11 Benefits of Stelechocarpus Burahol for Your Body Health

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stelechocarpus buraholDo you like to eat fruit? Have you ever tried the fruit of stelechocarpus burahol? Benefits stelechocarpus burahol is one of the fruits that grow in Yogyakarta. You can also call this fruit as “burahol”. People usually consume these fruits directly without going through the process. This fruit has many health benefits.

In addition, the nutritional content of this fruit is very much and needed by the body such as:

  • Saponin
  • Flavonoid
  • Polyphenols
  • Alkaloids

The benefits you can get by consuming this fruit are:

  1. Kidney inflammatory drugs

If you have kidney inflammatory disease, eat this fruit. this fruit can relieve your kidney inflammation. Read more about health benefits of plantain water

  1. Relieve uric acid

The most well-known benefit of the community is to relieve gout in health benefits of beer. This is because stelechocarpus burahol has nutritional content needed for people with uric acid

  1. Healthy urinary tract

The urinary tract has a great chance of bacteria. For that, you must guard against harmful diseases. One is to consume fruit regularly

  1. Overcoming bad breath

Bad breath is not a serious illness. However, bad breath can irritate a person in relationships with others. Therefore it is advisable to consume stelechocarpus burahol to overcome bad breath

  1. Prevent inflammation

Inflammation that must be well preserved. Benefits stelechocarpus burahol can help you to overcome the problem of inflammation so as not to spread and severe. You may also read this article: health benefits of banana leaves

  1. Can eliminate dehydration

This is because stelechocarpus burahol contains water and other nutrients that can be made to avoid dehydration. Because dehydration will cause various organ damage that exists in the body in symptoms of dehydration

  1. Antioxidants

This fruit also contains the high antioxidants needed by the body to fight disease. Consume this fruit regularly, then you will feel healthier

  1. Increase endurance

The weather is erratic and the density of our body activities easily sick. to prevent it, eat this fruit because it can increase your body resistance

  1. Energy sources

This is because stelechocarpus burahol contains several nutrients needed by the body as an energy source. By consuming this fruit in the morning, you will get energy to run your daily activities like health benefits of rice

  1. Suitable for diet program

If you decide to go on a diet plan, it’s good you have to pay attention to what you will eat. Include what fruit is suitable for your diet. One of the fruits that you should list into the list of foods for the diet is the fruit of this burahol.

  1. Moisturises the skin

For those of you who want to have moist skin, eat this fruit

  1. Nourish the skin

stelechocarpus burahol is also beneficial for your skin health. You can get healthy skin without having to pay for maintenance


for those of you who want to use the benefits of stelechocarpus burahol as an herbal medicine, please consult your doctor first.