10 Top Health Benefits of Betel Tea including The Leaves

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Many people in all over the world like to drink tea, which is no exception for betel tea that comes from the leaves, as same as other tea. In addition to the betel leaves, they contain tannin, chavicol, phenyl, propane, a sesquiterpene, cyneole, alkaloids, sugar, and essential oils.

The nutrients are followed by some of health benefits such as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, works as an expectorant (cough medicine), and also in increases sexual arousal or you can read in health benefits of betel leaf.

Furthermore, betel leaves are often chewed or you can read health benefits chewing areca nut, but it would be more special when they brewed into tea. For the detail, here are some health benefits of betel tea:

  1. Heals pain

Betel leaves has the benefit to relieve the pain, including the pain in head and joint. To heal the pain on your back, you can try by mixing betel tea with coconut oil. The analgesic in betel leaves or tea plays a role to relieve the pain which even better by drinking a warm tea.

  1. Improves digestion system

Betel tea is probably being traditional remedy to treat digestive problems and bloating/abdominal fullness in India. However, the tea comes from the leaves which also can treat the conditions easily just by chewing the leaves with a bit of salt.

  1. Improves the production of milk

There are some nursing mothers that have problems with their breast in produce breast milk. Betel tea actually has the benefits to stimulate the production of breast milk. In addition, apply betel essential oils and leaves on the breast are also a great option to get a better result.

  1. Relieves fever

Tea is almost known for its benefit to cure fever, including betel tea. In India, there is also a treatment to treat fever by boiling betel leaves with a bit of pepper and ginseng. For adults, it is by taking 2 tablespoons of betel leaves where the kids only need 1 tablespoon of betel leaves. Moreover, take the mixture of betel juice with coconut oil can relieve shortness of breath or cold.

In addition, the betel leaves are mostly directly chewing and swallowing by Indonesians. That way is effective enough to reduce and treat both fever and asthma.

  1. Feels relax

Tea, especially a warm tea from betel leaves has a relation with the feeling. The refreshing and soothing aroma from the tea will make you feel better. In addition, itchy skin you can treat by taking a bath with a warm decoction of betel leaves.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Nutrients in betel tea are believed to reduce the risk of cancer as well as the leaves. Take 10-15 boiled betel leaves in a glass of water will be effectively prevent you from getting the risk of cancer. To make it no more bitter, the tea you can mix with honey.

  1. Increases focus

One of the health benefits of betel tea is to improve focus and mental. There are substances in the tea that being the source of energy and make people more cheerful. Some people said that tea with honey also make them reduce their nervousness.

  1. Treats cough

Betel tea with a bit of honey or sugar in warm also has the benefit to treat cough. Take 2 times a day of betel tea every day and the cough will reduce quickly. Besides to treat cough, it also make a recovery to the lost energy because of fatigue.

  1. Reduces acne

The betel tea also contains antiseptic that can kill bacteria as well as to eliminate acne. Apply the pack tea that has been used to the acne. Let it for a few minutes then rinsed it well with fresh water. Furthermore, the water that boiled betel leaves also can be used to wash your face and body. It will prevent you pimples and black blemishes where you should do it 3 times a day.

  1. Eliminate odor

The people in Indonesia believe that betel tea will eliminate body odor including bad breath. In addition, it also commonly known that the tea will keep the feminine area clean and make it healthy.

With some of the health benefits of betel tea, it can be concluded that the leaves as the main ingredient also bring many benefits. You can also read other tea benefits in health benefits of red date tea, health benefits of tea egg and health benefits of guyabano leaves tea.