10 Top Health Benefits of Mangifera Casturi

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mangifera casturiThis fruit is one of the typical fruits of Kalimantan are widely known by people. usually, people call it the “Kalimantan Mango”. Health benefits of Mangifera casturi are often found in the forests of Borneo. However, this fruit is extinct because of many illegal logging there. This fruit became one of the favorites of the people of South Kalimantan because it has a distinctive taste and aroma. although the size of casturi fruit is smaller than the mango fruit in general, this fruit contains a lot of good nutrition for the body, such as:

based on the many contents of this fruit, do not be surprised if consuming this fruit can provide several benefits such as:

  1. help maintain body health

consuming Mangifera casturi can maintain overall body health. because this fruit is rich in vitamins and also other important nutrients.

  1. keep blood pressure

in the casturi fruit, there are vitamins A and C which are a source of potassium for the body. it is this nutrient that can keep a person’s blood pressure. therefore it is very good to be consumed to keep blood pressure stable

  1. maintain skin health

Another benefit is being able to maintain healthy skin naturally. this is because Mangifera casturi contains high antioxidants and also vitamin E that serves to keep skin healthy in health benefits of honey for skin

  1. Prevent cancer

cancer is one of the deadly diseases. to prevent it, consuming Mangifera casturi or benefits of curcumin is highly recommended. because this fruit contains high antioxidants and also other chemical compounds.

  1. increase appetite

consuming Mangifera casturi can also increase one’s appetite. because this fruit has a blend of sweet taste and also a fitting acid that can make people have a high appetite

  1. good for people with hypertension

people with hypertension or high blood pressure should not consume foods that contain high salt. while the fruit is slightly salt but high in other essential nutrients. so it is safe for people with hypertension

  1. source of energy

consuming this fruit can also increase one’s energy. this is because this fruit contains carbohydrates that can produce energy.

  1. good for the digestive system

Mangifera casturi contains high fiber in health benefits of barley and lentils. fiber is very good for keeping the digestive system to run smoothly

  1. Improving the immune system

having a good immune system is important. because with a good immune system can keep the body so it is not susceptible to disease

  1. good for eye health

because mangifera casturi contains vitamin A in the health benefits fresh drill which is an essential nutrient for maintaining eye health


Based on the above explanation, the health benefits of Mangifera casturi have many benefits for the body. however, it is recommended not only consume casturi fruit alone. but other fruits are also mandatory for consumption. to keep the body healthy.