19 Health Benefits of Jeera Water that Will Affect Your Life

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For some of you who might not know what cumin or jeera is, here it is. Cumin is a kind of spices made from the seed of a plant and there are many Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds It comes from Mediterranean or India. In culinary, it mostly used in Latin or Indian cuisine. This plant has a bad smell, maybe you will not favor this plant as you smell the aroma it produced. However, do you know that this bad smell plant has lots of benefits toward your health? You might change your mind as soon as I list out the benefits of jeera or cumin right now.

Jeera/Cumin water

Mostly, people called cumin seed as jeera. When jeera kept in warm water for a whole night, it will experience changes in color. It will have slightly grey in color and the aroma might not taste as bad as before, instead it will produce a relaxing and fresh aroma. If you take a sip of it the whole day, it is beneficial to burn your fat.

It has a purifying characteristic and useful in removing toxins. Never worry about the price since jeera is rather cheap. Isn’t it marvelous? Now, you can take care of your health while spending few money on it.

Facts on Jeera/Cumin

While analyzing through the facts, maybe some of you might identify this spice.

  1. It smell stinks, somewhat like body odor
  2. The taste is delicious; it flavors like Texas or Mexican foods
  3. Mostly used in chicken dishes, since it blends well rather than cinnamon
  4. Jeera comes from Indian word ‘Jira’, which means “helping digestion”
  5. Consuming it caused your body produces its aroma which might not be good for the people around you.

Nutrients of Jeera

Even this tiny seeds are loaded with unbelievable nutrients in it. What does it have in store for us?

  1. Magnesium : This substances is good in promoting good quality of sleep and muscle strength
  2. Calcium : This is exactly what kids need. During their growth, consuming more jeera will boost up their height
  3. Vitamin C : Good in curing sprue and gum disease
  4. Vitamin A : Good for eyes and it acts as an antioxidant
  5. Potassium : Useful in blocking bad cells to grow and is responsible in maintaining physical health and mental wellness.
  6. Phosphorus : It helps in your digestion and produces more protein which will be good for your bones and teeth.

Actually, there are more nutrients that it contains. However, those are the outlines of which nutrients it mostly contain.

Jerra usage in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the system of medicine with historical roots which is well known in India. In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use.

Jeera mostly used in Ayurveda treatment since it tastes earthy and effects warmth for the body. According to ayurveda, each food has at least one of six tastes : sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. We require each taste in our diet. It decreases Vata and Kapha dosha and increases Pitta dosha if taken in high doses.

In Ayurvedic Treatment cumin seed is roasted with Ghee is smoked to relieve hiccups. People with acidity can chew a pinch of cumin seed for immediate relief. Besides, cumin is a popular spice in Ayurvedic cooking due to it multiple health benefits. Here comes the health benefits of jeera water.

1. Relieve cramp in stomach

According to a research, jeera water is effective in getting rid of acidity and indigestion. It replaces the role of painkiller and is especially beneficial in curing stomach ache, abdominal pain and cramp caused by menstruation.

2. Boost immune system

Since it is rich in iron and fiber, these nutrients will maintain the normal function of our immune system. Disease and cold will go away as you consume jeera water daily like Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil

3. Good for diabetic

By mixing it with warm water and drink it will help decreasing blood sugar levels. Remember to consume it on an empty stomach to get the real benefit. Always discuss the usage with your doctors, especially for diabetic patients, since consume it might cause some drawback.

Besides that, it is recommended to never mix the consumption of jeera water with any cumin supplements or it might cause your blood sugar level to drop drastically.

4. Treat anemia

Iron is the most vital nutrients needed in producing hemoglobin inside our body. Jeera contains lots of iron and proven good in treating anemia.

5. Effective for healthy skin

Jeera water rejuvenates the skin and produce healthy skin. Jeera water is the source of potassium, calcium, selenium, copper and manganese which help you in rejuvenating your skin. I am not sure whether jeera face pack is available in your country or not.

However, you can find it easily in online shop. Another option is you can simply make it at home. It is not complicated. You may find the steps by searching online.

6. Cure Insomnia

This is another key answer toward insomnia sufferer. Jeera water could help you sleep better. Take it regularly then you might not worry about insomnia and you can check on this Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

7. Anti Aging

Vitamin E in jeera water triggers the process of anti aging within the body, prevent the occurrence of premature anti aging symptom. As an antioxidant, it battles with wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. This nutrients and mineral contains by jeera water will keep your skin healthy even to your old age.

8. Dandruff treatment

Jeera water treats your scalp and get rid of dandruffs. Besides getting rid of it, jeera water also prevents it to come back again. It promotes a healthy and free dandruff scalp. The water will also strengthen your hair follicle, treat scalp infection and solution for split end hair.

9. Loss Weight

Jeera water is easy to be prepared even if you are busy and have tons of activities. By consuming this, you don’t have to do a hectic exercises in gym or planning any diet programmes. Jeera water is just effective in Weight Loss .

You just need to boil two teaspoon of jeera for about 10 minutes or more. After that, let it cool down so that it won’t burn your mouth. As simple as it is, right? There are many health benefits of jeera water.

10. Cast free radical away

Lots of fiber contained by jeera. Fiber eliminates toxic material inside our body. Overall, jeera is like a totally great cleanser as it has super cleansing power.

11. Treat skin disorder

Jeera has disinfectant and anti-fungal properties which protect your skin from fungal and microbial infections. Jeera also effective in boiling pimples, eczema and other skin disorder. Just name it! Jeera will wash your skin problem away. You might want to know Benefits of Carambola On Skin

12. Cancer

Cumin is helpful in treating colon and breast Cancer. The seeds contain thymoquinone, dithymoquinone, thymohydroquinone and thymol which are anti-carcinogenic agents.

Side effect of Jeera Water

You might not expect this from this health benefits of jeera water. However, no matter how good a thing is, it might have some drawbacks either.

1. Damage your liver

What we don’t expect is jeera might cause Liver damage since the oil inside cumin is highly volatile and the oil will damage the liver or kidney if you consume it for a long time.

2. Heartburn

Jeera will cause heartburn. Although, it is well known as gas reliever and good for indigestion, however, jeera also facilitates the eviction of more gas into your gastrointestinal tract which will somewhat cause heartburn occurs.

3. Cause miscarriage

This is quite harmful to Pregnant Woman. Jeera consists some abortifacient effect on pregnant woman. Therefore, consuming it in a great amount will cause miscarriage or premature born baby.

4. Addictive

Somehow like narcotics, jeera might cause addiction. It has narcotic properties. Doctors suggest to consume jeera with caution and consideration because besides cause an addiction, it might cause mental clouding, drowsiness and nausea as well.

5. Unmanageable heavy menstruation cycle

Somehow this fact haunts women which consumes jeera for weight loss. Cumin seeds may lead to heavy bleeding during menstruation. However, don’t worry about it since you can just reduce consuming it during your period.

6. Low blood sugar level

Having too low sugar level might not good for your health. This point is important to remember if you are heading for a surgery on the near future. It is better to maintain your blood sugar to a normal level before your surgery. Therefore, avoid consuming it some weeks before D-day.

7. Allergy

Consumption of cumin seeds can also cause skin rashes and allergy. So, if you have skin allergy, you better consume cumin seeds in low amounts. However, you don’t need to worry about all of the side effects as long as you consume it in a normal amount.

That’s all about the benefit and side effect that jeera has. Taking good care of yourself will make your recovery process goes well. So, remember to start taking good care of yourself from now on and check Indian Herbs and Their Health Benefits