9 Unexpected Health Benefits of Marugbo Soup, Must Try!

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A traditional food always an interesting recipe to try. The same as the health benefits of marugbo soup that might sound different and rare. This authentic soup comes from Africa is a kind of soup that contain a lot of ingredients. The soup shall cook with fresh ingredients to make sure that it can bring many benefits for the consumer. Otherwise, it can bring sickness and may not work effectively for the health. For those who want to find out how to cook the soup and what actually are the health benefits of marugbo soup, then you need to spare some time to read on below explanation.

Nutrient Content of Marugbo Soup

In each portion of the soup will bring your body several nutrient. It consist of various vitamins and minerals such as below:
• Carbohydrates
• Protein
• Dietary fiber
• Zinc
• Iron
• Sodium
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Calcium
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C

Marugbo Soup Recipe

It will be difficult if you plan to buy the soup in common restaurant. Since not many places serve this soup and easily sell it to the public. Therefore, if you interesting to cook the soup, it will be better to plan a homemade cooking by following below ingredients and instructions.

– Marugbo leaves
– Bell pepper
– Onion
– Melon seeds
– Tomato paste or puree
– Small chilli red peppers
– Stock cubes
– Pepper
– Salt
– Tilapia Fish
– Oil

– Clean fish and set aside.
– Blend peppers, onion, marugbo and bitter leave together.
– Pour out content in a pot
– Add the oil, chicken stock cubes, pepper, tomato paste and boil for 20 to 25 minutes.
– Include the Fish and simmer till tender.
– Add a little melon seeds.
– Include salt.

Health Benefit of Marugbo Soup

1. High Protein

Since the soup ingredients contain a lot of meat, it is benefit to supply the needs of protein for the body. The same way as the health benefits of veal meat, it works to optimize the neuron cells and bring a better brain health and memory. Especially if consume by the children during their development age.

2. Strength Bone

The soup also contain calcium that is good to provide more mass to the bone. Therefore, it will help to manage a strength bone that away from the possibility of fracture or any risk of osteoporosis.

3. Avoid Fat

Consume the soup is rich with vegetables that will help to manage the weight. The same Siberian ginseng benefits for weight loss treatment that also good to reduce the weight and avoid fat gaining. It can help to keep the body weight stable properly.

4. Easy Digestive

Another health benefits of marugbo soup is to bring a better intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it is a good way to keep a healthy digestive that away from any digestive problems such as constipation or other similar problems.

5. Fasten Metabolism

Marugbo soup also a good selection of food that will lead fasten metabolic rate. Therefore, consume this soup will help to bring enough energy and avoid gaining fat for your body. The same health benefits of Otaheite apple seeds that also help to support fasten metabolic rate.

6. Health Skin

Another content inside the soup is a high vitamin E contain. This is actually good to manage a smooth and silky skin. Furthermore, it also suitable to avoid skin infection and lead to healthy skin. It makes the skin appearance radiant and beautiful too.

7. Fast Recovery

The soup is rich with vitamin C and A that can help to improve the body immunity system. Therefore, by consume the soup during cold or sickness will help to provide a fasten recovery. The same way as the benefits of turkey berry for malaria treatment that also lead to a fasten cure from illness.

8. Healthy Cardiovascular

Another benefit from consume the soup is including to manage a stable level of LDL and HDL inside the blood. Therefore, it can be another way to keep a healthy cardiovascular too. Furthermore, it will help to avoid any possibility of stroke attack and even avoid a sudden heart attack too.

9. Avoid Anemia

This soup is rich in iron that will manage to stimulate the red blood cell formation. Therefore, the same way as the benefits of eggplant for anemia, it can manage to avoid dropped red blood cells number and avoid anemia possibility too.

Those all the health benefits of marugbo soup that might can include as one of the most special food to made in the world. Preparing the soup might not easy, even to get the recipe is not as easy as other recipes. This ancient and traditional menu is a delicious food to choose nor to bring health for the body. However, for those who have some problems with allergically symptoms, it will be better to avoid the food. Otherwise, it might not end well for the health.