10 Excellent Health Benefits of Loquat Fruit – Nutritional Values

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Loquat fruit might not be one of the most famous fruit in the world. In fact, you might even just heard it by now. It is a unique fruit that rarely find in the market. But this fruit is one of the favorite one in the south central China. Since many of the peoples in that region are well familiar with the health benefits of loquat fruit. Therefore, it becomes popular in medicine world in China too.

If you feel curious about the fruit, read carefully this paragraph. Loquat has a round shape with bright color as above picture. It is a native from south and central China. And amazingly, it only able to grow in the cooler hill. Therefore, some people might find it in Himalaya also.

What is unique about it is that the flowers appear in the autumn or early winter and the fruit is ripe all the seasons. It has been cultivated for thousand years and become famous in American for it great benefits for health. Currently it has hundreds cultivars in Asia to help in supplying the demand of this fruit among western countries.

Nutritional Value of Loquat Fruit

Each 100 grams of this fruit contain below nutrient:

  • Calories 47
  • Total Fat 0.2 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g
  • Sodium 1 mg
  • Potassium 266 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 12 g
  • Dietary fiber 1.7 g
  • Protein 0.4 g
  • Vitamin A 5.2 g
  • Vitamin B6 0.9 g
  • Vitamin C 0.3 g
  • Iron 0.5 g
  • Calcium 0.5 g
  • Magnesium 1.2 g

*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

If you want to know further, below are the health benefits of loquat fruit:

1. Source of Vitamin A

This fruit contain high vitamin A and become one of the good source for lack of vitamin A condition. This is the same health benefits of lulo fruit.

2. Maintain Vision

The vitamin A content is a good way to maintain the vision. It helps to bright the sight and avoid any eye diseases such as glaukoma or cataract. Therefore, it is good to maintain the eye health and avoid eye damage.

3. Immune Booster

Another health benefits of loquat fruit is a high source of vitamin C too. Therefore, it is a good immune booster that help the body to avoid any bacteria or virus infection. It helps the body to keep health and get no diseases. This is the same health benefits of tahitian noni

4. Lower Down Blood Pressure

Consuming the fruit also good to lower down the blood pressure. Therefore, it is good to maintain the blood pressure and avoid hypertension.

5. Maintain Digestive

Any fruit is a good source of fiber. Including this fruit that rich of fiber and will help to maintain digestive system. Furthermore, it helps to absorb important nutrient to the body which will affect body health. This is the same health benefits of dried vegetables.

6. Respiratory

It is a good fruit to manage the breath system. Therefore, it will smooth the respiratory system and help to avoid respiratory problems such as ashtma.

7. Anti Oxidant

The fruit is a good anti oxidant. Therefore, it can eliminate the free radical effect and avoid early aging signs such as wrinkle. This is the same health benefits of almond tea that help to maintain a younger look.

8. Blood Cell Formation

Another benefit is to contribute in blood cell formation. The content of iron will optimize the making of red blood cell and help to avoid anemia.

9. Avoid Cardiovascular Diseases

Loquat also can help to manage blood circulation. Therefore, it is a good tratment to avoid any cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. This is the same benefits of running for cardiovascular health that help to maintain cholesterol level in the blood arteries.

10. Avoid Cancer

Since it is a good anti oxidant, it is also good in avoid cancer cell. Furthermore, it will avoid the formation of bad cell and regenerate a good cell inside the body. This mechanism help to avoid the cancer cell development and manage the body health. 

Recommended Intake of Loquat Fruit

There are several ways to gain the health benefits of loquat fruit. But the most common way are such below:

  1. Salad, the fuit is a good topping for salads. Therefore, cutting the fruit into pieces and mix in a salad is one of delicious way to consume loquat fruit. Add some olive oil or any other dressing for a better and delicious taste.
  2. Juice, take the flesh only and mix it with honey. Make sure to choose the ripe flesh for a better taste. Other option is by adding some lemon for a little bit sour taste.
  3. Pie filling, take the meat and blend it with some sugars. Add as a filling in a pie and baked in the oven. It would taste great and can be one of the fun way to consume it.
  4. Jam, it can cooked as a jam and can be pread on the top of breads or any other similar food.

Side Effects of Loquat Fruit

Like any other fruits, this fruit also have several side effects. Eventhough rarely found, but carefully attent below points:

  1. It can lead to allergically reactions such as rash, redness, swollen mouth, itchiness, dizzy or any sickness. Therefore, stop eating the fruit when those symptomps are suddenly happen while eating the fruit.
  2. It might cause misscarriage to pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant woman suggested to consult with the doctor first before consuming the fruit.
  3. Since it able to lower down the blood pressure, consuming too many fruits can lead to dizzines and unconcious due to a very low blood pressure. Therefore, consume it in a normal amount.

Consuming fruits daily is a good way to manage the health. Including to consume loquat fruit. Mainly due to the health benefits of loquat fruit is really great for the body. Therefore, try to find this fruit in the market and start to taste the benefits!