11 Health Benefits of Dhania Water for Health You Must Know

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dhaniaDhania use as a cooking spice. But did you know that dhania also has other benefits? In addition to seeds, Health Benefits of Dhania Water can also be used by boiling first. Dhania water has proven to cure various diseases. In addition to the cheap price, dhania water is also easy to obtain and apply.

It is said to be useful, because dhania has several nutritional contents, such as:

Based on the research and experience of many people, dhania water  is useful for:

  1. Increase appetite

Typically, children are very difficult to eat. This is because there is a problem with their appetite. Do not worry, you can give dhania water to increase appetite

  1. As an antibacterial

If you have bacterial-related diseases, dhania water may be the solution. Read more: Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

  1. As a worm medicine

Young children are often worms. This is because they often play in dirty places that are likely to have worm eggs. So they are contaminated. Dhania water you can use as a worming medicine for your child.

  1. Overcome inflammation

Inflammation or inflammation if left unchecked will cause serious problems. for that, you have to give proper treatment, that is with dhania water. You must read this Health Benefits Arnica

  1. Overcoming seizures

Seizures often occur in children with high fever. In order not to happen things that are not desired, give Health Benefits of Dhania Water to your child during a seizure.

  1. As an anti-cancer

You better prevent it before you actually get cancer. Simply drink dhania water regularly.

  1. Useful for protecting the liver

Indeed dhania water has many benefits, such as beneficial to protect the liver. So that your heart will stay healthy and avoid dangerous diseases. You may also read Health Benefits of Tea for Liver

  1. As an anti-allergy

Do you have allergies? It’s good you consume dhania water to treat your allergies. In addition to treating allergies, dhania water is also used as an anti-allergy

  1. Smooth digestion

If you have problems with digestion and have not found the right medicine, there is no harm in trying dhania water as an herbal remedy to smooth your digestion.

  1. Prevent cholesterol

The content that is in dhania water also used to prevent the occurrence of cholesterol. It is also very good for those of you who suffer from cholesterol to keep your cholesterol stable

  1. Overcoming anemia

Anemia causes the patient to become weak, lethargic, and dizzy. To overcome this, drink dhania water regularly. And balanced with nutritious food.


Although Health Benefits of Dhania Water has many benefits for the body, it is better you consult this to the doctor for further research. Especially for those of you who are pregnant or breastfeeding, so that nothing bad happens to you and your child.