8 Shocking Benefits of Fruit Babugosha – Rich in Vitamins

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Pear is a fruit that is similar to apple in taste and texture. Pear is also one of pomaceous fruits, bearing high nutritive value and many benefits. There are more than thirty species of pear fruit. One of them is Indian pear called babugosha. Babugosha fruit, just like other pears, have sweet and succulent flavour. Due to the taste, it is considered as a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Indeed, babugosha has been used as herbal fruit in ayurveda. It is believed to cure many diseases and give many benefits to its consumer health benefits of ampalaya. Babugosha fruit can be consumed right away, made into fruit juice, or used as ingredients for cooking. But, many people prefer to consume it right away for convenience purpose.

Babugosha fruit or Indian pear also can be found in many food products such as jam, jelly, etc. The babugosha variant is native to India, hence its name. In 2016 alone, total production of babugosha fruit India is 1.41 million tones. This is a proof that babugosha is one of beneficial fruits for various purposes. In India, it is considered as herbal remedy. In this writing you will learn about the benefits of fruit babugosha. Check it out.

Nutritional Value of Fruit Babugosha

According to analysis, it is found that fruit babugosha contains high nutrition contents. Here’s the list of nutrients and substances found in 100g fruit babugosha :

  • 239 kJ (57 kcal) energy
  • 15.23 g carbohydrates
  • 9.75 g sugars
  • 3.1 g dietary fiber
  • 0.14 g fat
  • 0.36 g protein
  • 0.012 mg thiamine (B1)
  • 0.026 mg riboflavin (B2)
  • 0.161 mg niacin (B3)
  • 0.049 mg pantothenic acid (B5)
  • 0.029 mg vitamin B6
  • 7 μg folate (B9)
  • 5.1 mg choline
  • 4.3 mg vitamin C
  • 0.12 mg vitamin E
  • 4.4 μg vitamin K
  • 9 mg calcium
  • 0.18 mg iron
  • 7 mg magnesium
  • 0.048 mg manganese
  • 12 mg phosphorus
  • 116 mg potassium
  • 1 mg sodium
  • 0.1 mg zinc
  • 84 g water

How to Make Babugosha Juice

This is a simple recipe of babugosha juice. Here are the steps.

  • Prepare five pears and three apples.
  • Wash the fruits.
  • Peel off the skin, and then slice the fruit into four or five parts.
  • Finally, add the fruits into a blender or juicemaker. Mix them.

So, here are the benefits of fruit babugosha :

1. Fruit babugosha as a good source of fiber

The first benefits of fruit babugosha is its high fiber nutritive contents. According to its nutritional value, babugosha contains 3.1 g or 8% of daily value of fiber. This value, while not very high, may have significant effects on the body, and may help repel some diseases, such as constipation, colon cancer, diabetes, and so on so forth. Dietary fiber also plays important role in body metabolism.

2. Babugosha fruit is very useful for weight loss

Another beneficial benefits of fruit babugosha. Naturally, as a low fat foods, fruit babugosha is highly recommended as weight loss diet. Other than low in fat, babugosha fruit is very easy to consume during weight loss journey. Babugosha fruit also can be made into a yummy juice, and as a company to your main dish, such as health benefits of eating egg white. This fruit will make you eat healthy foods more.

3. Fruit babugosha is a good source of energy

Other amazing benefits of fruit babugosha. Babugosha or nashpati (the name comes from Indian people) is, without a doubt, a good source of energy. You will see that it contains 239 kJ of energy. This value should not be underestimated.

Another benefits of using babugosha fruit as energy source is its natural characteristics. Natural foods are, on average, way healthier than processed or cooked foods, e.g. fried chicken, pizza, stir fry, doughnut, etc. Babugosha fruit is also low in sugar level.

4. Fruit babugosha helps ease digestive system

Possibly due to its high fiber contents, fruit babugosha is believed to ease digestive system and clean the colon. One of the symptoms of mild constipation is having a hard time in defecating (passing the stool through the anus). This is caused by obstructed bowel movement. Constipation may develop from mild to severe depending on the treatment.

This is certainly a problem, because it might causes discomfort, bloating, and abdominal pain. Many experts and doctors have advised people to eat high fibre foods more frequently. One of the best source of fiber are pomaceous fruits, such as babugosha fruit. Babugosha fruit contains 3.1 g fiber (8% of daily value) which is quite high and can help ease digestive system, thus preventing constipation. Other tips on which food is good source of fibre explained in health benefits of eating ramen noodles.

5. Babugosha fruit helps treat fever

Other great benefits of fruit babugosha. In ayurveda, babugosha fruit has been trusted as a good herbal remedy for fever. During treatment, patient is encouraged to eat more fruits, especially one with high nutritive value, such as babugosha. High nutritional contents of babugosha fruit will help the patient recover from fever quickly.

6. Babugosha fruit helps control blood pressure

According to various researches, a medium sized babugosha is estimated to contain 116 mg potassium (2% of daily value). As reported by experts, potassium is good for controlling heartbeat rate and ensure the muscles to work properly. Babugosha also has anti carcinogen and antioxidant properties, which is effective in controlling blood pressure. A normal blood pressure will prevent various cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, health benefits of strawberry leaves, etc.

7. Babugosha fruit helps prevent diabetes

One of useful benefits of fruit babugosha, particularly for diabetic person. As explained above, it is found that babugosha is sweet tasted fruit with low glycemic index (sugar level). This characteristic will help lower blood sugar level in a healthy person and diabetic person. Although babugosha tastes sweet, it doesn’t mean it has risk for developing diabetes. On the contrary, it has reasonable amount of sugar contents, and still considered safe for average person.

8. Babugosha fruit is an excellent source of vitamin

Yes. As a pomaceous fruit, it’s not a secret that babugosha contains high concentration of vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, E, health benefits of starfruit, and C. This fruit is mostly known for its high vitamin C value.

Caution in Using Fruit Babugosha

Babugosha is a herbal fruit, thus doesn’t have any adverse effects.