22 Proven Benefits of Miswak for Oral Care

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What are miswaks? Perhaps some of you have heard or are already familiar with miswaks which are a type of an oral care tool serving the gum, teeth or the tongue. Miswak is either the branch or root of the fibre rich arak tree. The tree with the scientific name of Salvadora Percisa is native to the regions of the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa as well as Asia. The Arabs were first thought to introduce the usage of miswak.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, miswaks are not widely found, let alone being a basic commodity. But one must realize that the shape modern day toothbrushes that we use every morning and night is based on miswaks. Of course, the main differences in between the two are toothbrushes being man made whereas miswaks are natural products.

So what actually are the uses of miswaks? Below are the benefits of miswak for oral care.

  1. As a Tool for Oral Cleansing

The mouth must be clean and sterile as you go to bed and before you start the day in the morning. Apart from the regular toothbrushes and toothpaste, miswaks can also be used as an alternative. By the way, these are the benefits of brushing teeth with castile soap.

  1. Sterilizes and Makes the Gum Healthy

Not only the mouth, miswak also helps in cleaning the gum and maintain its health. Use miswak the same way you use conventional toothbrushes.

  1. Wipes Off Stain from the Teeth

Food leftovers may remain in between teeth. When ignored, cavity may arise. That’s why these food pieces must be removed every now and then, such as by using miswak.

  1. Brushes the Tongue

Food bits that are left in between teeth as well as tongue causes oral ulcer. To prevent ulcers, the tongue must be brushed regularly, such as by using miswak.

  1. Prevents Gum Bleeding

Antibacterial acids inside miswak such as astringents, abrasive and detergent treats gum bleeding. The presence of these acids is characterized by a burning feeling inside the mouth when being contacted with for the first time.

  1. An Antiseptic for Bacteria

Benefits of miswak for oral care – Antibacterial acids work as an antiseptic for bacteria. Bacteria can appear on the tongue, gum or teeth. That’s why, miswak as an antibacterial agent is suitable for use by everyone, particularly those with poor oral quality.

  1. Restrains Oral Infection

Oral infection is caused by the delayed treatment of oral injuries. Bacteria that evolves from the wound can stick anywhere, ranging from the teeth, the gum and tongue. Miswak has anti-infection agent, moreover its soft texture also reduces the potential of oral injuries. If you have black spot on tongue, maybe you could also try using miswak!  

  1. Counters Bad Breath

Everyone doesn’t want a bad breath, as it directly affects the impression of others towards them and make them insecure. Miswak has a natural aroma that disappears bad breath and make your breath more pleasing.

  1. Stops the Spread of Plague

Plague ruins dental aesthetics and it affects anyone regardless of age and gender. Plague especially haunts smokers and caffeine addicts. Plague can be avoided by using miswak as it contains anti-plague enzymes.

  1. Whitens the Teeth

Almost every human being wants clean, white and shiny teeth. Sometimes people use up a lot of their money to fulfill this desire, such as by visiting the dentist for scaling. Miswak also contains silica which is proven to remove stain from the teeth and make in clean yet white overall. 

  1. Reduces the Risk of Cavity

Cavity is caused by poor oral health. How does it happen? Leftover pieces of food turn into acid, in which it is also corrosive. The corrosive acid is what causes cavity to take place.

  1. Prevents Tooth Decay

Cavities should seek immediate dental treatment. Tooth decay can be abolished when you brush your teeth regularly. Miswak also shields the tooth away from decaying thanks to itself containing anti-decay agent.

  1. Protects the Mouth from Caries Dentis

Just like the health benefits of xylitol for teeth, fluoride inside miswak sticks also prevents caries dentis. Caries denties cause further dental infections such as cavity, pain, infection, or the worst-case scenario being death.

  1. Stimulates Saliva Production

Saliva is an important supplement to our vocal skills and the digestive system. An optimal oral health maintains the supply of saliva, which can be achieved by using miswak.

  1. Supports Better Digestion

Sufficient saliva levels lead to better digestion. Miswak accelerates the production of saliva for better digestion.

  1. Clears the Throat

Saliva is also an in important supplement to our vocal abilities. Without it our throat becomes dry and our vocal quality decreases. Miswak’s capability to produce saliva also helps our vocal quality.

  1. Increases Appetite

Appetite is at its lowest point when you don’t feel like eating no matter how many meals are skipped or how appealing the food is. Miswak contains anthraliton, which helps in boosting appetite.

  1. Enhances Eyesight

Perhaps a lot of us have heard that the removal of the upper teeth leads to blindness. That idea is somewhat true as the nerves in between the upper teeth and the eyes are connected. By using miswak, you can uphold your oral health at prime condition so you don’t need to endure the eye-risking tooth removal.

  1. Drives Cancer Away

A number of studies have shown the significance of miswak in countering cancer. Several substances contained inside miswak is what prevents cancer cells from appearing. Here is the complete list medicinal plants used cancer treatment.

  1. Anticipates Meningitis

Meningitis is caused by the presence of S. Trigunirus bacteria within the brain lining. S. Trigunirus entered the brain through blood vessels, in which the bacteria enter the arteries through the wound caused by oral injuries. S. Trigunirus itself lives around the oral compound. Frequent oral cleansing also removes the presence of S. Trigunirus.

  1. Strengthens the Brain Power

Waste that piles up in the mouth causes brain power (which involves memory and thinking skills) to decline. A New York University research came up with the discovery that oral inflammation triggers Alzheimer’s disease. That is why one should always treat its oral health at its utmost care. Miswak supports oral health and prevents the presence of Alzheimer’s disease in the long run

  1. Decreases Cigarette Addiction

Active smokers, or the ones who can’t live a day without a stick of cigarette can slowly reduce their bad habit by using miswak. If you are an active smoker, here are the other health risks of smoking.

Amazing benefits of miswak for oral care!

Those wonderful yet never-thought-of uses of miswak should make us consider it as an alternative for our daily dose of oral maintenance. Good luck!