15 Unknown Health Benefits of Agarwood Oil

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Agarwood oil is a kind of wood which is commonly used in perfume industry. Agarwood oil contains the main chemical substances, they are:

  • Furanoid sesquiterpene including a-agarofuran, b-agarofuran and agarospirol.
  • Chromone which provides the fragrance scent when the agarwood oil is burned.
  • Atsiri oil which includes sesquiterpenoids, cudesmana and paleman

Most of the agarwood oil is utilized for the religious purpose. But apart from that purpose, agarwood actually contains a lot of benefits which are unknown to many people. That’s why the benefits of agarwood oil must be listed as follows:

1. Praying Activity

There are many health benefits of agarwood oil. Since thousand years ago, it is known that agarwood oil had been used for religious ritual and praying activity. Usually, agarwood oil is utilized to give fragrance when burning incense. Besides that, agarwood oil is also believed to bring in several things regarding the spiritual activity. Moreover, agarwood oil is also considered able to bring the inner energy for the one who uses it.

2. Soothing Mind

Agarwood oil is able to calm our mind. It is because the scent of agarwood oil is able to give the relaxation effects and to reduce anxiety when being inhaled. As for how to use agarwood oil is rub the agarwood oil onto your palm then inhale the aroma of agarwood oil.

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3. Improve Emotional quotient

Emotional quotient is the capability of someone to accept, assess, manage and control their emotion. It is very important to be owned by the human. Even emotional quotient becomes one of the requirements that is tested when we want to apply for a job.

Improving emotional quotient is not easy because it must be supported by our controlled habit, mind, and feeling. But, as one of the essential oils, agarwood oil has the ability to improve the emotional quotient of someone.

4. Improve the Concentration

Concentration is something needed by everyone in every situation. With a good concentration, people are able to perform every activity very well. But, sometimes we will find the difficult situation which causes our mind not focus. Then, if it happens, try to use agarwood oil. Agarwood oil is beneficial to calm down your mind and help you to improve your concentration by inhaling its fragrance.

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5. Improve Brain Intelligence

Brain intelligence will determine someone’s cognitive ability. One of the efforts that you can do to improve your brain intelligence is to use agarwood oil. The fragrance of agarwood oil can improve the capability of the brain due to the refreshing effect caused by agarwood oil.

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6.Control Stress

Stress can be the biggest factor that inhibits the peace of your mind.  Stress will disturb not only you feeling but it also has health risks of stress. That’s why you should learn how to control stress so it won’t bother you again. One of the tips that you can use to control your stress is you should know how to relax your mind.

Well, the agarwood oil may help you. As you know that, the substance of agarwood oil is able to relax your mind and it means that agarwood oil also can help you to control your stress.

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7. Increase Libido

Agarwood oil has a lot of benefits regarding sexuality, one of them is to increase libido. As you know that, libido is the most important thing needed in sex because it guarantees the quality of sex. But, sometimes several couples complain due to their partner has low libido so sex is not satisfying.

Then, how to overcome this problem? well, the answer is using agarwood oil. Agarwood oil had been proved by many people in increasing libido so you don’t need to hesitate to use it.

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8. Improve Sperm quality

Sperm quality is very important to be owned by men. Unfortunately, not every man has the good sperm quality. In order to improve the sperm quality, you can use agarwood oil. Agarwood oil has been used by a lot of men and it is proven able to make the sperm is better than before.

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9. Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sign of the failure of sex. If it happens, it means the quality of sex must be less satisfying. So, premature ejaculation should be prevented. Then, one of the efforts that you can do is to utilize the benefit of agarwood oil. Agarwood oil is believed can increase the stamina of man and then prevent the premature ejaculation.

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10. Treat Stomachache

Stomachache is a common ache that can occur to everyone. Stomachache can be caused by several factors, such as wrong eat, Maag and etc.

As for the treatment effort of the stomachache that can be used is to use agarwood oil. Agarwood oil contains the substances that can relieve the sore of the stomachache. You just need to apply the agarwood oil onto your stomach and then wait till the sore is gone.

11. Prevent Cancer

There are many health benefits of agarwood oil. Cancer is a dangerous disease which causes death. Cancer may occur to everyone due to several factors. The spread of cancer is hard to be stopped and healed. That’s why prevention of cancer must be done.

Agarwood oil is able to prevent cancer naturally. You may inhale the fragrance of agarwood oil or apply it to some parts of the body which is the most frequently affected by cancer.

12. Treating Diarrhea

Agarwood oil is also known able to treat diarrhea. Diarrhea is a disease of the digestive system which causes defecation continuously. This disease is included as the dangerous diseases because it can cause symptoms of dehydration. So, diarrhea must be treated. You may use agarwood oil in treating diarrhea significantly. 

13.Treat Intestinal Tumor

An intestinal tumour is a disease that can inhibit the process of digestion. An intestinal tumor can be treated either through medical or traditionally.

One of the traditional ways that you can do to treat an intestinal tumor is using agarwood oil. The benefit of agarwood oil is able to treat and heal an intestinal tumor. So, the digestion is able to be recovered and work normally as usual.

14. Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a dangerous respiratory disease. The symptoms of asthma include difficulty in breathing that will cause someone is out of breath and lack of oxygen. Asthma can be treated with agarwood oil because agarwood oil is able to relieve the respiratory.

15. Prevent and Treat Rheumatic

Rheumatic is interference with the joints which causes the system of body movement disturbed. You may prevent and also treat rheumatic by using agarwood oil. Agarwood oil can help to recover the health of joints so rheumatic will not bother your health anymore.

That’s all the information of health benefits of agarwood oil. If you get any problem as what has been mentioned above, I hope agarwood oil can be the solution for you. Thanks for reading.