10 Benefits of Halasana for Weight Loss Treatments (#1 Faster Way!)

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Doing exercise, including to get benefits of halasana for weight loss, is a natural way in increase the body health too. Therefore, it is a recommended exercise to do several times in a week to give the optimum result. Otherwise, this exercise can not give its maximum benefit, mainly to help with reducing weight faster.

For those who feel not familiar with this exercise, it is important to understand the basic first. Halasana is one of the yoga pose that done by many people to bring health advantage for the daily live. As many people know that yoga is a common exercise that will be useful for the breath system and to help with various health problems too. Therefore, yoga is one of the favorite exercise around the world until today.

Halasana is actually one exercise that using the yoga pose. It is called with halasana because of the pose that usually practicing at the end of yoga pose. Furthermore, this pose is the third pose in important 12 Hatha Yoga pose. Hence, it is important to perform when doing a series of Hatha Yoga.

How To Practice It 

For those who beginner in yoga, it is better to do this exercise step by step. Accompanied by professional instructor is a better way to avoid any possibility of unwanted injuries. However, for those who usually do Hatha Yoga frequently, below are the step of doing halasana at home:

  1. First, lying on a proper place to perform this pose.
  2. Start to lying on the back with the knees bent, feet on the floor and arms is located on either side.
  3. Try to start soften the knees, then press the arms into the ground to reach the feet up toward the ceiling. Do this step with breathing.
  4. Let the feet to fall back behind until feels good on the neck. Do it slowly and not in rush since it might lead to harmful or injury.
  5. Clasp the hands together on the ground and then wiggle the shoulder underneath one at a time.
  6. Last, press firmly into the arms and reach through the heels. Do this activity with deep breathing as much as three times.
  7. In case that the feet can not touch the ground, put a block or something underneath them before lie down.

Benefits Of Halasana

If curious of the benefits of halasana for weight loss, see below points that describe this benefit in details:

1. Burn Fat

The same way as many other type of exercise, this exercise can help to burn fat faster. The energy needed to do this pose will push the body produce the energy through burning some fats. Therefore, it will help to reduce the excess fat from the body too. This is the same benefits of bike exercise for weight loss that can help to burn the fat too.

2. Improve Metabolic Rate

Doing halasana also benefit to improve the metabolic rate of the body. This activity will need more energy that can stimulate the body to increase the metabolic rate. Therefore, it is a good wat to improve the body system and increase the body metabolism.

3. More Endurance

The pose also another good way to increase the body endurance. By frequently practicing this pose, the body will lead to a better strength. This is the same health benefits of box jumps that will help to get more endurance too. 

4. Reduce Calories

Another benefits of halasana for weight loss is including to reduce the amount of calories that stay in the body. Since the energy needed to do this activity will requires the body to increase the metabolic system and provide the energy through calories burning.

5. Improve Energy

Halasana pose also will help to increase energy production. This is the best part of frequent exercise of this pose. The way of the body produce more power and energy for doing this activity can help to reduce the number of fat from the body. This is the same health benefits of Chinese food that can help to improve energy too.

6. Weight Management

The burning fat and calories through this activity can help to a better weight management. Therefore, it is good for those who experience problem with over weight.

7. Nutrient Absorption

The activity also a good way to bring optimum nutrient absorption. Therefore, it will lead to optimum gain of vitamins and minerals and avoid the formation of another fat into the body. This is the same health benefits of eating boiled eggs that can help to optimize nutrient absorption too.

8. Increase Lean Body Mass

Another advantage of this Hatha Yoga pose will increase the lean body mass. It is good to replace the body fat with more muscle in the body. Therefore, it can lead to a better body shape too. 

9. Lowers Blood Pressure

The exercise also manage to lowers the blood pressure. Therefore, it can help to manage a healthy blood tension and avoid increasing weight. This is the same health benefits of watermelon for low blood pressure that can help to lowers blood pressure too.

10. Lowers Cholesterol

The other benefits of halasana pose including to lowers the cholesterol level. It will benefit to maintain blood arteries and improve the oxygen distribution. Therefore, it provides better energy changing and body metabolism that lead to weight loss.


Even the exercise can bring advantage, there can be some side effects if not carefully do this activity. Therefore, make sure to do this with professional instructor to avoid below effects:

  1. It can lead to back injuries if not properly done.
  2. Elderly with signs of osteoporosis shall slowly do this activity since it might dangerous and lead to bone fracture.
  3. Pregnant woman shall not do this pose to avoid the possibility of miscarriage.
  4. People with several medical condition shall do this exercise with professional instructor to avoid injuries and sickness during the practice.

Those the benefits of halasana for weight loss that can easily reach through a proper exercise. By combining this exercise with a other healthy habit, it will help to reduce the weight faster. Such as consuming more vegetables and stop smoking. This combination between exercise and food consumption can be the best way for those who experience risk of over weight or even diseases such as stroke and diabetes.