13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sea Lettuce for Body

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Sea lettuce or also known as green algae and Ulva Lactuca is a kind of sea plant that can be consumed and can be found easily around the world. When viewed,  it looks like a bright green apple and has a form of strap-shaped blades (folded swords) with an edge smooth but bumpy. This sea lettuce has a length of up to 100 cm and it has a pale green color when it is young and then turned into bright green when old.

Sea lettuce lives by sticking to rocks, gravel and coral reefs, but sometimes can also be found floating in the sea. This leaf does have a shape like a lettuce, so named sea lettuce that can grow up to 45 cm and transverse 30 cm. Sea lettuce becomes a perennial plant and can grow throughout the season especially summer because the water temperature turns to be ideal so that sea lettuce can reproduce quickly.

The benefits of sea lettuce are very diverse because they contain high nutrients that have been used for a long time by the Japanese population. For the detail information here are the lists of nutritional contents within the sea lettuce:

  • 15-26% protein,
  • 0.1-0.7% fat,
  • 46-51% carbohydrates,
  • 2-5% fiber,
  • 16-23% ash, and
  • 20.9% water as well

Moreover, sea lettuce also contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, and C. Sea lettuce also contains compounds antioxidants such as tocopherol and chlorophyll (13.15%) and minerals in the form of Fe and Mg. As well as the health benefits of lettuce, the health benefits of sea lettuce are also variable as below:

1. Has High Antioxidant

Sea lettuce is very high in the content of vitamins and antioxidants that can neutralize free radical toxins that keep the body from various dangerous diseases such as macular degeneration and cancer.

2. Maintaining Eye Health

Eyes health is very important to be maintained because the eyes just like as our windows to see the world. In order to keep your eyes healthy, then consuming the sea lettuce is very recommended because sea lettuce is also high in beta-carotene content is very needed to maintain eye health as well as a source of very high antioxidants.

3. Maintaining Bone and Tooth Health

High calcium is also contained in sea lettuce plays an important role to maintain bone health and teeth health. Sea lettuce also contains magnesium that is important to help the absorption of calcium so that it becomes the ideal intake to prevent osteoporosis. 

4. Lose weight

For those of you who want to lose weight or are in the process of diet program, you may try to consume the sea lettuce. Just for your information that consuming sea lettuce is very recommended for weight loss because in 100 grams sea lettuce contains 130 calories, high fiber, and low fat which may help to lose your weight as soon as possible. Sea lettuce also can be used through the health benefits of vegetables salad

5. Protein and Iron Source

In addition to meat, a variety of marine plants such as spirulina, algae and also sea lettuce also contains a high protein source, even protein and iron content which exceeds the meat. In 100 grams sea lettuce, it contains 22.1 grams of vegetable protein and also 5.3 milligrams of iron which covers about 25 percent of recommended daily intake.

6. Preventing Coronary Heart

The sea lettuce which is already popular in Japan has been proven that the population in Okinawa, Japan has a smaller coronary heart diseases risk up to 82 percent when compared with Americans. It is because the people in Japan regularly consume the sea lettuce in their daily life. 

7. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

In the sea lettuce, it also contains a high fiber so it can slow the rate of digestion of food, balancing and regulate the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

8. Helping the Digestive Process

Health benefits of green fruit and vegetables as lettuce contributes in the digestive process. The high fiber present in the sea lettuce is also very useful to smooth the digestive process as well as dispose of waste that accumulates in the body. It is also able to treat the digestive problem such as constipation.

9. Salt and Flavoring

The dried and extracted sea lettuce can be used to substitute salt for snacks or other processed foods. So it will be healthier while reducing sodium intake and also lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

10. Developing Muscles

For those of you who love to exercise can also consume sea lettuce. As mentioned before that sea lettuce contains a protein which can act as a builder of muscle mass. Moreover, sea lettuce is also a good source of animal protein that you can consume daily without worrying about weight gain.

11. Prevent Stroke

A study shows that people who consume folate in their diet, have a lower chance of developing a stroke. Consuming 2s to 3 servings of watercress will provide the amount of folate required by the body, so it can reduce the risk of stroke.

12. Suitable for Diabetic

The sea lettuce leaves are also very good in sugar content, because of its low sugar content. This is certainly very useful, due to the high sugar content can harm health. If these diabetics consume the lettuce, there has not to worry about the sugar content. Lettuce leaves have a low sugar content and safe for consumption even in large quantities though.

13. Overcome Anemia

Lettuce leaf was found to have benefits for those who experience problems due to lack of blood. Leaf lettuce that has been known only as fresh vegetables for food only, proved to have a high iron content as is also found in the benefits of spinach. This can be a blood booster, for people who have problems with blood deficiency caused by low iron consumed. 

Side effects of Sea Lettuce

Sea lettuce does have many nutrients and benefits, but it does not mean that sea lettuce is free from any side effects. For some people, lettuce can create an allergic effect and also affect the central nervous system.

Moreover, for people who will perform surgery or surgery, a combination of lettuce and anesthesia can have a bad effect. They should avoid consuming any lettuce for up to 2 weeks before surgery begins. Meanwhile, for the people who have kidney problem are also not recommended to consume sea lettuce.

Well, I guess that’s all the information regarding the health benefits of sea lettuce that you need to know. Hopefully, it brings you the new knowledge so that you can apply in your daily life. Thank you for reading guys!