10 Health Benefits of Greek Salad #1 Proven

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Vegetables always good for the body, the same way as the health benefits of greek salad. This mix of vegetables bring many kinds of advantage when consume daily. As many people know that vegetables are rich with various vitamins and minerals needed for the body health and development.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the vegetables shall be include in the daily menu.

One of the salad kind is greek salad. This is one of the vegetables mixture that commonly consume in Greece. This salad mixture normally contain of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, kalamata olives and olive oil. This common ingredients for greek salad is easy to find and mix together for a healthy delicious recipe. Therefore, this salad is now not only famous in the country, but also known world wide. The feta cheese bring some unique taste into this salad. Therefore, children also like to consume it.

To mixture the salad easily provide all the ingredients. Cut of it all and then mix together in a plate or bowl. Add some olive oil upper the ingredients. Last, add the feta cheese into the salad for dressing.

Nutrient Content of Greek Salad 

The salad contain various nutrient as each of ingredients contain several type of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, when consume a portion of this salad, usually it can help to give you 106 calories, 7.28gr fat, 3,38gr carbs, 6,99gr proteins and several grams of iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D. Due to the rich nutrient content, there are various health benefits of greek salad including for:

1. Maintain Cholesterol

The vegetables inside the salad can help to maintain the cholesterol level inside the body. It can help to maintain the HDL and LDL level inside the blood arteries. Therefore, it will maintain the arteries and avoid the blood cod formation. Furthermore, it can avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases risk such as heart attack and stroke. This is the same health benefits of beet for cholesterol that can help to maintain cholesterol level too.

2. Blood Circulation

Eating vegetables can benefit the blood circulation. It can avoid the possibility of blood cod and can bring optimum oxygen supply into the whole body. Therefore, consume vegetables can maintain a healthy blood too.

3. Anti Oxidant

Vegetables also rich with anti oxidant. Therefore, the salad will benefit to avoid the free radical effect into the body. Furthermore, it can help to against the UV light effect into the skin health that might produce skin cancer. This is the same health benefits of black tea and lemon that can act as a good anti oxidant too.

4. Blood Tension

The cucumber is a good ingredients in helping to lower down the blood tension. Therefore, consuming greek salad can help to maintain the blood tension. This can help the person with high blood diseases to lower down the tension. Hence, it is recommend to have this vegetables during meal everyday for people with hypertension symptoms.

5. Improve Metabolic Rate

The high fiber will help to improve the body metabolic rate. Therefore, it can change the food into energy level optimally. It will also distribute the oxygen into the whole body. Furthermore, a better metabolism can help an easy digestive system and help with faster weight reduction. This is the same health benefits of greek yogurt that can act to improve the body metabolic rate too.

6. High Fiber

Greek salad contain high fiber that good for the digestive system. Furthermore, the high fiber will help to maintain weight and even to help with diet for weight loss. Therefore, no wonder if people consume the salad for diet menu. This will help to avoid fat formation into the blood arteries.

7. Blood Sugar

Another health benefits of greek salad including to manage the blood sugar level in the body. Therefore, it is good for people to avoid the possibility of increase blood sugar. The vegetables even will help to manage the blood circulation to be optimum and produce better energy level in the daily activities. This will help to reduce the blood sugar content in the blood, which normally can form the fat. This is the same health benefits of kale for diabetes that help to control the blood sugar too.

8. Avoid Diabetes

Another advantages of the vegetables including to avoid the possibility of experience diabetes. Therefore, it is a good option to manage the blood sugar level for the diabetic patient. This is a good way in manage the insulin level too. 

9. Improve Digestive

Another benefit of consume greek salad is to improve the digestive system. Therefore, it will help to avoid the digestive problems. It is important to have vegetables everyday. This is the same health benefits of potato leaves that can help to improve the digestive system.

10. Avoid Anemia

Greek salad also contain various mineral such as iron. This is an important content that can help to avoid the possibility of experience anemia. Furthermore, it can help the formation of red blood cell to be optimized. This is good to keep the energy level for the daily activities too.

Cautions And Recommendations

Not only bring various advantages, there are also several cautions that need to attend. Therefore, before consuming the salad, pay attention to below recommendations:

  • Cheese can bring allergically reactions to several peoples and bring result of itchiness and redness in the skin. Including an upset stomach and diarrhea. Therefore, if having allergically conditions due to cheese, avoid adding feta cheese into the salad.
  • Pregnant woman shall consume with the caregiver before consume the salad. As ras ingredients might danger to the pregnancy.
  • People with several medical treatments shall consult with the doctor before consuming the salad. As the ingredients might interfere the medical prescription.

Those are the health benefits of greek salad that good for the healthy body mainly digestive and cardiovascular. Through a frequent consume of this salad, it will help to maintain the body condition. Therefore, add the salad into daily menu will bring advantage to keep the health.