20 Health Benefits of Running Everyday (No.1 Super Fast)

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There are some exercises that can help you to improve your life’s quality, one of those is running. Health benefits of running everyday could give you significant changes.  There are some people who claimed that running is not just an activity or exercise, but it is the way of life. That statement shows us that running is really demanding in this era when sometimes we life throughout the day sitting in front of our computer doing our job, which will not give anything for your health but bad effects.

You should consider to make running activity become your habits as it is really beneficial for your health not only physically, but also mentally. In this article, there are 20 health benefits that you can get for your body if you run every day.

  1. Lose Your Weight

If you feel that you have a lot amount of fat in your belly, running is one of the best excercises to get rid of those fat since running can burn your calories. And as the fact, running is in the second position as the most effective exercise to burn your calories per minute, right after cross country skiing.

  1. Boost Your Confidence

Well, the benefits that you could get from this exercise is not just from the physical thing, but also your mental thing. When you are starting to run, you will be more likely to set the goal about how many calories that you want to burn, and once you achieved it, you will have the sense of happiness, thus it will boost your confidence.

  1. Prevent Depression

Depression can be dangerous since it will lead to various health problems and will affect your lifestyle or your sleeping quality. When you run, the feeling of depression that happens to you could be diminished. Running is the best natural cure to ease the feeling of depression because it will stimulate the brain to secrete hormones that can improve your mood.

  1. Relieve Stress

Same as depression, stress also could be very dangerous since it will lead to various problems related to your body’s health. Running is the best way to relieve stress because when you run, you stimulate your body to exert excess hormones that cause stress disorders.

  1. Maintain Your Vision

Some studies evidence that running for at least 35 miles per week will make you become less likely to suffer age-related vision loss up to 54 percent. So, if you want to maintain the health of your eyes in your elderly period, start running now.

  1. Prevent Cholesterol

Some researchers show that running is also benefit to maintain your blood pressure and keep your cholesterol levels. People who running for about 10 miles a week are less likely to use any blood pressure medication up to 39 percent and also less likely to use any cholesterol related medication up to 34 percent compare with people who running for about 3 miles a week.

  1. Strengthen Your Bone

A research conducted at the University of Missouri show that running can strengthen your bones better than any aerobic activities. The research show that the bone density in a runner is far superior compared than a cyclist. About 19 percent of the runners had a low density in their spine or hip, while the cyclists had 63 percent over the same problems.

  1. Stimulate You to Think Fast

There is a survey conducted on British Worker on the day they are staying active and the other is the day that they rest. The survey result is that the workers able to concentrate better, make fewer mistake, and more productive on the day they are staying active and have an exercise rather than not.

  1. Improve Your Sleep Quality

A research shows that running has a link with your sleep quality. There is a research conducted on insomniac people, where the result is when they ran during the day, they fell asleep after 17 minutes, compared to 38 minutes on the day when they didn’t. Also, there is a fact based on research that people who ran during the day had an hour of extra sleep compared when they didn’t.

  1. Prevent Sneezing

According to a study conducted in Sweden, people who ran for about an hour in a day are less likely to suffer from upper respiratory tract up to 18 percent rather than people who stay inactive throughout the day.

  1. Live Longer

Health benefits of running everyday could make you live longer. There is a review about a study on people who ran and people who stay inactive during the day. The result of that study is that the people who ran for about 2,5 hours per day are less likely to die prematurely up to 19 percent rather than people who didn’t. In the more general study, it is revealed that active people have a lower risk of die prematurely up to 50 percent.

  1. Prevent Heart Disease

Having a run for just about an hour per day could prevent you from the risk of problems associated with heart disease over 50 percent compared to non-runners. But, please do notice that you must run based on your ability, because if you overdo it, there are some damages that could happen to your heart.

  1. Boost Your Memory

This exercise has been proved to be a very essential solution to keep your mind sharp and fresh. Running also could reduce the symptoms that can lead to Dementia. Other than that, when you run, your brain will be most likely to avoid from disease such as the deadly Alzheimer.

  1. Enable You to Eat More Carbohydrate

Who’s everyone of you don’t want to eat carbohydrate more than usual? You can’t deny that spaghetti or other kinds of pasta are very delicious and can increase your appetite. If you have a habit to run on a daily routine, you can make this habit as an excuse to eat carbohydrate more than usual since this exercise needs a high amount of carbohydrate intake to maintain your performance during the run.

