11 Health Benefits of Eating Jello (No. 11 is surprising)

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What is in your mind when we talk about jello? Is it sweet, fruity, or stringy? That is how most people think about jello on the supermarket shelves. But how can that kind of food becomes beneficial for health? Isn’t it full of artificial sweetener, flavor, and the other additional substance? Well, actually we are going to talk about the real jello. Real jello means the pure gelatin we get by extracting collagen from animal bone and connective.

Nutrition we can get from eating jello

For every ½ cup of sugar free jello contains:

  • Calories 230
  • Total fat 3 gr
  • Polyunsaturated fat 1 gr
  • Cholesterol 60 mg
  • Sodium 190 mg
  • Potassium 408 mg
  • Total carbohydrate 15 gr
  • Dietary fiber 2 gr
  • Sugars 10 gr
  • Protein 32 gr
  • Vitamin A 3%
  • Vitamin C 9%
  • Calcium 22%
  • Iron 2%

Health benefits of eating jello

Pure jello is usually in a form of jelly like substance. However, this is also what we frequently find for your vitamin’s clear capsules. On the other hand, jello actually has many benefits for health. It can even consider as super food for its various benefits.

  1. Good for skin

We know that some skin care include collagen in their ingredients. This is also the main substance which is expected to fix wrinkles and slower aging. However, research proved that collagen is actually better eaten than applied on skin. This is because skin cannot perfectly absorb collagen.

This is how eating jello will be far more effective than just applying collagen cream on your skin. Plus, the collagen in anti aging cream is usually just very small amount of extra collagen instead of pure collagen.

  1. Gets rid of cellulite

Knowing the ability of collagen in jello to fix your wrinkle, it is also good for cellulite. Well, mothers and obese people commonly cannot show their skin because they have cellulite or stretch mark. Cellulite appear when the collagen on your skin gets weak. Therefore, eating jello will recharge your need of collagen. The ability to remove cellulite can also be found in Health Benefits of Drinking Flaxseed Oil

  1. Good for digestive system

What’s the health benefits of eating jello? The other ability of gelatin is protecting your digestive organs. We know, sometimes we don’t really care with our gut health. We keep eating junk food and the other unhealthy food. Don’t you know that those acts actually can make our gut wall thinner? Jello is able to provide collagen. The collagen will coat gut with its jelly like substances. It will maintain our gut healthy and strong.

  1. Improves joints

As we are aging, our joints will get weak. It is because the decreasing lubricant on the joints. This is how aged people often have painful joints. They are also unable to move comfortably. Sometimes we can also hear some knocking sound when their joints move. That’s terrible. On the other hand, the joints’ lubricant is actually formed by collagen. So, what is better than restock collagen by eating jello?

  1. Prevents osteoporosis

Just like the weak joints, osteoporosis is also common for old people. However, it doesn’t mean that youngsters cannot get osteoporosis. Some cases showed that people under 30 experience osteoporosis. So, what should we do to prevent this problem? All we need is calcium and collagen.

Therefore, we should make sure to have sufficient intake by consuming bone broth or jello. Besides, Taking Estrogen After Menopause is also believed to prevent osteoporosis in aging women.

  1. Helps controlling blood sugar

From long ago, collagen is a supplement which should be taken by diabetics. Therefore, it is good for diabetic patient to involve jello to their diet. Jello is high on protein, yet low in calorie. It is able to help controlling the blood sugar. In addition, diabetic lose collagen faster than normal people. Therefore, eating jello might be the perfect solution for diabetes.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Pure jello has low sugar level. This is how jello is good to reduce the blood sugar. Besides, it can also help to lose weight. Add some scope of jello to your pudding. Well, jello is a safe yet tasty snack for those in weight loss diet.

It has low sugar and will make you feel full. Such a powerful and guilt-free snack for your diet. Recently, people are hyped by the Guilt-free Ice Cream which is very good for weight loss diet.

  1. Good for teeth

Our teeth consist of enamel and collagen. Collagen keep our teeth strong and steady in their place. Therefore, keeping the sufficient intake of collagen will directly strengthen your teeth. On the other hand, the collagen will keep the good work of your gut.

It is enable our body to absorb nutrition from food optimally. In the other words, our teeth will also get sufficient nutrition from the metabolism. 

  1. Source of protein

Pure jello or gelatin is also known to have ample of protein. A study proved that 2 tablespoon of jello is able to fulfill 10% of your daily need of protein. However, the protein in jello is not a complete protein. It is lack of amino acid. Therefore, we cannot use the protein of jello to boost our tissue recovery.

  1. Good for hair

Some people use shampoo regularly. However, their hair turns dry and dull. When we use our favorite shampoo, all we want is a smooth, thick and healthy hair. But shampoo leaves nothing but fragrance. This is because the long term use of shampoo may strip hair’s natural oil.

Well, most shampoo contains detergent which is the oil terminator. But what is the correlation with eating jello? Well, eating jello is surprisingly able to provide out hair and scalp with the natural oil. It will maintain the health of our hair.

It will also strengthen the hair coating and avoid the dull hair. For the outside treatment, you can apply some natural ingredients. For example, you can apply Almond Oil for Hair or use Baking Soda to Wash Hair.

  1. Relaxing

Aside from the ability as bone and skin remedy, jello also good for your mind. Well, this super food not only cares our body, but also our mind. It is possible since pure jello contains a substance called glycine. Glycine is one of the substances which are able to calm our nervous system. Therefore, the proper intake of glycine will help us concentrate, boost memories, relieve stress, and improve sleep.

Recommendation in eating jello

We can consume jello by adding it into smoothies. We can also add it in any kinds of pudding. The pudding can replace dessert or snack between your meal times. Make sure that we keep the moderation in eating jello. The excessive consumption may result stomach upset and excessive burping.