10 Benefits of Washing Face with Tea #1 Top Beauty Hacks

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Tea have a lot of benefits for the health of our skin, even more when it is applied directly to the skin. The tea can be made through many kinds of tea bag so it is easier and more practical to use. You don’t need to worry if the tea bag had already been used since the benefits from it will not be reduced for your skin’s beauty.

Here are some of the benefits of washing face with tea:

  1. Cleanser

The first benefit of washing the face with tea is of course to clean the face from dirt, dust, or bacteria that can clog up the pores in your face then can make your skin look healthier.

  1. Brighten Up

Basically, tea contains vitamin E in it that is very good for the health of your skin. The vitamin E will stay although the tea had already been expired. Not only vitamin E but the vitamin C contains in the tea even reach to 508 times more than contained in lemon. Both of the vitamins are known to be good for skin’s elasticity and brighten up the skin.

  1. Get Rid of Acne

The tea contains anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria, and anti-septic traits in it that are very effective to get rid of the bacteria that can cause acne. Not only that, tea can also reduce the sebum that can clog up on your pores and cause acne. The anti-inflammation in tea can also help to ease up the inflammation that may happen due to acne.

  1. Take Care of Eyebags

The eyebags can appear due to many factors such as lack of sleep and tired. The eyebags are also known as panda eyes since it forms a black circle under your eyes just like panda’s eyes. To take care of this problem, you can wash your face with tea and even turn the tea into a mask or compress it to your eyes. One of the spirulina benefits is also to take care of the eyebags so if you are curious, you might try that as an alternative way to take care of your eyebags.

  1. Cooling Effect

There are some beauty benefits of washing face with tea. Like what have been mentioned above, the tea contains anti-inflammation trait in it. This trait will be the one that can cause the cooling effect on your face.

  1. Natural Sunscreen

Washing your face with tea before you start your activities will give benefits to protect your skin from the ultraviolet light that can give negative effects on your skin. If you don’t want to use sunscreen products on your face then you can use the tea as the replacement.

  1. Smoothen

Vitamin E contains in tea can also help to smooth your skin if it feels dry. Just wash your face every morning with tea that has been left all night to feel the effect of it.

  1. Decrease Blackheads

One of the biggest factors as to why blackheads or black spots can appear on your nose is the decreasing cleanliness on your face. Leftover of your make-ups can also cause the blackheads to appear. However, the vitamin contains in tea can take care of this problem little by little. 

  1. Take Care of Redness

The appearance of redness on your skin may happen due to some factors such as scar, mosquito bite, or heat. Washing your face with tea can help to take care the problems such as redness mentioned above. It can even ease out the pain of scratch scars. One of the benefits coffee scrub skin can also be a good alternative to take care of redness.

  1. Tighten

Other benefit of the vitamin E contains inside the tea is to protect the elasticity of the skin. In other word, the skin will feel tighter and not feel loose. This can help you to reduce the symptoms of premature aging that may make you lose your confidence and make you dependent to cosmetic products.

How to Use Tea for Face Wash

Here’s how to care for beauty with tea.

  • Warm tea with warm water.
  • Then let stand for the night.
  • In the morning or after waking up, use the tea to wash your face.
  • To get the most out of it, do it in a routine way.

Those are the benefits of washing your face with tea that are good for the beauty of your skin. You can do it immediately to make sure the benefits of it just by using the leftover teas you have at your home. You can also get some benefits from tea through the health benefits of thai tea, health benefits of milk tea, or even health benefits of ceylon tea. Good luck!