17 Research-Based Benefits of Kegels for Guys

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Have you ever heard the benefits of kegels for guys? Well, some people might only know that the exercise is only beneficial for girls or women as kegels were designed by Arnold Kegel for women after the childbirth period. But actually, it can also present the the health benefits of kegels for guys. Kegels is a set of movement of clenching and releasing the muscle of your pelvic floor. It is very good for our reproductive organs.

The reason is because pelvic floor holds the reproductive organs with its series of muscles and cell. Therefore, the exercise is needed to keep the health of the organs around pelvic floor. Not only beneficial for your reproductive organs, kegels are also beneficial for bowels and bladder.

The Benefits of Kegels for Guys

There are some beneficial effects guys can get from regularly doing the pelvic floor exercise or kegels. The benefits of kegels for guys are:

  1. Promote bowel function

Kegels take part in the effort to promote bowel function by present strong pelvic muscles. The strong pelvic muscle will support the bowel function by steadily support the colon. The regular exercise of kegels will enable guys to regain control of bowel function

  1. Promote healthy urine

One of the health benefits of kegels for guys is to promote the healthy urine. It is because the healthy pelvic floor will aid the healthy urine as the urine system employ the organs involves in the pelvic floor. To promote healthy urine, you may also take some healthy drink which function as urination such Health Benefits of Ti Kuan Yin Tea.

  1. End post-urination leakage

Some men might think that post urination leakage is common. But the urine stain on your cloth and the wetness may make you uncomfortable, isn’t it? In this case, kegels aid men to improve the health of their urine system. Therefore, men are able to end their uncomfortable post-urination leakage.

  1. Control ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the common sexual problems on men. It is when ejaculation occurs shortly after the penetration. In the worse cases, the ejaculation even occurs before the penetration, instantly when the man feels hard. It is because the man can’t control the ejaculation.

This kind of problem not only affects the satisfaction of both sides, but also in a term of man’s confidence. In this case, kegels are highly recommended to overcome or just prevent the problem.

  1. Improve ejaculation

Not only improving the ability to control ejaculation, kegels for guys can also improve the force and volume of ejaculation. Guys expect the improvement of their ejaculation force to get more impressive sex life. In addition, the healthy diet is also required to improve the force of ejaculation and the volume of semen in guys. 

  1. More intense orgasm

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle can result more powerful and intense orgasm not only for the guys, but also for the partner. And to achieve this benefit, guys may start to consider kegels as the regular exercise. Can you see? Kegels can improve your love life amazingly.

  1. Improve fertility

Kegels has been known to have the ability to improve semen. This way, kegels also take part in improving man’s fertility. Besides doing kegels and the other exercises, the effort in improving fertility can also be supported by consuming herbal supplement such uziza leaves which possess Health Benefits of Uziza Leaves for improving male sperm and fertility.

Or else, you can improve your diet by adding beans sprout which has been infamous with the ability to improve fertility and have the Health Benefits of Eating Bean Sprouts

  1. Enlarge erection

A Santa Monica-based urologist and men’s health specialist, Movassaghi, states that tight pelvic muscles may increase blood flow to the penis and the muscles in it during erection. Therefore, the penis may grow optimally larger during erection. And all of this benefit can be contributed by the regular kegels exercise for guys. Amazingly, this simple exercise may drive your sex life better.

  1. Improve erection

A study in England confirm that 40% of guys with erectile dysfunction found that their problem disappear after they regularly did kegels for three months. And the 35%, didn’t exactly get the problem solved yet experienced improvement in their symptoms.

So, we can say that the benefits of kegels to improve erection are supported by empirical study. If you want to add some strength and size of your erection, you may also apply some natural treatment employing aloe vera to get the Benefits of Aloe Vera for Male Enhancement.

  1. Aid Multiple orgasms

The legendary multiple orgasms may be achieved when guys do regular exercise of kegels. It is possible since kegels improve the blood flow to the penis and improve the strength of the erection. In addition, the ability to control ejaculation after kegels may aid multiple orgasms in guys.

  1. Improve sex drive

When the most sex drive initiated by your mental state and hormone, kegels can be an exercise to make your ready for your sex drive. Kegels which improve the health of your sexual organs will create a great synergy with your sex drive, especially when the guy taking aphrodisiac. Speaking about aphrodisiac, you can have the Health Benefits of Curcuma Zedoaria as the natural aphrodisiac.

  1. Improve self esteem

As mentioned before, sexual performance is a matter of confidence for guys. In this case, the improved sexual performance may lift one’s self esteem. And as we know, kegels aid improved sexual performance such the improvement of erection, ejaculation, and the quality of man’s orgasm.

The other benefits of kegels for guys are:

  1. Prevent urinary incontinence
  2. Prevent overactive bladder
  3. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
  4. Post-surgery revitalization
  5. Improve well being

Recommendation in Doing Kegels

To obtain the benefits of kegels for guys, here are the simple steps in doing kegels:

  • Contract the pelvic muscles for a slow count of five. But if you begin, you may start with three.
  • Release the muscles in the same counting.
  • Repeat the action for about ten times.
  • Do ten sets of kegels, three times daily.

If you just begin, it is better for you to do it while you lying down since it is easier to lift and contract your muscles. But after some exercises, try to eventually contract the muscles for more than a slow five while standing up. When you are able to pass this stage, you may obtain the benefits of kegels for guys anywhere since you can do it while you are queuing in the ticket counter, standing at the bus stop, and others.

Cautions in Doing Kegels

Some people experience some unpleasant effect after doing some sets of kegel exercise.  It might be a pain in their abdomen or back. It doesn’t mean that kegels are dangerous. The effects might be the sign that they don’t do the movement or step by step of kegels properly.

The most important thing to remember is that you should let your muscles in your abdomen, back buttocks, and the pelvic floor surrounding remain loose while you contracting your pelvic muscles. In addition, you should not be too vigorous in doing the exercise no matter how you want to achieve the benefits of kegels for guys. Otherwise, your muscle may become tired and unable to perform its basic functions. Well, you may do it frequently, yet moderately.