11 Science-Based Health Benefits of Hawthorn Tea

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Hawthorn Tea is best known for its treatment advantage on cardiac problems. It comes from the berries, leaves and flower of the plant. It is a Rosaceae family. The plant is a dense shrub that grows around Europe, Asia and North America; also known as May Flower. Mostly used in UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Healing power of hawthorn tea is already used since 1st century and it is continued to be used for healing purposes. The health benefits of hawthorn tea that we are about to go through are remarkable, but what about the taste? The taste is like typically herbal tea; slightly bitter, a bit sour or tart flavor and has unpleasant odor; but the fresh hawthorn berries are sweet. It is a delicious berry.

Nutritional Facts

Below is the nutritional facts for dried hawthorn berry tea according to Myfitnesspal :

Servings: 1                                          2 0z

Calories                                               140

Total Fat                                              3 g

Saturated                                            1 g

Polyunsaturated                                  0 g

Monounsaturated                                0 g

Trans                                                   0 g

Cholesterol                                          0 mg

Sodium                                                20 mg

Potassium                                           0 mg

Total Carbs                                         29 g

Dietary Fiber                                       0 g

Sugars                                                 18 g

Protein                                                 1 g

Vitamin A                                            0%

Calcium                                               1%

Vitamin C                                            15%

Iron                                                      2%

*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Hawthorn Tea Health Benefits

There are many health benefits we can get from drinking hawthorn tea, but the significant health benefit of the tea is how this cup of tea can treat people with heart disease. This remarkable benefit goes along with other benefits as written below. 

1. Treats heart disease

According to Commission E which is a branch of the German government that studies and approves herbal treatments; it is safe and effective to treat early stages of heart disease. It also improves heart function, reduce shortness of breath and fatigue.

That is because hawthorn tea increases blood flow and oxygen to the heart. In overall, hawthorn tea is not just to treat heart disease but also maintain healthy heart. (Also read : Benefits of Honey for Heart Disease)

2. Helps regulates blood pressure

Hawthorn tea remarkably regulates blood flows which impact the ability to reduce high blood pressure (Also Read : Benefits Of Curry Leaves For High Blood Pressure) and raise low blood pressure.

3. Reduces chest pain (angina)

Due to a good blood flow that promotes by hawthorn tea, oxygen and nutrients that carried by blood was delivered well to all parts of body, especially to the heart’s cells. That what makes hawthorn tea can reduce chest pain or also known as angina.

4. Calms anxiety

There are many health benefits of hawthorn tea according to herbalist Rudolph Weiss, hawthorn tea is used in Germany to treat anxiety and mild arrhythmias.  

5. Fights cholesterol

Studies believe that hawthorn tea removes LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) which best known as bad cholesterol from bloodstream. And the berry lower the liver production of cholesterol. (Read: Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level)

6. Loads with antioxidant and vitamin C

Vitamin C will boost your immune system and good for skin complexions. Hawthorn leaves, flower and berries are also contain antioxidant including proanthocyanidins and flavonoids that help strengthen blood vessels and heals any damaged vessels walls. It also gives artery to be more pliable.

Antioxidants play very important role in fighting free radicals which damaging cells even killing the cell. Those disadvantages hold responsible to the aging process.

7. Anti aging

As of antioxidant content, hawthorn tea able to slow down ageing process. More over, it also promotes elastic skin, prevents wrinkles and dullness. With all the good effects on skin, surely your skin will look younger and youthful, thanks to hawthorn tea.

8. Good for most skin issues

Skin issues such as boils, sores, ulcers, itching and frostbite, all can be handled by hawthorn tea. It also acts as anti inflammatory which helps with rashes that caused by eczema and psoriasis. You can use the soaked hawthorn tea bag to patch it directly to effected area of skin or simply use the tea as a wash. (Read : Benefits of Washing Face with Tea).

9. Keeps away from intestinal infections

Hawthorn tea able to heal irritated tissues in stomach which relates to intestinal infections due to its tannins concentration. So, it is common to be used as a medicine to diarrhea and upset stomach. Hawthorn tea also contains fiber which helps with constipation, cramping and bloating.

10. Energy source

As hawthorn tea ability to regulate blood pressure and expand vessels to carry oxygen to entire body, it is automatically elevate your energy. You will be more energized, alert and better cognitive skills. In that case it will help with the metabolism of your body. Hawthorn tea is also a “good mood drink” due to its high content of serotonin.

11. Men’s best friend

Why it is a men’s best friend? Well, because it benefits men with increasing the sperm count and assist issue of erectile dysfunction. So, hawthorn tea is recommended for fertility of men. 

How To Prepare Hawthorn Tea

To prepare hawthorn tea, steep leaves and flowers in boiled water for 15 minutes, while the berries takes 15-30 minutes.

They can also be boiled together for 10 minutes, but in that way, vitamin C and some of the valued benefits will disappear due to boiling process.

Side Effects and Dosage

There are many health benefits of hawthorn tea and many sources have recommended to take 2-3 cups of hawthorn tea a day. It is relatively safe for adult consumption on the regular short-term which is about up to 16 weeks.

For those who already have a heart disease, please do not mix it with your prescription drugs before consult it earlier with your doctor.

And for pregnant and breast-feeding women, it is wise to consult with your doctor before consuming hawthorn tea, as it has not yet been found any related research for its side effects.

Furthermore, some people may experience nausea, stomach upset, fatigue, sweating, headache, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, nosebleed and agitation.

After a long reading of hawthorn tea, will you give it a try? Especially for those who has issues which can be overcome by consuming hawthorn tea. Well, in any case, you can try it for fun, experience the new herbal drink and enjoy the benefits. (Read : List of Herbal Beauty Products)