Here’s The Benefits of Kung Fu Horse Stance for Physic and Mental Health

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People awareness of health is improved recently. There are many new methods found to facilitate people interest on health. one of the methods is the development of traditional dance and martial art which suddenly become popular as method to facilitate the development of physical activities to support health.

As we know, Zumba from brazil is very well-known these days. It gives  Benefits of Zumba for Physical Health . One method you should also know is kung fu horse stance. Horse stance is a basic movement in many martial arts such as jiu jitsu with its Health Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kung fu from china. we can have the benefits of kung fu horse stance from some activities such as fitness.

Kung Fu Horse Stance

Kung fu horse stance or ma bu is a basic movement in kung fu. It is a stance where we have to stand with upright body, open our legs widely, while bending our knees in symmetrical way. However, it requires many things to be in perfect kung fu horse stance. It requires flexible hips, strong joints, and mental focus. The perfect kung fu horse stance not only offers you physical health, but also better internal energy flow, if you do this properly.

Because of the difficulty in having the perfect kung fu horse stance, it is needed to get into kung fu horse stance training. This is because achieving perfect kung fu horse stance like what we can see in the Chinese colossal movie takes lots of time. Despite the difficulty, people still eager to have the benefits of kung fu horse stance for physical and mental health.

Benefits of Kung Fu Horse Stance

As mentioned before, kung fu horse stance training provides the benefits for both mental and physical health. among all the benefits, here are some benefits of kung fu horse stance we can get. Of course, the benefits will only be obtained by having proper kung fu horse stance technique.

  1. Improved posture

During the kung fu horse stance training, we are trained to stand upright on both of our feet. Some people might have bad habit such as leaning on one foot, dropped shoulders, and the other bad posture habit. But by involving in kung fu horse stance training, you’ll be trained to avoid those bad postures and have the perfect horse stance. This way, we must adjust our posture to be better.

  1. Good body balance

Kung fu horse stance also taught us how to develop the strength of our feet. The strong feet combined with the upright posture will contribute to better body balance. This is also the reason why horse stance can be the core movement in most martial arts. This basic movement enable us to have good balance so that we can be ready and steady for any strike.

  1. Able to move quicker

Not only train our feet to be stronger, kung fu horse stance also support our feet to be able in moving quickly. Besides, the improved balance will also let our body to effectively transfer the energy to our feet which enable us to have quick and graceful steps.

  1. Good for pelvic floor

Just by looking at the posture, we know that  kung fu horse stance involve the strength of the pelvic floor. And that’s the fact. The core of kung fu horse stance movement is not only train how to have strong feet but also how to put load on the pelvic floor. This way, we are required to improve the strength of our pelvic floor.

The strong pelvic floor muscle will also present some benefits for some organs such as bladder and prostate. It will also give beneficial effect for our sexual vitality, especially for men just like the Research-Based Benefits of Kegels for Guys

  1. Strengthen TVA

The Transverses Abdominus or TVA muscle is the deepest layer of abdominal muscle which hold most of abdominal organs. This muscle also determines whether you can have the stick out or flat belly. During the kung fu horse stance training, you will maintain the upright posture which allow you to clench your abdominal muscle. This way, you can have tight abdominal muscle and flat belly. This benefit can also be gained from Health Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing.

  1. Stronger back

The improved posture because of the benefits of kung fu horse stance training will also give impact to our back. Kung fu horse stance will not only repair our back’s posture but also strengthen our back. Although we are trained to maintain upright posture, we will also be trained to be relax during the movement. So, horse stance presents us the strong yet relaxed back. In addition, we can also prevent painful and aching back because of the bad posture.

  1. Good for kidney

As mentioned before, kung fu horse stance enable us to have better organs, especially those connected to pelvic floor such as kidney.  The horse stance movement allow us to have relaxed lower back muscle. This condition enables our kidney to have the better function. Kidney health can also be supported by Benefits of Coriander Leaves for Kidney Health.

  1. Improve hormonal system

Do you know that this physical movement can contribute to the better hormonal system? Well, kung fu horse stance posture strengthen the entire hormonal system including the sexual, adrenals, and thyroid hormones. The improved hormonal system will allow us to have better and health body. so that, we can say that one of the benefits of kung fu horse stance is improving our performance. 

The other benefits of kung fu horse stance are:

  1. Develop positive energy
  2. Soothe our mind
  3. Improve alertness

Recommendation in Doing Kung Fu Horse Stance Training

There are many benefits of kung fu horse stance we can get. However, people say that it is not easy to do proper kung fu horse stance and gain the benefits of it. So, what should we do to have the benefits? Here are some of the recommendation in having the proper kung fu horse stance.

The very first is that we need to release the physical, mental, and emotional blockages in our body to start the horse stance training. as we know, the hectic activities often contribute to some health problems. In order to stay away from the problems, of course we need to release all the physical, mental, and emotional blockages in our body. it allows the better circulation of blood and fluids all over the body. After that, you can try to lean on a wall to train your upright and perfect horse stance posture. When you have your upright position, you can combine the upright horse stance posture with bow stance to build the powerful lower art of the body.

You can hold your kung fu horse stance posture for 1-2 minutes if you are a beginner and continue it to 3 –  5 minutes for intermediate, and 10 minutes for advanced or master. Practice this for at least 6 months to have excellent foundation of your horse stance posture and get the benefits of kung fu horse stance. You can also have the longer duration of kung fu horse stance.