22 Pure Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil for Health

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Do any of you know ravensara? Ravensara is some kinds of tree and can only be found in island of Madagascar and Comoro Islands. All parts of this plant are useful as essential oil. The essential oil is widely used in medical worlds. You might not know the form of the plant, however, the oil is mostly used in our daily lives.

Facts of ravensara

  1. People often confused ravensara and ravintsara since both of them have the similarity in name however they are two different kinds of oil.
  2. It is used as a treatment for food poisoning.
  3. Eliminates toxin
  4. Ravensara oil might boost up immune system and helps prevents cold and flu
  5. Ravensara comes from a Malagasy word “ravintsara”.
  6. Mostly part of this plant which often used is the leaves.

Here are the benefits of ravensara essential oil to our health.

1. Cure allergy

This oil is good for irritating and sensitive skin. While applied to the skin, the oil reacts by restraining skin to not showing hyper reaction toward allergic substances. Rasenvara oil always become mother’s choice in treating their kids’ skin allergy. Amazingly, rasenvara oil may also heal sinusitis and rhinitis allergy.

Nasal spray mostly used by sinusitis patient contains the combination of ravensara oil and other substances. One thing you should know is ravensara oil is safe to inhale. It will not cause you to lose your conscience or something else. Mostly, it is useful in medical world.

2. Depression

Are you easily depressed or still suffer from a depression? Ravensara oil might be the way to heal your depression. The aroma of this oil will lifts your mood, boost your inner peace and relax your mind at the same time. This essential oil is fully suggested to a chronic depression patient, it may help someone to get out of his or her situation. You might also want to know Symptoms of Depression

3. Effective disinfectant

Mothers mostly worried when their kids play along with their friends in a dirty environment; such as, backyard or playground since those places may contain lots of bacteria. However, applying Ravensara essential oil to their body is the best solution that will leave every mother in ease. Why? Because it is an effective disinfectant. It simply casts away any kinds of bacteria, fungus, virus that causes diseases.

4. Tonic usage

Ravensara essential oil can be used as tonic as well. It functions as the absorper of nutritients to the skin and helps every system organ to function properly. At the same time, it promotes growth and health to the body. So, it is good to be used to kids that hardly grows tall. Thus, there are many benefits of ravensara essential oil.

5. Wash away waste substances

Ravensara facilitates by washing away waste substances from our body through the urine. Besides waste substances, it also removes excessice water, salt, fat and toxin from the body while maintaining our health. Furthermore, it relieves your digestion and improves your appetite.

6. Treat sore muscles

Athletes mostly use ravensara oil to treat their sick and sore muscles. This oil provides antispasmodic properties. Therefore, it relax and soothe stressed muscles or joint. You may add some drops of it on your bath tub filled with hot water. The aroma will lead you to have a tight sleep after taking bath in it. Another Benefits of Glutamine 

7. Cold remedy

Having a cold in the winter? Ravensara has the answer for you. Take it as a healing bath, you are allowed to add other mix of essential oil. Tea tree oil may be a best combination. Inhale the aroma while taking a bath will help you to chase away the cold virus in your body. After that, you were suggested to take a rest, then, when you wake up tommorow morning, you will feel brand new.

8. Say goodbye to toothache

Amazingly, ravensara is used to cast toothache away. Although, it may not as well known as clove and peppermint in the usage. However, ravensara shows that it is actually quite beneficial to treat toothache. You may directly add some drops to the infected area or drink it with warm water. I bet it should be effective enough to shush the pain away. You should know Dangers of Fluoride in Water in Toothpaste

9. Cure Sepsis

Sepsis may cause death if it was not treated properly. Sepsis may cause fever, heart beat faster, and confirmed infection. Some infection may cause sepsis to happen; such as, pneumonia, abdominal infection, kidney infection, and bloodstream infection. Simply rub ravensara oil to whole of your body, let it be absorbed to help healing sepsis.

10. Heal shingles

Shingles is a viral infection that causes painful rash. Ravensara has antiviral properties that protect irritated skin and moist the skin. Besides that, it relieves pain quickly. You may use a mixture of ravensara, tea tree oil and coconut oil then apply it to the cold sore or shingles.

11. Respiratory oilment

Ravensara is good in treating condition of blocked nose caused by excessive amount of mucus from allergy or cold. Moreover, because it has expectorant properties, it could also heal pneumonia, bronchitis, tubercolosis, cold, flu and cough. The best way to rid your body of excess phlegm is to inhale this essential oil. Boil some water and add some drops of this essential oil, then inhale it for some minutes or another way you could rub it to the chest.

12 Diuretic

Most people use diuretic to remove toxin through urine. By inhibiting the buildup of these toxins you can prevent the development of arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and acne. Maintain a healthy flow urine will help our digestion and immune system of the body.


Another essential oil

There are many kinds of essential oil in this world beside ravensara and they have a lots of benefit to health like ravensara does. According to the research, there are over 101 benefits that they offer.

1. Tea tree oil

I bet most of you know this kind of essential oil. Benefits of Tea Tree Oil is effective in cleaning your pores and cast away acne. Besides that, it acts as an effective sanitizer, insect repellent and even natural-material deodorant.

2. Peppermint oil

Benefits of Peppermint Oil  has gone through a deeper study and research and scientifically proved that it is effective in cure some diseases. Lots of mineral and nutrients it contain; such as, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, folate, potassium, and copper. It also contains vitamin A and C.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil used to produce a good and shiny hair. This is the reason why girls lived in the coastal area has long and radiating hair. This thick butter oil helps the growth of hair. You may find coconut oil as ingredients contain by several brand of shampoo and conditioner. Besides that, it is suprisingly effective in reducing protein loss either.

4. Lemon oil

I thought lemon oil might be the commonest essential oil that we can easily find since lemon oil found in any kind of products that we used daily. Start from hand soap, washing dishes detergent, clothes detergent and so on. Lemon has been identic with freshness and cleanliness. It is some kind of powerful oil that will chase away bactery, virus and others.

5. Cinnamon oil

In aromatheraphy, cinnamon used to clear up chest colds. Moreover, it could treat stressed tendon or sore muscles for it contains antispasmodic and analgesic properties.

6. Lavender oil

First of all, you might know what is a lavender oil is. However, do you know how beneficial it is? Here are the reason why we call it beneficial. It’s best for your skin. It is super safe so you don’t need to worry about the side effect to the skin. If you would love having a smooth and shiny skin, mix half lavender oil and carrier oil, then apply it to your skin every day.

7. Rosemary oil

Rosemary is perennial herb with fragrant, mostly found in the Mediterranean. Mostly you can find its scent in foods since it is known to extend the shelf life of food products. While inhaling the aroma, it may increase heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity.

Side effect

Actually, ravensara is safe to used. However, still it may contain some bad effects; especially, to the pregnant woman. Since ravensara contains aphrodisiac properties which may cause adverse effect in pregnancy. You should discuss this with the doctor before using it if you are in pregnancy period or you may change it to other kind of essential oil that is safer to be used.

Those are the benefits of ravensara essential oil for our life. The important thing is never underestimate this essential oil for it has tons of health benefit. Maybe some of you who suffered from skin disease can start to apply and prove the beneficial of this essential oil.