10 Proven Benefits of Cherry Juice for Insomnia Cure

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Consuming juice, including to gain the benefits of cherry juice for insomnia cure, is a good healthy choice rather than other sweet drink. Many medical experts suggested to people having problems with their quality of sleep to try this method. Therefore, not only consume the fruit directly, but juicing the cherry fruits also can be an option.

It is a common problem that daily life activities might lead our body to stresses. As an effect of this condition is a difficulty to sleep at night. Whether due to too much thinking or any negative minds. Therefore, insomnia is something common in today’s living. To deal with this matter, some research finds out that cherry juice can be the answer. It is believed that cherry juice content and nutrient will manage to cure this problem.

How to Make Cherry Juice

Making a homemade cherry juice also a simple thing. Make sure to prepare a glass of water, some pieces of cherry and lemon water for additional flavor. Simply mix the water and the fruit, then strain the juice so that it quite smooth. You may also add some sugar, just make sure it is not too much. Pour the strained juice into a glass and put some teaspoon of lemon water for additional flavor. The juice is now ready to consume.

Nutrient Content of Cherry Juice

An organic cherry juice will manage to bring several advantages. This is because this juice contains several nutrients including vitamins and minerals. In a glass of cherry juice, we can easily find below nutrients:

  • 159 calories
  • 31gr of carbohydrates
  • 29gr of sugars
  • 145mg of sodium
  • 289mg of potassium
  • 0.2gr dietary fiber

Through this number of nutrient, it helps to bring below benefits of cherry juice for insomnia cure.

1. Produce Melatonin

Cherry juice believed can produce melatonin that benefits to bring better sleep condition. For those who don’t know well, melatonin is a sleep hormone. Therefore, it will manage the body to rest and sleeping in enough time. The same way as the health benefits of drinking cold milk at night which can help to produce melatonin too.

2. Reduce Stress Level

Through the produced melatonin, it can manage to reduce the stress intensity level on the human. It can bring relaxation feeling so that it can impact the mind to be positive and feeling good. This is why cherry juice will help to eliminate the possibility of insomnia by avoiding the stress first.

3. Improve Hormones

Consume cherry juice before sleeping also manages to improve the hormones system in the human body. It is quite important since good hormones secretion will lead to the better body system. Including will manage the body to get better sleep. The same way as the health benefits of vitex berry that also good to improve body hormones.

4. Better Respiratory

Another benefits of cherry juice for insomnia cure including can manage to get a better respiratory system. Therefore, it will ease the breath and improve the oxygen level to the brain. This will help people to relax and enjoy their sleeping.

5. Longer Sleeping Time

Consume the juice will manage people to experience longer sleeping time. It will make sure that the human body relaxing their muscle and mind so that it creates good wellness. When people feeling better and well, then they will able to sleep better or longer. The same benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night that will lead people to have a longer sleeping time too.

6. Blood Circulation

The juice also good to manage better blood circulation system. It will help to avoid further blood cod and manage healthier blood condition which will affect cardiovascular health too.

7. Sleep Efficiency

The melatonin produced from the juice also benefits to improve the sleeping time. It is also good to bring a long time of relaxing effect on the human body. Therefore, consume this juice is good to support sleep efficiency. The same way as the health benefits kangra tea that works to bring sleep efficiency too.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

Through consuming the juice, it can help to reduce the blood tension which commonly happens during insomnia. Therefore, it is good for those that experience hypertension too. Furthermore, it can stable blood pressure so that people will feel healthier.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

Cherry juice also can bring the effect of the anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, it will manage to reduce any pain that normally can lead people to experience insomnia. Furthermore, the consumption of this juice also good to avoid swollen body parts and have a better healthy feeling. The same way as the health benefits arnica that works as an anti-inflammatory too.

10. Better Digestive

When the produced hormones are improved, it can manage to improve a better digestive system too. This also a way to help people against insomnia. Since a bad digestive or digestive problems such as constipation, sometimes may lead people to experience insomnia. Through a good digestive, then people can improve their sleeping time and comfortness.

Recommendations of Drinking Cherry Juice

Even this juice claim can help for insomnia cure, there are several things that need to consider. Therefore, for an optimum result, it is suggested to check on below recommendations:

  • Avoid putting too much added sugar into the juice, since it can lead to increase blood sugar level. Therefore, it can result in diabetes symptoms.
  • People who experience with any allergically symptoms after consuming the juice shall avoid consuming the juice again in the future.
  • If having any medication treatment, it is better to avoid consuming this juice. This is to make sure that there is no interference between the juices with the consuming medicine.
  • The pregnant woman shall consult with their caregiver first before consuming the juice.
  • Always choose a fresh ingredient, so that it wouldn’t lead to diarrhea.

Those all the benefits of cherry juice for insomnia cure. Through the content of this juice, it will manage people to improve their sleeping time and quality. However, it is important to make sure that does not add too much sugar on it. Replace with another flavoring such as lemon water or non-fat sugar to avoid this risk. Therefore, it can bring an optimum sleep and manage to cure insomnia.