12 Nutritious Health Benefits of Ham Salad Sandwich for Children Growth

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Choosing to gain the health benefits of ham salad sandwich can be a good alternative that not only healthy but also tasty. This is why this sandwich is favorite not only among the adults, but also for the children. In the morning, this sandwich is probably one of the most favorite menus in every child meal. Therefore, parents love to prepare the sandwich as their children daily menu.

Ham salad sandwich is an easy to prepare the meal. It is also faster to prepare but known with numerous benefit for the health. Especially for the children during their growth. The combination of protein, vitamins and minerals inside this salad can be a good option to consume daily. Furthermore, it will support the children with their needed nutrient to grow.

 Ham Salad Sandwich Recipes

If interest to make a ham salad sandwich in the morning, easily prepare below ingredients:

  • Two slices of white bread
  • A slice of ham (beef or chicken)
  • Some slice of lettuces
  • A slice of tomato
  • A slice of cheese
  • A piece of fried egg (optional)
  • A teaspoon of mayonnaise and butter

After preparing all of the ingredients, easily follow below steps:

  • Put some mayonnaise and butter in both breads. Do this only on one side.
  • Put the bread on below, then add in the order above the mayonnaise the ham, lettuces, tomato, cheese and the fried egg.
  • Cover up with the other bread that has been spread by the mayonnaise.
  • Wrap with plastic and the sandwich is ready to serve.
  • You can also store in the refrigerator to keep it until lunchtime or for dinner.

Nutrient Content of Ham Salad Sandwich

In each portion of this sandwich will consist of various nutrient. Mainly it will contain below nutrient.

  • 200 calories
  • 17 gr of protein
  • 22 gr of carbohydrates
  • 6 gr of fat
  • 29 mg of cholesterol
  • 4 gr of dietary fiber
  • 950 mg of sodium
  • 2 mg of iron
  • 2 mg of zinc
  • 67 mg of calcium

For more specific health benefits of ham salad sandwich, especially to support with the children growth, check on below lists:

1. High Protein

The ham inside the salad is known quite rich with high protein number. Therefore, it is a good source of protein to support the children grow. This is the same benefits of banza pasta that will work to supply the needs of high protein too.

2. Source of Calcium

The ingredients inside the sandwich also contain a lot of calcium content. Therefore, it also a good way to bring the source of calcium that can consider important for the children development.

3. Strength Bone

The calcium content from the salad will manage to produce a strong bone. It can add bone mass and avoid any problems with a bone fracture. Furthermore, it supports a fasten bone growth. The same benefits of turmeric for bones that also good to support a strength bone too.

4. Avoid Cavity

The calcium content inside the sandwich is a good way to keep healthy teeth too. Therefore, it will create a good mechanism to avoid further risk of a cavity.

5. Improve The Brain

The health benefits of a ham salad sandwich including to improve with the brain capacity. It also improves the neuron cell and manages to provide a better brain works. This is the same benefits of playing sudoku for brain health that also good to improve the children brain too.

6. High Fiber

The vegetables inside the salad are rich with fiber content. Therefore, it can manage to supply the fiber needs of the body.

7. Support Digestive

The fiber content also a good way to improve the intestinal bowel movement. This is important for children to avoid any risk and problems in the digestive system. The same health benefits of otaheite apple seeds that also good to avoid digestive problems and improve the intestinal works.

8. Better Metabolism

Ham salad sandwich also good to improve the metabolism system. It will manage to produce a faster metabolic rate that can improve the change of food into needed energy.

9. Bring Energy

When the metabolic rate can work faster, it means the body will provide much stock of energy. Therefore, it is good to support the needs of energy for the children daily activities. The same benefits of drinking lion dates syrup with milk that also good to support the needed energy too.

10. Avoid Anemia

The sandwich also rich with iron that good to support the formation of red blood cell. Therefore, it can help to avoid anemia possibility and keep the children in high concentration during their study.

11. Support Growth

The protein and all nutrient content if the sandwich will manage to support the children grow. Therefore, it will optimize the bone growth and the height growth of the children too.

12. Improve Muscle

One of the benefits also including to improve the muscle system. It can manage to absorb nutrient very well and lead to a lean muscle. Furthermore, it will provide a strong muscle too.

Recommendations of Consume Ham Salad Sandwich

Even the salad is good for the children grow, there are several cautions to attend when giving this menu in the morning. Therefore, it is better to check on below lists of recommendations.

  • Make sure to check whether your children is allergy to the dairy product or not. Otherwise, do not add any cheese into the salad. This can cause itchiness and redness skin or other allergically symptoms.
  • Always prepare fresh ingredients to avoid further risk of diarrhea.
  • Do not forget to rinse all the vegetables with flowing water to avoid any possibility of a parasite.
  • Some children may also have an allergy to the egg. Therefore, avoid to give this ingredient if there is a sign of allergies such as itchiness or swollen face.
  • Give as necessary, since the sandwich is full of calories and fat. Too much portion can lead to too much fat.

Those all the health benefits of ham salad sandwich mainly to support the children grow. Therefore, giving the menu every morning for your children breakfast can be a good option to choose. However, always check whether your children have some allergies or not. Always make sure that the sandwich ingredients can consider safe to consume by your children and not bring any impact of allergy to their body.