  1. Increase Your Stamina

Running constantly on a daily routine definitely will improve your stamina. When you’re running, your heart will beat faster than usual, and after you do this constantly on a daily routine,  your heart has slowly become stronger than before and become more adapt to your habits. As the result, your stamina will be increased.

  1. Protect Your Knee

When you’re getting old, it is essential to keep yourself in shape as the time goes by. Running is the best exercise you could do whenever you’re getting old. Some studies evidence that running can protect the health of your knee and tendons. But, please do notice to not overdo it or you will have an injury associated with your bones.

  1. Healthier Skin

Guava benefits for skin Do you know that running has a link with your skin’s beauty. When you run, you will be most likely to exert some sweat. This sweat session could boost the natural oil coming out of your skin, which will keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally. Please notice that you must remove your make-up before running and wash your skin afterwards to prevent breakouts.

  1. Improve Self-Esteem

When you do some exercises, including running, we bet that you will set the goals of how many calories would you like to burn. After you run and achieved that goal, you will feel that you’re doing great and as the result, you will be most likely to give yourself a ‘me’ time.

  1. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

According to a study conducted by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in 2014, people who run constantly will have a 46 percent lower risk of death caused by cardiovascular problem. In fact, weekly running, even for just 5 minutes, will suffice to reduce the risk of mortality.

  1. Improve Immune System

If you run on a daily routine, you will feel that you’re become rarely getting various diseases such as cold, influenza, allergies, fatigue, menstrual disorders, or digestive problems. In fact, you will feel that your body become better and better after running. That is because running can improve your immune system.

Several Tips on Running

Well, now you already know that running on a daily routine would be beneficial for your health, not just physically, but also mentally. So, why don’t you start doing this healthy activity right now? We know that as a beginner, sometimes you find it difficult to start this healthy habit because you feel that you will be very tired after doing this exercise. Below, we have provided tips for everyone of you who want to start doing this healthy activity and hopefully, you will make this activity as your habits. To get maximal running benefits for your health, better you do some of this tips.

  1. Run Everyday!

Everybody knows that if you want to do something as a habit, firstly you need to do that thing constantly. If you want to make running activity as your habit, you need to do it constantly.

  1. Plan Ahead

As a beginner, you can’t run directly and force your muscle to do high-intensity work for hours. All you need is a plan or schedule before you run. For example, in the first day you have a plan that you will run for 1 minute and walk for 5 minutes, then you could increase those intensity every week after your body and muscle getting used with your rhymes and tempo. This would be beneficial to prevent you with various problems related to your muscle and breathe.

  1. Run in the Morning

Research has shown that runners who run in the morning will end up running more consistently compared to runners who run in the evening. This could happen because people who have run schedule in the evening will be most likely to be interrupted with their other things, such as stuck up in the work field, or maybe go to a restaurant with some friends. So, you better start running early in the morning before anything will interrupt you.

  1. Stay Hydrated During Run

If you don’t want to feel exhausted when you run, you must bring a drink, especially mineral water, to keep you hydrated. Professional runners give a suggestion that you must ‘obey your thirst’ and drink as soon as your mouth getting dry and they feel the need to drink. Keeping yourself hydrated would also reduce the tiredness in the body.

  1. Get Yourself a Friend

Believe it or not, your motivation and commitment to doing exercises will increase suddenly when you have a friend to accompany you. Sometimes when you feel that you don’t want to run, and your friends suddenly invites you to join on running, you will be most likely to change your mind. Also, have a little chit chat with your friends when you’re running will get rid of the feeling of tiredness in the body.

  1. Warming Up Before You Run

Before you started to run, you need to make sure that your muscle is ready for some exercises. Warming up with dynamic stretch would be a perfect choice, such as walking around for about 5 minutes. This can reduce the chance that your muscle will become tight during your run.

  1. Listen to Your Body

During your run, when you feel something wrong with your body other than regular workout-related muscle soreness, you should stop your run and don’t ever force it. You can ease your pain by your chosen medication or if you feel concerned about it, go to the doctor immediately before it gets worse.

  1. Get Rest

When you already achieved your schedule to burn your calories on running, you need to give your body some rest. This is very important to allow your body to rebuild and recover. However, if you don’t have any proper rest beforehand, your body will not have a time to fully recover and as the result, you will feel sluggish and tired in the next exercises.

Now you already know the benefits that you can get from running constantly everyday alongside the tips so that you can make it as your new habit. Please keep in your mind that the healthy body comes when we have a healthy lifestyle. This running exercise is one of the best solution to try if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. Finally, don’t let yourself staying inactive throughout the day and start doing exercise right now.