9 Interesting Health Benefits of Poha for Breakfast

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Indian cuisine is known very rich of spice and taste. The same way with the health benefits of poha that apparently is included as a traditional Indian food which has authentic taste and benefits too. Made of various unique ingredients, poha become one of the dish that worth to try among other kind of food in the world. It is more likely a flattening rice with some spicy taste and have yellow color that comes from the curcuma. To prepare the food also not as difficult as it thought. Even everyone will say that this rice needs a lot of preparation before cooking. Therefore, some people from other countries are trying to make it homemade and serve for breakfast. For those whose not familiar with this food, take a look below some explanation and short information of the health benefits of poha.

Nutrient Content of Poha

In each serving of poha, there are several nutrient that can absorbed by the body. Normally, each portion will have:

  • carbohydrates
  • protein
  • dietary fiber
  • fat
  • sodium
  • sugars
  • calcium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C

Health Benefits of Poha

The specific health benefits of poha is as listed below:

1. High Carbs

As one of the main course in India, poha is rich with carbohydrates content. Therefore, the same with the health benefits of Indonesia food that mostly contain a lot of carbs, poha also bring the same benefit too.

2. Add Energy

Carbs will effectively help to bring needed energy to run a lot of daily activities. Therefore, no wonder if the dish is served for breakfast, so that it will bring enough energy to start the day.

3. Healthy Digestive

Poha also contain some numbers of fiber that will help to improve the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, the same with the health benefits of mesclun salad it can help to improve the digestive system including to avoid further constipation.

4. Better Metabolism

Consume poha as a breakfast will help the body to improve the metabolism system. It will effectively run a fasten metabolic rate that can help to optimize in converting absorbed food into needed energy for the body. This can lead the body to have sufficient energy and make sure the entire body metabolism is running well.

5. Rich in Iron

Another health benefits of poha is including to contain a lot of iron content. This is good to bring the supply of iron that needed by the body in forming the red blood cell stimulation. The same benefits of guava for anemia that also rich in iron content to and works to improve the blood cell too.

6. Low Gluten

Some people believe that consuming poha will help those who have problems with their gluten index. This is why poha is one of the healthy choice that contain low number of gluten.

7. Avoid Diabetes

The low gluten and glycemic index of this food can help to avoid the possibility of diabetes experience. The same benefits of camel milk for diabeters that works to manage a normal blood sugar level and help to reduce the risk of diabetes too.

8. Fasten Cure

Poha contain some numbers of vitamin that good to improve immune system. Therefore, consume this rice can help to bring a fasten cure including to manage a better recovery from illness.

9. Improve Eyesight

Apparently, poha also contain vitamin A that usually will manage a good eyesight. The same way as the benefits of mulethi for eyesight, it will improve the vision and lead to a healthy eyesight.

10. Bring Fullness

Consume poha will help to bring fullness feeling in the stomach. This is because the fiber content that will bring the stomach feeling full for longer hours.

Recommendation of Poha

It is also important to notice several important recommendations to make sure that poha will bring an effective benefit for the health but not giving some side effects for the consumer. The recommendations are as below:

  • It is better to choose vegetables to mix with poha for consumption. Avoid adding fatty meat that can lead to another health problems.
  • Make sure to stop consume the food incase you experience any allergy symptoms such as itchiness or redness skin.
  • Do not continue consume the food if feel sick or nausea, it can mean that some of the ingredients is no longer fresh.

Those all the health benefits of poha for the body system and extra energy. This delicious food will able to bring not only a good taste but also various health benefits. Therefore, try to consume this food while you travel to India can be a good choice to listed. However, please read the recommendations above to make sure that nothing bad happens while you consume the food.  So that it will effectively bring you some benefits and good experience of food journey.