11 Health Benefits of Celosia Agentea – Healing Properties

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Celosia Agentea is an herbal plant that in Lagos of Nigeria it called as Lagos spinach, and among the yorubas popular with shoko yokoto. The plant belongs to the amaranth family with native regions of Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the leaves and the young shoots are edible as vegetable, which you can consume with hot pepper, garlic, fresh lime, and red palm oil.

The soft texture of the leaves has a mild spinach-like taste with many health benefits. Not only for its leaves, every part or the plant is useful. Studies found that the extract of Celosia may help to heal burns and wounds faster. Furthermore, it also has been believed to treat uterine bleeding, bloody stool and bleeding haemorrhoids. The benefits are due to ethanolic extract, which provides flavonoids, saponins, glycosides and tannins (kindayohan/celosia). Those compounds that help the body in cure some diseases. So, the other health benefits of Celosia Agentea are including:

  1. Heals burns and wounds faster

The stems as leaves of Celosia Argentea can treat infected sores, wounds and skin eruptions. However, when the wounds heal faster, then it also means the body has strong immune system that can fight many diseases.

  1. Protects and improves the health of eyes

The part of Celosia Argentea that has the ability to protect and improve the health of eyes is its seeds. The seeds will make a protection to the eyes meanwhile by preventing them from such conditions cataract and other related conditions.

  1. Relieves inflammation

Inflammation happens due some reason while Celosia Argentea will relieve it. The condition even comes along with wounds or injuries. So, the benefit also related with how the plant can heal the wounds including infections quickly. Or you can also read health benefits arnica.

  1. Cures eczema

One of the health benefits of Celosia Argentea is to cure skin condition named eczema. The root has been use used as a treatment of colic, gonorrhea as well as eczema. The condition happens when the skin become inflamed or irritated. Or you can also read health benefits of papaya leaves.

  1. Reduces the risk of diabetes

Celosia Argentea can reduce the risk of diabetes. The benefit introduced by in Indian folk medicine, where the plant has been used by the people to treat diabetes as well as reduces the risk of the condition. Moreover, the part of the plant that linked with the function is the seeds.

  1. Relieves fever

Some people have been believed that Celosia Argentea is useful to relieve fever. The country that uses the plant to treat fever is Sri Lanka. In addition, the benefit of Celosia Argentea to relieve fever is still need to be proven by some studies. Or you can also read health benefits of mayana plant.

  1. Treats diarrhea

Diarrhea is a problem that happens to the digestive system. The flowers and seeds of Celosia Argentea have been used to treat some digestive system problems like bloody stools, hemorrhoidal bleeding, leucorrhea as well as diarrhea.

  1. Cures abscesses

Poultice leaves of Celosia Argentea smeared with honey known as cooling property that has the ability to treat the inflammation and painful affections, especially for abscesses. It is one of the most effective benefits of Celosia Argentea.

  1. Antidotes snake-poison

When the body is being poisoning by snake, you can try to neutralize the poison by Celosia Argentea. The whole plant has been used to antidote snake poison faster. Furthermore, it probably will antidote poisons from other reptiles.

  1. Clears liver fire

Seeds of Celosia Argentea clear liver fire. The plant then becomes as an ideal herb for syndromes of hyperactivity of liver-yang like hypertension. However, taking care of liver health is important as it can promote the improving of other organs function.

  1. Cures epistaxis

Epistaxis is an acute hemorrhage from the nostril, nasal cavity, or nasopharynx. Juice the seeds of Celosia Argentea can cure the condition by forcing it to the nostril. It will be cured faster probably when you are also drinking medicine.

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