30 Health Benefits of Pomfret Fish (Research-Based)

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One of the famous freshwater fish in Indonesia is the pomfret fish. Marukoban, or this pomfret fish, have a high concentration of nutrition in it. However, there are not many people who likes to consume it lately, the number of people who consume this fish is way lower than those who consume tuna or even catfish. But if you really consider yourself as a seafood lover, then you really need to try this fish.

Latest research done in Japan Food Research Laboratories shows that the omega 3 content in Japanese pomfret fish is the highest of all, with 2,56 grams of omega 3 fatty acid. The omega 3 fatty acid itself is one of the essential fatty acids. The omega 3 is a nutrition that is really needed by the body, however, the body can’t produce it thus we need to obtain it from other sources.

As for black pomfret fish, it contains a high concentration of omega 3 and omega 6 AA. Other vital content in pomfret fish is numbers of vitamin. The vitamins are vitamin A, B1, and D. Unfortunately, we cant’t consume all of the nutrition in pomfret fish. We only get to consume about 80% of the good taste of pomfret fish.

Details on the Nutrition of Pomfret Fish

  • Calories           : 96 kcal
  • Protein            : 19 gr
  • Fat                    : 1,7 gr
  • Carbohydrate : 0 gr
  • Calcium           : 20 mg
  • Cholesterol     : 44 mg
  • Iron                  : 2 mg
  • Phosphor        : 150 mg

Table on contents of pomfret fish per 100 grams (source: Indonesia’s Ministry of Health Publication and other sources)

Some nutrition inside the pomfret fish have huge benefits for the body, such as:

  1. Child’s Brain Growth

One of the substances that supports the growth of child’s brain is the fish oil inside pomfret fish. The contents such as DHA and EPA turns out to have positive responds for neurocognitive on children. This research was done on June 29th-30th 2011 at the ISSFAL (International Society for the Study off Fatty Acids and Lipids) Congress in Stockholm.

  1. Prevent Stroke

There are many health benefits of Pomfret Fish that you should know. Omega 3 is also useful to be a medicine and also prevent stroke. The contents in it are able to decrease stroke emulsion up to 21% and decrease stroke severity up to 50%. In an ISSFAL Congress, it was also mentioned that fatty acid omega 3 nutrition is capable to increase brain cells’ function and decrease the nerves inflammation.

This is also supported by Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury, that consuming two to four portions of fish per day can help to avoid the risks of developing stroke. Fish’s meat can indeed give benefits to many people, such as the health benefits vanjaram fish as well as health benefits mukene fish.

  1. Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Other health benefits of Pomfret Fish, that is offered by the omega 3 is to decrease the risk of heart failure. One of the causes of heart disease is the spots that happens on the blood vessels. With linoleate acid, then, or commonly known as omega 3, can help to control and prevent the spots from developing.

  1. Control the Cholesterol Level

The accumulation of cholesterol because of bad fats such as saturated fat on foods can keep on increasing as we are adulating. Therefore, we need to control by consuming foods that can bind the cholesterol. One of the foods is this pomfret fish that contains, again, omega 3. 

  1. Perfect Diet Menu

For those of you who wants to maintain your weight or are on your diet, it is suggested to consume the pomfret fish. The contents in this fish have zero carbohydrate and calories, thus will not get in the way of your diet. Even the proteins inside the fish can help your body to fix the broken tissues instead.

The proteins inside the fish have a short chain anyways, making it easy for the body to process it. There are also some other weight loss foods that you can try in case you are not really into this pomfret fish.

  1. Take Care of Anemia

One of the substances inside pomfret fish is the iron that goes up to 2 mg. The function of iron itself is to help recasting and reproducing the hemoglobin. Hb (hemoglobin) is the one in charge to decide the normalcy of erythrocytes (red blood cells), which can surely help those of you who are suffering from anemia.

  1. Help Growth

Nowadays, a lot of parents are stimulating their children’s growth by giving them additional supplements. However, it will be better if we stimulate it naturally. Such as, giving the kids a balanced nutrition, one of the way to do this is by giving them the pomfret fish.

The contents of vitamin D in it can also help children to grow taller. The health benefits of baby banana can also be an alternative for you to help with, especiallee, children’s growth. 

  1. Strengthening Body’s Immune System

Another benefit of pomfret fish is to protect and maintain the body’s immune system. The content of calsitriol in vitamin D that is produced by the pomfret fish can also function for the immune system modulator. This nutrition is well-fitted for those of you who are easy to catch cold, flu, cough, or even headache.

  1. Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the diseases that are very difficult to cure. Therefore, we need to take some steps in order to avoid this cancer. This can be done by many ways such as consuming the pomfret fish. This fish is capable to prevent the cancer cells from multiplying in your body.

  1. Help You Stays Young

Rejuvenating skin to make it stays beautiful and elastic is certainly what every woman always hoping for. One of the tips to do this, is, by consuming foods that contains vitamin D in it, such as the pomfret fish. By consuming the fish every day, then the vitamin D can help to rejuvenate your skin and makes it look healthier and fresher. Even the vitamin D2 and D3 types are capable to decrease the risk of skin diseases such as psoriasis.

  1. Osteomalacia Medicine

The osteomalacia is a disease that attacks the tissues on human body. The cause of this is the abnormality function of tissue when it is processing the development of mineral on the bones. This can make the bones weak and very easy to break, which usually happens on adults. The solution to this disease is by consuming pomfret fish which have vitamin D in it as well as exposing yourself to the sun light.

  1. Prevent Rachitic

If the osteomalacia usually attacks the adults, rachitic is a bone disease that usually attacks the children. The main cause of this disease is lacks of vitamin D and minerals in the bones, thus disturbing the development of the bones. The disease will make the bones weak and not strong enough. One of the solutions to this is to let the children consume foods with vitamin D in it such as pomfret fish and exposure to the sun light as well.

  1. Decrease Dementia Risk

For those of you who can afford to consume fish every day, this may be a way to decrease the risk of developing dementia such as Alzheimer. This disease attacks the memory or storage media since it degrades the brain cells that can make the patient to suffer a severe memory loss.

One of the ways to prevent this is by consuming fish for its omega 3 content (DHA and EPA). It can help stimulate your brain tissues and cells. If you happen to notice some symptoms of dementia within your body or people around you, don’t forget to go consume pomfret fish immediately.

  1. Decrease Depression

Consuming the pomfret fish every day will allow you to decrease the risks of depression. This can be said since one of the causes of depression is a low level of omega 3 fatty acid. Therefore, consuming his fish everyday can help you to make sure that you have the omega 3 you needed. There you go to know the health benefits of Pomfret Fish.  

Pomfret Fish in Many Countries

Pomfret fish is one of the public’s favorites in Japan. They call it as Shimaji fish since it has a high level of nutrition. Even according to some researches, pomfret fish in Japan have a nutrition quality that is way higher than those in other countries.

Besides that, the soft, thick, and white texture also makes it a whole lot better. Actually, Indonesia has started the same cultivation that has been done in Japan. You can try it at Kepulauan Seribu, since this Japanese pomfret fish can only survive in habitats with 28-30 celcius degrees.

There are a lot of pomfret fish benefits that are very helpful for your every day life, aren’t there? Pomfret fish is also very easy to be processed into every day food in variety ways that can absolutely boost your appetite!