10 Health Benefits of Korean Melon – Vitamin C Source

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Korean melon, just like the name is one of the fruits from the list of Asian fruits and its health benefits are something you should know about. Among the other types of melon, Korean melon is not only unique because of the distinctive of appearance but because it is quite rare to be found in Western fruit market even in Asia regions, Korean melon is not a common fruit.

What is Korean Melon?

Korean Melon is one of the varieties of melon that is commonly cultivated in Korea. If you are wondering about how it taste, Korean melon is a mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and cucumber. Compared to honeydew and cantaloupe the size of Korean melon is a bit smaller with distinctive appearance, yellow skin with white stripe.

Nutritional Value of Korean Melon

Korean melon is one of the foods that lower cholesterol level because it is totally cholesterol-free. Furthermore, as part of healthy living, surely you need to keep your weight under control and since Korean melon is among the list of healthy fruits for weight loss, so you could consume it regularly without worrying about weight gain. To find out more about the health benefits of Korean melon, the list below may tell you why this fruit is highly recommended to be consumed in daily basis.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Level

As mentioned above, Korean melon is one of the fruits that could help lowering the cholesterol level because this fruit is totally cholesterol-free. So, for those who are currently in stage of managing the cholesterol level, adding Korean melon to the diet will not cause any problem.

  1. Great for Weight Loss

Just like the health benefits of watermelon and cucumber juice, there are some reasons why Korean melon is great for weight loss, first is because it is low in calories, second is because it is rich of fiber and third is because it is an excellent source of vitamin C to make sure optimal absorption of nutrients.

  1. Managing High Blood Pressure

Among the other types of fruits, Korean melon is super rich of potassium with quite low sodium level. Excessive sodium in the blood is the reasons of high blood pressure, hypertension and so on. While potassium will make sure that such thing will not happen by eliminating the excessive sodium and at the same time promoting the heart health by regulating the heartbeat.

  1. Natural Solution to Constipation

Speaking the fiber content found in Korean melon, just like any other types of fruits from the same genus, Korean Melon is also super rich of soluble fiber; which is type of fiber will bind the unnecessary stuff in the intestine, including LDL or bad cholesterol to be washed off from the system to make sure optimal absorption of nutrients that are essential for body metabolism.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin C

A serving size of Korean melon could fulfill the daily intake of vitamin C up to 62%. Vitamin C benefits are essential for human body metabolism because it promotes the optimal absorption of iron and other nutrients. Vitamin C is also powerful antioxidants to help fighting free radicals while at the same time acting as immunity booster. Furthermore, vitamin C is also promoting the production of collagen to protect the skin firmness and making sure the optimal cell regenerations to prevent premature aging.

  1. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

There are several research studies that stated about the facts of Korean melon is containing some anti-cancer properties, such as lycopene. In specific cancer researches, lycopene is one of the active carotenoids compound with excellent ability in reducing the risk of several types of cancer such as colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer up to breast cancer.

  1. Promote Healthy Bones

Surprisingly, Korean melon is also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin K. The combination of calcium and vitamin K is great for bones and also oral organs.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones

As mentioned above, Korean melon is packed with potassium with quite low sodium content. Some studies stated that one of the benefits of potassium is possible to reduce the risk of kidney stones and Korean melon is among the fruits that have been studied.

  1. Prevents Stroke

Stroke occurs when oxygen could reach the most important organ in human body, brain. As mentioned above, Korean melon could reduce the risk of cholesterol level as well as rich of potassium. It means, Korean melon could help reducing the accumulation of unnecessary blood clot in the blood vessel that could be the main cause of stroke.

  1. Hydrated Body

Surely you know that Korean melon is very juicy because almost 80% of Korean melon is water. So, whenever you feel dehydration, just have a glass of Korean melon juice will solve your problem because healthy metabolism is only happening when your body is fully hydrated.

Cautions of Korean Melon

Just like any other fruits from the same genus, such as honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber, Korean melon is rich of water and very sweet. That’s why those who are currently in certain condition as below should be aware of the cautions of Korean melon as well:

  • As it is very sweet, those who have been diagnosed with diabetes are wise to avoid this type of fruit.
  • Though this fruit is basically great for weight loss but you should be careful in combining it with other fruits or additional sweetener because instead of weight loss, you will gain more weight.
  • As for serving tips, is better to consume Korean melon within 5 days after you buy it before the flavor is changing.

For some people, Korean melon is probably very odd or very rare. Korean melon is one of the fruits from Asia, especially Korea which is not only packed with super nutrients but also great for health. Furthermore, since this is also one of the rare fruits in the world and benefits to human is a lot, surely you will not miss the chance to put this fruit to your daily diet if you get the chance.