List of Herbs Starting with U and Health Benefits

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The enormous world of herbal plants, herbs and spices is not easy to explore. However, the number of people who are willing to learn about herbs is progressively increasing day by day. Some universities even have established specific department focusing on herbal plants and health benefits. Below is the list of herbs starting with U and health benefits which are important for you to know.

  1. Ube Fruit

The unique appearance of ube fruit makes it on the top list of exotic fruit from Africa. The bright purple colour of ube fruit is a strong indication that this fruit is excellent source of beta-carotene and antioxidants. The starchy texture of ube fruit is the proof that fruit is rich of carbohydrate which is natural energy booster. As rich of vitamin C, ube fruit is also excellent immunity booster.

  1. Ubi Jalar

Ubi jalar is the local name of sweet potato commonly found around Asia region especially Indonesia and Malaysia. The nutrients content of ubi jalar is from vitamin C, carbohydrate, beta-carotene, vitamin b complex and many more. It is a staple food in some regions and excellent energy booster perfect for breakfast.

  1. Ubi Kayu

Ubi kayu is also commonly found around Asia region and used as one of the staple foods. Eating ubi kayu raw could be toxic due to its arsenic content but when cooked ubi kayu is excellent source of carbohydrate, essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, potassium and iron. Not only the fruit the leaves of ubi kayu are also effective treatment for those who are suffering from low blood pressure due to its iron content.

  1. Uda Seed

The peculiar appearance of uda seed is keeping amazing secret inside about the health benefits of uda seeds and how nutritious this herb is. Uda seed is packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and harmful pollutants to provide protection by strengthening the immune system. Uda seeds also contain antibacterial agents to prevent infections.

  1. Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit is not ugly but considered as one of the most exotic fruits in this world. This fruit is packed with all the vitamin c benefits, some essential minerals and dietary fiber. In other words, ugli fruit is good for digestion and also super helpful in weight loss. As rich of vitamin C, ugli fruit is optimizing the production of collagen to maintain healthy skin and slowing down the aging process.

  1. Umbrella Tree Leaves

Umbrella tree leaves are well known as home remedy to fever because it could help lowering the body temperature. Aside from that, health benefits of umbrellas tree leaves are used to detoxify body, healing insomnia and optimizing blood circulation when consumed as herbal tea. Externally, umbrella tree leaves also able to heal wound and cure skin irritation caused by allergic reaction.

  1. Umckaloabo

Umckaloabo is the local name of South African geranium which is native to Africa. This herbal plant has been part African traditional medication since ancient time because it is effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma in children, treating nose infection and tuberculosis.

  1. Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s claw)

Uncaria tomentosa is the scientific name of herbal plant well known as cat’s claw. This herb is a popular antiviral herb because it could act natural treatment to various infections such as viral infections, stomach ulcers and even haemorrhoids. The antioxidants content in cat’s claw is possible to fight cancer and repair DNA.

  1. Urad Dal

Urad dal is one of the legendary foods from India but not a lot of people know about the health benefits of urad dal during pregnancy. Mothers during pregnancy are recommended to consume urad dal because it could optimize the brain development of fetus, assist digestion to prevent constipation and rich of protein. Urad dal is also excellent source of minerals like calcium which is essential for mothers during pregnancy.

  1. Urang-aring

Urang-aring has scientific name Eclipta alba which is traditionally used by the Asian people to blacken their hair. Not only that, urang-aring also contains some active compounds that could help eliminating dandruff and maintaining healthy scalp. Some studies also found that urang-aring may be beneficial in treating some liver conditions.

  1. Urtica dioica

Urtica dioica is well known as stinging nettle which is native to Australia. The Aborigines have been using this herbal plant as part of their traditional remedy to treat kidney disorders and urinary tract infection. As home remedy, this herbal nettle is used to treat rheumatism and gout.

  1. Urtica incisa

Similar to stinging nettle, Urtica incisa is also coming from the same nettle family but well known as scrub nettle. This type of herbal plant is commonly consumed in the form of nettle tea and the health benefits of drinking nettle tea regularly is good for weight loss, hearth health and kidney health.

  1. Uva Ursi

The mouth watering fruit of uva ursi is nothing compared to its health benefits. This herbal plant is commonly consumed as herbal health tonic to treat kidney problems and urinary tract infection. Consuming it regularly is able to reduce the symptoms high blood pressure and maintain heart health.

  1. Uwi

Uwi which has scientific name Diosorea alata is an alternaive staple food in some countries in Asia region. Uwi is excellent source of carbohydrate with nutrients content similar to potato and sweet potato. Uwi also contains fat and plant-based protein so it is a perfect option for vegetarian but not recommended for those who are currently in weight loss program.

  1. Uziza Leaves

Those who are familiar with guinean pepper must know what uziza leaves are because they are the leaves of guinean pepper tree. Traditionally, uziza leaves are used to improve fertility in men and increase the chance of pregnancy for women. As home remedy uziza leaves are also used to treat sore throat and cough.

Compared to others list of herbs, the list of herbs starting with U and health benefits above is not that long but they are still valuable information you should know because without which you would never know about the health benefits of ube fruit or uziza leaves.