5 Amazing Health Benefits of Abdominal Crunches for Weight Loss

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In order to reach a certain body goal, some could give bigger efforts. Doing pretty challenging activities to burn calories, tighten their muscles, and create desired shape through hard-working sports, even making it as a hobby like the benefits of doing parkour for example.

A six pack stomach is certainly a dream for women and men alike. Therefore, many have tried various ways to make the stomach look sexy and of course more attractive. One type of exercise that is most often used to create the ideal body shape is the abdominal crunch.

Actually, this sport has been known for a long time in the world, even now the users of abdominal crunch are increasing. They see this as a simple and easy sport to do, without putting a burden of working out in every single day. Plus, they can do it anywhere they like. Bedroom, garden, you name it.

As a supporter of on-going diets like benefits of the mediterranean diet) crunches are highly advised to do regularly. In order to stay fit, actress Hailee Steinfeld admits she does 3,000 crunches a day.

“Every day, 3,000 times,” said the 22-year-old actress while promoting her film Dickinson on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Whether the number is true or not, at least we knew that she tended to give enough effort for a more fitting body.

At first glance, crunches are similar to sit ups because they are performed in a lying position. The difference lies where the range of motion is narrower and the position of the feet is not flat on the floor, but is lifted together with the upper body.

As reported by LiveStrong, the small range of crunch movements can train the core of the body without pressing the back like sit ups. Here are the routine benefits you will get if you regularly do crunches:

1. Strengthens Muscles

Just like joining a gym for ladies, doing crunches can give a benefit to strengthen your legs. Do you often feel cramps in your leg muscles after doing daily activities?

Or are you even starting to feel that your calves are no longer what they used to be? This could be a sign that there is already a build-up of fat in your feet so that any activity you do can’t be as active as in the past.

If you let this condition continues, then your appearance could not be attractive in front of the opposite sex. Therefore, do some sports to restore the shape of the legs to normal, one of which is abdominal crunches.

This exercise can train your leg muscles to be stronger so that your feet won’t tire easily, it’s the right exercise for losing some weights too.

Without you realizing it, the wrong lifestyle, such as consuming too much junk food or other unhealthy foods, can actually lead to obesity. Especially if you exercise very rarely, your stomach muscles will turn into sagging and cause a distended stomach condition. This is the reason for not being able to be fat even though you have eaten a lot.

Of course you don’t want to experience a distended stomach, right? To avoid this, you must be diligent in doing sports, especially the abdominal crunch.

This exercise is proven to be effective in losing weight, especially to tighten your abdominal muscles. Movement that is simple but has enormous benefits.

2. Tightens Breasts

It cannot be denied that women’s breasts are very important and are indeed valuable assets. If you don’t take a good care of your breasts, they will easily sag. The condition of sagging breasts is in fact very tortuous for women, because obviously it can make your appearance less attractive.

Especially if you don’t have children and your breasts are sagging, what will your partner say then? In order to keep your breasts healthy and keep them tight every day, you must be diligent to maintain the health of your breasts. Unlike the benefits of gymnema sylvestre, the trick is to do regular abdominal crunches. The result is that the breasts can be firmer and look in shape.

3. Smoother Skin

Abdominal crunches can not only make your body look thinner but can also make the skin tighter. Because usually the part of the body that originally became a place for accumulation of fat after it has disappeared will turn loose. 

For example, when there is a build-up of fat on your arm, the size of your arm will increase. Then do a proper diet to make it smaller. Once your arms shrink back, the skin on your arms will turn saggy and of course become unattractive.

So you have to make it tight again. That’s when abdominal crunches come to help in their very simple ways. Effectively reducing fats, while making the skin tighter.

4. Effective Sport for Losing Weight

Even though there’s always benefits for weight gain, once you’ve reached the level of excessiveness, it wouldn’t be beautiful anymore. One should always balance their body weight with proper sport activities and routine diet. 

If you have tried various diets and various kinds of exercise but you don’t have any noticeable result, then you should try this very simple but many beneficial exercise. This is a 1000 calorie burning movement that is very easy to try.

5. Easy to Way for Building Abs

Not only endurance, crunches are also good for building muscle. But unlike sit-ups where your back is exerted, crunches only work on the abdominal muscles. 

This intense muscle isolation makes it a popular exercise for people trying to get six pack abs. That’s why some celebrities are devoted to this exercise, since it’s easy to do, doesn’t have any side effects and less time consuming.