10 Precious Health Benefits of Iyengar Yoga for The Body Wellness

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There area many kinds of yoga exercise and the benefits, including the health benefits of iyengar yoga. This is a kind of hatha yoga that can help bring numerous benefit to the body health. Furthermore, it will maintain body endurance and wellness. Therefore, many peoples love to do the exercise and regularly do this type of yoga.

Iyengar yoga is one of the common practice which now famous in many country. This kind of yoga is focusing in the structural alignment of the body. Therefore, it needs various poses to make sure this purpose is reach.

As one of the hatha yoga, it takes not many energy to perform and good for the respiratory system. This is one of the slow impact exercise that mostly benefit on the breath system. For more explanation about this exercise, refer to the below details.

Recommended Pose

To do the iyengar yoga needs expertise in the several poses. Therefore, not every one can do the pose. However, since it can manage to result various advantages, the exercise shall be in order and be perform in below ways of poses:

  • Utkatasana, this is a pose that can help to optimize the body and avoid diseases. Normally perform in first poses.
  • Virabadharasana, this is a famous pose of yoga that act like a spiritual warrior. Therefore, it will manage a better body enhancement and stretching.
  • Trikonasana, another pose including this type where the yoga activity is did in triangle pose. The purpose is to balance the body. Furthermore, it can release anxiety and relieve stress.
  • Pada hastana, it is a pose to make sure that it can produce stretching on the muscle and calf. Therefore, it can be the final parts after performing various yoga poses.

Health Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

Doing iyengar yoda daily can benefit the respiratory system. Furthermore, it can bring other various benefit that bring advantages to the body health and can be never expected. If curious on the detail, below are list of the benefits when doing the yoga:

1. Stretching Effects

Perform iyengar yoga is benefit to help with the muscle stretching. Therefore, people loves to follow this yoga activity because to manage the body and muscle shape. This is the same health benefits of occupational theraphy that can act as an stretching effects too.

2. Stimulate Respiratory

Doing yoga in daily will help to stimulate the respiratory system. Therefore, it is a good choice to manage a better respiration specially for people with breathe problems such as asthma. Through a daily and routine breat exercise, including this yoga, the respiratory can keep improve and away of any diseases.

3. Better Breath

Another health benefits of iyengar yoga is including to manage a better breath system. Therefore, it can optimize the oxygen value inside the lung and make sure a proper oxygen distribution along the body system. This is the same health benefits of deep breathing exercise that produce a better breath too. 

4. Stronger Lung

By perform the yoga everyday, it will manage a stronger lung and stimulate to increase lung capacity. Furthermore, it is a good way for people with asthma symptoms. Therefore, this exercise is more match for those with lung diseases and symptoms.

5. Body Preposition

The main focus of iyengar yoga is to make sure the body preposition is in the right place and alignments. Therefore, performing the activity can help to produce a better body posture. This will benefit peoples with misalignment problems on their body structure. This is the same health benefits of sea lettuce that can help to manage a better body alignment too.

6. Wellness

Yoga is a good way to manage the body wellness. This has been acknowledge since many years. Therefore, this activity has been performed for centuries. Furthermore, it can help to maintain a healthy body along the time.

7. Relaxing Mind

The best part of yoga activity when perform daily is to make sure a better mind and thinking. Therefore, it can be the best healing when having stressful mind. By performing the pose, it can lead to calmness mind and a better relaxing. This is the same health benefits of drinking sperms that can bring a relaxing mind too.

8. Avoid Stress

Another advantage of frequent yoga is to manage the stress level. Specially for those who has work under pressure. By doing some yoga exercise, it can make a relax mind and also body. Furthermore, it can help to relax the body from numerous problem in the office or the environment. 

9. Better Sleep

Doing the yoga can lead to stress release. It can benefit the body to produce a better sleep at night. Since the sleep problems might comes from the daily activities. Therefore, yoga is one of the best way to avoid stresses that can also help to relaxing mind and produce better thinking. This can lead to a better sleep that will avoid the possibility of insomnia. This is the same health benefits of dill leaves that can help to improve a better sleep.

10. Muscle Train

The benefit when doing the yoga frequently including to train the muscle and produce a strong type of muscle. Therefore, no worry of any muscle diseases or weakness. By keep training the poses, it will help the muscle endurance all the time to perform any physical activities when necessary.


This type of yoga bring several benefits, but however there are several coutions that need to attend while doing this exercise. For further information, see below lists:

  • Carefully do the pose and do not push the muscle to avoid the possibility of muscle ach.
  • Do stretching before start the yoga activity to avoid the possibility of any muscle problems.
  • Do not over practice. Limit the activity to avoid the possibility of muscle ache.

Those are the health benefits of iyengar yoga that good for the body physical condition and maintain the health. Through this common exercise, it will help to body to maintain the wellness. Furthermore, it can help to stretch out all the muscles. Therefore, it will lead to rare muscles damage and sickness.