Let’s Have Better Understanding About Health Benefits of Working Out in The Morning

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We can agree that exercise is simply important. It’s useful for maintaining a sane mental health and dependable body fitness. It’s not a new thing to find some people having the benefits of doing simple exercises even in their working places or offices during free times. 

Exercise is a physical activity that we have to do regularly every day or several times a week. By doing exercise, the body will get many benefits such as not getting sick easily, blood flow running smoothly, and not being obese, which is pretty harmful, a living time bomb.

Although exercise has quite a number of benefits, some people tend to be reluctant to do it. This happens because they are too tired or lazy, despite the usefulness in so many things, including calming the minds, just like the benefits of naukasana.

To get around this so that you can still exercise well and regularly, do it in the morning. Apart from making laziness disappear, exercise in the morning also has the following benefits, so here’s the health benefits of working out in the morning :

1. Calmer situation could lead to peaceful mind

In the morning, chances are that nothing else is yet to be a distraction. Like phone calls from superiors for example. Most of them would probably still fall asleep during this time. With reduced distraction during morning exercise, your exercise program can run smoothly, so that physical health is maintained.

The sun that is too hot and stinging, can have a negative impact on skin health. If you exercise in the morning, the sun’s rays are not too strong, in fact, it will make your body feel more enthusiastic!

Especially for those of you who like to exercise outside the home, such as cycling or just walking. And, of course, the morning sun won’t drain your energy too much.

So, doing something fun like benefits of jumping jacks could also lead to happier mind, a fuel to a more productive work.

2. Brighter mood, brighter day

Want to improve your mood? Exercise! No wonder many people with mental stress disorder would “vent” their feelings by exercising. Morning exercise will certainly improve your mood all day long. Not only that, morning exercise will give you the feeling that you have accomplished one milestone in your day.

Within the body, there’s the stress hormon called cortisol. If it is too excessive or deficient, the hormone cortisol will have a negative impact on you.

However, if the levels are ideal, the hormone will increase self-awareness. When alertness is increased, of course your mind will focus more on doing morning exercise. Focus is an important key in exercising, because it can maintain your consistency.

Regular exercise is very good for increasing your energy in activities. When exercising, oxygen and nutrients flow to the lungs. This will nourish the cardiovascular system, endurance and stamina. That is why morning exercise is considered effective in providing enough energy to carry out your daily activities.

3. Effective way to burn calories

Surely, having the benefits of dumbbell exercises possibly one of the quickest ways to get thinner. Since it’s better, why don’t you do it during the perfect time to exercise, morning time. Pick some weights and start doing your work out. 

A study examined respondents who were asked to work out in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It turns out that morning workout is proven to be more effective at burning fat than day or night exercise. If losing weight is one of your accomplishments in exercising, morning exercise is the solution.

4. A certain road to healthier life

Morning exercise is considered to be the most effective physical activity in controlling blood pressure. In one study, about 20 adults were asked to do the treadmill at 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm. As a result, blood pressure is better controlled with morning workout.

In general, workout or simpler exercise at any time can control appetite by reducing levels of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. But it turns out, morning exercise is proven to be more able to control appetite, so it makes you less hungry.

In a study, about 35 women were asked to walk on a treadmill for 45 minutes in the morning. As a result, the respondents are not easily hungry when faced with photos of appetizing food, which is amazing since one of human’s natures is easily distracted by foods, realistically or virtually.

5. Provides better sleep

Yes, we all understand that the point of benefits of exercise mostly focused on a more fitter and healthy body. Staying in shape while still maintaining the condition of health. But, behind the curtain, workout during the morning could give you a nice experience of better sleep.

In one study, respondents who exercised in the morning got better quality sleep at night. In fact, they slept better and woke up less frequently in the middle of the night. That’s one of the certain benefits of exercise if it’s done consistently.

Additional Tips

Doing sports in the morning is not as easy as the enthusiasm we have to do it. However, if you do the following tips, exercise in the morning can be done easily with much less punishing.

Get a good night sleep. If you want to get up early, start sleeping earlier. By going to bed early, you can get 7-9 hours of normal sleeping time each day. The next day when you wake up, your body will not experience fatigue and other body discomforts.

Don’t suddenly do the workout at the earliest possible time. If you are used to getting up at 6 a.m., start right away. Then make it early in the morning slowly so that the body will get used to it. If you can exercise in the morning, time to go to the office and other preparations should continue as usual.

Many say that the temptation of the bed is inevitable. Therefore we are advised to prepare everything before going to bed. For example shoes, clothes, and all the things needed. If you don’t do it, you will be lazy to exercise in the morning, especially if you still have to search for everything.