14 Important Health Benefits of Eating Bitter Foods for Body System

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There are some health benefits of eating bitter foods that might not many people familiar with it. The bitter taste usually make people prefer to consume other delicious food rather than bitter food. However, it has been known that bitter food mostly contain several good nutrient that work to deal with various disease. Therefore, it is recommended to consume this kind of food as daily meal.

Bitter food mostly comes from many kind of vegetables. Furthermore, usually green vegetables contain many bitter taste. Therefore, no wonder if children usually avoid consume the green vegetables. While for people with several diseases, bitter food such as vegetables is a good option to maintain the health condition.

An example of the bitter food is the green vegetables. There are several kind of green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, salads, and any other thing. This vegetables are best consume as salads using several kinds of dressing. Furthermore, in Indonesia, it eaten raw using no dressing or only using chili. Serving the bitter foods also can through various stir vegetables. Such as garlic Bok Choy or stir kale.

Nutrient Content

One of the main nutrient contain in the bitter foods such as the vegetables are high dietary fiber, vitamins and also minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium. This contain make the bitter food as one of nutritious food that good to consume. For more details health benefits of eating bitter foods is mention in below list:

1. Source Of Fiber

Bitter food which is bitter vegetables are known as a high source of fiber. Therefore, no wonder if consume the bitter food also good for bring fiber into the body digestion rate. This is the same health benefits of quinoa for breakfast that can help to be the main source of fiber too.

2. Better Digestive

As the food high in fiber, it is also good to manage a better digestive system. It can improve the digest rate by improve the intestinal bowel movement. Furthermore, it will help to avoid the possibility of experience digestive problems. Specially for children and elderly which needs more digestive enzyme.

3. Increase metabolic Rate

Another benefit of consume bitter food also to deal with better body metabolism system. It can help to improve body metabolic rate by increasing the capability of converting food into energy. Therefore, it will help to reduce fat in the body and optimum the nutrient absorption.

4. Avoid Fat

The benefit of consume the bitter foods including to avoid fat. This is because the food contain no fat or sodium. Therefore, it will be good as dietary menu. This is the same health benefits of lovaza that can help to avoid fat too.

5. Manage Weight Loss

As the benefit can help to avoid fat and increase body metabolism, this food is best to manage reduce the weight. Therefore, it is a good natural option to avoid adding weight and good for the purpose of weight management.

6. Reduce Blood Tension

Another health benefits of eating bitter foods also to reduce the blood tension. It can help to stable the blood tension and good to manage a healthy blood tension condition.

7. Avoid Hypertension

Since it able to reduce the blood tension, the benefit of eating this bitter foods also good for prevent hypertension. Furthermore, it can help reduce the blood tension and good for the treatment of hypertension condition. This is the same health benefits of kharbuja seeds that able to avoid hypertension too.

8. Reduce Blood Sugar

Consume the bitter foods will work to reduce the blood sugar level. This is important to make sure that the blood sugar content is not suddenly increasing high and might danger for the health condition.

9. Avoid Diabetic

As the benefit can help to reduce the blood sugar level, the bitter foods also good to avoid diabetic symptoms. Therefore, it is good for prevention and also good to manage lower down the blood sugar level too.

10. Maintain Cardiovascular

Eating bitter foods good to maintain cholesterol level inside the blood arteries. It will manage to stabilize the HDL and LDL level inside the blood. Therefore, it is good to avoid cholesterol and manage cardiovascular health. This is the same health benefits of garlic leaves that can help to maintain cardiovascular too.

11. Healthy Heart

As it is good for cardiovascular, it can help to avoid the possibility of getting cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is a good way to avoid heart attack and keep a healthy heart longer.

12. Healthy Skin

The vitamin inside the bitter foods can help to manage a healthy skin too. It will help to result smooth and silky skin including to avoid skin inflammation such as acne or eczema. 

13. Detoxification

The benefit of bitter foods also will help with the detoxification process inside the body. Therefore, it can eliminate toxin from the body and help to produce fresh body condition too. This is the same health benefits of cherry blossom tea that help to optimize body detoxification too.

14. Healthy Liver

The advantage also including to help manage a healthy liver condition. Therefore, it is good to keep an optimize liver system in reducing toxin inside the body and help to optimize body metabolism too.

Cautions And Recommendation

Even the bitter foods are rich with benefits, there are several cautions that needs to be made too. Therefore, it is suggested to see below recommendation if consume the bitter food every day.

  • Make sure to limit the portion as it might high in fiber and easily can cause diarrhea if consume too much. Therefore, it is better to consume as necessary.
  • Bitter foods usually contain of raw green vegetables. Make sure to clean properly to avoid the possibility of any bacteria in unclean vegetables.
  • Pregnant woman shall avoid raw food as it might contain virus that harmful to the fetus.
  • People with several medical problems such as hypertension and diabetic shall consume the food in proper portion to avoid unwanted side effects.

Those all the health benefits of eating bitter foods. Mostly to keep a healthy digestive and avoid cardiovascular diseases. As the bitter foods good to maintain arteries, it is very good to consume by elderly. Furthermore, this habit will help to manage a body metabolism system and help to optimize the body health too.