12 Amazing Health Benefits of Giving Up Meat Today

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healt benefits of goat meatWe can say that human have been depended to meat. Almost all of the special cuisine will involve meat. It is because meat can get along with many kinds of spices. Besides, meat also provides human with ample of dairy protein. We know that protein is very good in supplying energy and regenerating cell. We can simply say that meat is both loved and needed.

Health benefits of giving up meat

On the other hand, it is assumed that meat can also attributes to many kinds of diseases. This is how the healthy lifestyle recently becomes trend. Back then, vegetarians only come from people with certain belief, such as Buddha. It is because consuming meat is forbidden according to their belief.

But now, vegetarians appear as a group of people who avoid meat for a matter of health. They believe that giving up meat will bring benefits for them. The assumption doesn’t come for nothing. Here are the health benefits of giving up meat:

  1. Loses weight

Many studies stated that people who consume meat will have more risk in gaining weight. It is because meat is able to gain the muscle mass by providing enough protein. However, it also supplies our body with fat. Most fat contained in the meat is considered to be thee saturated fat. It will certainly increase the risk of obesity.

Therefore, if you are in the weight loss diet, it is better for you to ditching meat and supplies your need of protein with non dairy protein such as beans. For example, you can take The Benefits of Honey Bean or Health Benefits of Pinto Beans  gain more protein.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

A research in 2002 examined a group of people whose religion advises them to not consume meat. The result of thee research found that the people have less cancer risk. Particularly for women, they have less risk of female specific cancer such as cervix and breast cancer.

And for generally resume, people who against eating mat also experienced less gastrointestinal cancer. Giving up meat is effective to prevent cancer. Besides, we can also employ some natural plants for cancer treatment such as included in  List of Medicinal Plants Used for Cancer Treatment

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Some researchers stated that vegetarian and vegan have relatively normal blood pressure than the omnivores. It is because vegan and vegetarian have more fruit and vegetable intakes compared to the meat eaters.

  1. Reduces diabetes risk

A study in America stated that consuming meat once a week for over 17 years increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is concluded that the risk of diabetes in meat consumer is doubled compared to vegetarians. Therefore, switching the dairy protein intake to the vegetable protein will significantly reduce the risk of diabetes.

  1. Improves digestive health

Substituting meat with more vegetable will supply your intestines with more healthy bacteria. It will also avoid some digestion problem such as constipation and bloating. Among all vegetables with beneficial value for digestive system, there are water spinach and purple spinach. Here are Health Benefits of Water Spinach  and  Health Benefits of Purple Spinach

  1. Maintains healthy skin

Switching your meat daily intake with more vegetables and fruit will definitely improve your skin health. It will nourish your skin while put aside wrinkles freckles and the other sign of aging. Meat also contains fat which is not good for the acne probe skin, since it will produce more oil and worsen the skin.

  1. Removes body odor

It is said that people who consume meat will have more intense and unpleasant body odor compared for those who take meatless diet. It is because the residue of the plant-based intake which is carried out by sweat have less intense body odor. The simple analogy for this problem is when we have meat and vegetable waste, the smell of the meat waste will be worse than the vegetable waste.

  1. Increases energy level

When we give up in eating meat, we should substitute the nitrate intake from meat with the other beneficial vegetables. It can be spinach and any kinds of beans. The vegetables allow more oxygen enter the blood vessel and energize us from inside. Indeed, there are many health benefits of giving up meat.

  1. Lowers blood cholesterol

Meat and the other airy product contain saturated fat. Saturated fat is the main culprit in raising the blood cholesterol level. We know that the high blood cholesterol level may attribute to the other serious disease such as coronary heart, strokes, and fatty liver. Taking medicine may reduce your blood cholesterol. However, it will appear to be less effective if you don’t giving up meat as the main contributor to the blood cholesterol.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Chronic inflammation in human body may lead to some disease such as heart attack, strokes, and autoimmune disease. On the other hand, consuming meat is able to increase the level of inflammation. The only solution is switching your diet into the plant-based diet. It is because the plant-based diet will effectively reduce the inflammatory and prevent from any kind of disease.

  1. Protects from heart disease

As mentioned before, giving up meat is able to reduce the saturated fat intake, reduce inflammatory, and further reduce the blood pressure. The condition will definitely give effect to the heart health. By avoiding the cause of heart disease, giving up meat effectively prevents the heart disease.

  1. Guts makeover

Giving up meat and switch the protein intake with plant protein will replace the bad microorganism with the good microorganism. It will beneficial the digestive system, and improve the immune system. The micro biome will keep our gut tissue healthy and protects us from any diseases.

Cautions in giving up meat

Giving up meat doesn’t mean that we have to completely remove meat and the other dairy product from our diet. We still can get the dairy protein from cheese, milk, and the other dairy product. It is true that we can substitute the protein from meat with vegetables and beans.

However, it is better if we carefully watch our daily intake once we decide to totally giving up meat. Make sure that the decision to stop eating meat won’t lead to malnutrition. We know that protein is significance for our health. If you feel hesitate, visit nutritionist to get some suggestion.