The capability of an anti-oxidant making this fruit also works as an anti-aging. It makes the body look younger and relief the stresses mind. This has the same health benefit as Health Benefits of Almond Tea. The anti-oxidant capability also can give protection from the disease related with early aging. It stimulates the collagen to bring a healthy skin texture.

14. Maintain Blood Pressure

The fruit help to decrease the blood pressure and avoid hypertension. Since it is rich of potassium and iron. Therefore, it helps to maintain the blood pressure.

15. Healthy Kidney

One of the benefit of black sapote is improve the kidney system. It contains potassium, therefore, it improves the stimulation work of kidney. Furthermore, it reduces the possibility of stones appearance in the kidney and bring a strong kidney. For more effective result, it is good to consume a lot of water which can reduce the Symptoms of Kidney Stones.

16. Bone Strength

The fruit contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium. These minerals help to strength the bone. This may avoid fracture on the bone and add the mass density of the bone. Therefore, it is a good way to improve a healthy bone.

17. Balancing Hormone

The fruit can act as an anti-depressant. Hence, it gives a calm feeling and stimulate a calm nerve too. This can bring a good effect on balancing the hormone. Since stresses is a major cause of unbalanced hormone in the body. If the hormonal secretion is balance, the body metabolism also can be improved and the body can optimally functioned.

18. Anti-Bacteria

Black sapote also can use as anti-bacteria. Since it is containing vitamin C, therefore it helps to eliminate disease from the body. It works to enhance the body resistance against many kinds of viruses. Furthermore, the anti-bacteria effect can help to soothe an inflammation such as on sore throat.

How to Consume Black Sapote

Black sapote can be consume in many ways. Therefore, we can gain the health benefit of black sapote easily. The list below are some ways to consume black sapote.

1. Direct Consumed

The fastest and easiest way to consume it by directly eat the ripe fruit. Since it tastes like a chocolate pudding, therefore many peoples prefer to consume it without adding anything. Make sure not to consume the unripe fruit, since it is bitter and irritating.

2. Ice Cream

It is the good news that black sapote can be produced as an ice cream. Hence, it is a fun way to get the health benefits of black sapote.

3. Juice

Another alternative to consume black sapote is by blend it as a juice. For additional flavor, people usually add some milk. Since there is some Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday as a good source of calcium.

4. Dessert

The most common way to consume black sapote is by making it as a dessert. There are various dessert recipes which contain black sapote as its ingredients. Namely pudding, cakes, mousse or smoothie.

Side Effects of Black Sapote

Black sapote, like any other fruit, also has a side effects. Therefore, people shall be aware on this side effects before consuming the fruit. Below are some side effects of black sapote:

1. Allergic

Some people which tend to get allergy of something shall be careful when consuming this fruit. Since it can bring allergic reactions such as rash, itchiness or even nausea. In case you feel those signs after consuming the fruit, it is better to stop consuming.

2. Interfere medicine

Consuming the fruit might affect the medicine. Therefore, people under medical treatment shall avoid consuming this fruit. Since it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

3. Increase sugar level

The fruit is having a sweet taste and a complex carbohydrate. Therefore, there is a possibility that it can increase the sugar level inside the blood. Hence, diabetic patient is better to avoid consuming this fruit.