Cypress Essential Oil for Emotional Benefits (Mental Health Cure)

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Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) itself is regarded as a medicinal tree that is filled with various botanical features. Home to the Middle East, North Africa and also the Mediterranean, the trees are small, evergreen with smaller, rounded and woody cones.

The flowers are also small with scaly leaves.  Cypress essential oils are obtained from the young twigs, stems and needles of the cypress tree, which are then distilled to produce an essential oil with fresh, clean and energizing scent. But there’s absolutely more to that! Cypresses essential oil also carries several wonderful benefits, such as these cypress essential oil emotional benefits!

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Heal Wounds and Infections

First, being antimicrobial, cypress essential oils are truly good in healing wounds as well as infections. In fact, the antimicrobial benefits of cypress essential oils are not just limited to wounds and infections; cellulite, varicose, boils and acne are treatable with it too!

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Relieve Cramps and Muscular Tension

Next, cypress essential oils can also relieve cramps and more serious muscular tension like restless-leg syndrome, and the carpal tunnel syndrome by reducing overall pain, as an anti-inflammatory, drainage of retained fluid while improving circulation.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Support Toxin Removal

Cypress essential oils support toxin removal in a number of ways, such as through urination and perspiration. This gradually also cleanses the toxin the body builds up and stores inside the liver, which also reduces cholesterol levels in the long run.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Promote Blood Clotting

And then, cypress essential oils also promote blood clotting…in a positive way! Blood clotting may sometimes be beneficial in certain circumstances, such as in injuries to halt excessive loss of blood and also heavy menstruation.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Improve Respiratory Conditions

Next, this is one way to how cypress essential oils can come as healthy to the internal organs. This particular type of essential oil is capable of easing breathing congestion and also liquidize phlegm build ups inside the lungs, being an antimicrobial for the lungs, being an antispasmodic, and relaxes the respiratory system in the event of an symptoms of asthma attack.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils are Natural Deodorants

Cypress essential oils have an aroma people describe as spicy and rich, which acts as a freshener and also an energizer to its surroundings. Besides, the antimicrobial traits of cypress make it also a useful organic alternative to conventional deodorants as well as a supplement to household cleaner liquids!

  1. Cypress Essential Oils for Anxiety Treatment

This is the main cypress essential oil emotional health benefit. Cypress essential oils offer a soothing and positive feeling when either inhaled or applied topically, which are of course very useful for those who are under pressure, symptoms of depression, insomnia or trauma. 

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Disappears Cellulite and Varicose

Varicose veins occur partly due to over flow of blood in between the legs and the heart that causes the vain to expand. Cypress essential oils are able to minimize this because it improves circulation of blood. And then, cellulite; which are caused by collagen impairment and accumulation of fat; can also be prevented with cypress oil the same way it prevents varicose.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Increase Urine Flow

Being an anti-toxin and improves circulation, it is no secret that cypress essential oils are also doing a good job in increasing urination.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils Trigger Perspiration

And then, cypress essential oils trigger perspiration too because apart from being a toxin remover, cypresses are sudorific substances, meaning that it triggers sweating and perspiration.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils for Liver Health

Cypress essential oils upkeep liver health by regulating the discharge of bile, which is also one way to remove toxins.

  1. Cypress Essential Oils are Health Risks of Stress Relievers

And finally, being sedative liquids, cypress essential oils induces a calming, relaxing and relieving effect that is proper for stress management and provide happiness and energy in return.

Ways to Use Cypress Essential Oils

1.  For Air Fresheners

One can definitely make use of cypress essential oils for home or office air fresheners! First, diffuse 5 to 7 drops of its essential oil into a diffuser, and let the aroma fill the room’s air. The aroma produced creates a positively calm yet energizing effect, which helps a lot in dealing with nervousness, anxiety, or other forms of emotional stress. 

2. As Topical Solutions

Cypress essential oils can also be made use as topical solutions. When it is diluted and applied with carrier oil, cypress essential oils offer a lot of treatments for various conditions, such as health benefits of yoga for arthritis, cramps, restless leg syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, symptoms of flu, and heavy periods. Rub it into the affected areas twice or thrice per day, depending on one’s needs.

3.  For Skincare and Hair Care

Next, cypress essential oils are also potential in disappearing cellulite, varicose, wounds and the like. Simply apply 2-3 drops of the essential oil into the areas of concern. And then, 1-3 drops of cypress oils are also possible to be added into shampoos, conditioner or facial wash, which are ideal for deep clean due to its antimicrobial properties.

4.   For Bathing

Add 5 drops of cypress essential oils into a bathtub-full of warm water for respiratory treatment and of course relaxation after a long day of hard work.

5.  As Home Deodorant

5-10 drops of cypress oils can be included into household cleaning soap or cleaning liquid which are to be sprayed into fabrics or furniture.

Cautions and Recommendations

Just like any other types of essential oils out there, cypress essential oils are definitely unsafe for internal uses. Likewise, when inhaled for its aroma or applied topically, cypress essential oils are absolutely safe and non-toxic. For the latter, always dilute cypress essential oils before usage.

To be able to know whether or not one has allergies to cypress essential oil, it is wise to conduct patch tests first before finally using it. And finally, it is also best not to use it during pregnancy, since there is no recorded data on what benefit it has on the offspring.